Evelyn – Chapter 1 – Losing Hope Part 1

Screenshot-40 Spending the day dreaming about telling Shon she was pregnant, Evelyn happily strode through the store. She couldn’t wait to enjoy how his eyes wuld light up with the news. She smiled as she looked at the array of baby items she would need. She put a hand over her now flat stomach and knew Shon would be ecstatic. Screenshot-37 Putting her items away Evelyn decided to wait. Walking out of the store breathing deeply of the cool ocean breeze. She loved everything about living in Barnacle Bay and knew she would miss it when Shon’s transfer came through. Impulsively she stooped to remove her shoes deciding to walk in the sand towards the beach. Screenshot-41 Passing an alley someone grabbed her from behind, she tried to scream but someone covered her mouth. As she struggled she was overcome by a sweet, sick fruity smell that reminded her of ether. Her eye lids fluttered as she fought to remain conscious, the last thing she saw was a pair of pale blue eyes. She shuddered as those cold menacing eyes watched her gasp for air.


Screenshot-20 At the house they shared with Patricia and Robert, Shon was waiting for Evelyn to come home. He could hardly wait to surprise her with the new that his transfer finally came thru. They had 4 weeks, one month to pack everything up and move. He was finally able to breath, relieved that nothing had happened despite his worst fears. But as the hours passed and Evelyn still wasn’t home, Shon began to worry. Screenshot-21 Coming upstairs he found Robert changing Diana. “Rob have you seen Evelyn?” “Not since this morning,” Robert replied. “I think she was going to run some errands after work.” “Did she mention where?” Shon asked trying to disquise the concern in his voice. Robert looked up sharply picking up on this tone. From the look Robert shot him, Shon knew he hadn’t disquised it well enough. Biting his lip Robert said “she mentioned going to the store. Why? Is something wrong?” Shaking his head “probably not,” Shon tried to smile but it faultered. “I just have a bad feeling.” “Do you think we should go look for her?” Robert asked picking up on Shon’s uneasiness. “No, let’s give it another hour,” Shon decided knowing Evelyn would be upset if he went off half cocked looking all over town for her. “She’s probably just shopping and lost track of time.” Screenshot-23 Shon went downstairs hoping to distract his thoughts by reading a book. He smiled half wondering if she was delaying because she had news to tell him, like she was pregnant. He hoped so, he was looking forward to having another baby. This time he hoped it would be a little girl although a boy would be ok too. Looking at the door, he bit his lip. What was taking her so long? Screenshot-35 Patricia came in carrying a couple of bags “I could use some help with bringing the groceries in.” Getting up from the couch Shon went out to help bring in the rest of the bags. “I thought Evelyn was doing the shopping.” “She was,” Patricia said over her shoulder “but she asked me to instead.” Heart beating loudly in his ears Shon rushed back into the house. Throwing the bags on the table, he took the stairs two at a time. “Rob,” he shouted. Screenshot-22 “What’s wrong?” Robert asked coming out of the kids room. “We need to look for Evelyn, now!” Shon shouted in near panic. “Ok calm down,” Robert told him coming up beside him “what’s happened?” “Evelyn asked Patricia to do the grocery shopping,” Shon explained “so why isn’t she home?” Breathing rapidly Shom imagined her at the bottom of some ravine dead or dying.” Robert grasped his shoulders, shaking him “get a grip. We’ll find her.” Screenshot-25 They found Evelyn’s car in the shopping center’s parking lot, no sign of Evelyn anywhere. Sprinting inside Shon asked several workers if they had seen her. A young kid walked up saying “I saw her earlier today.” “When? Where?” Shon yelled wanting to hurry the kid up. “This afternoon. Outside.” the kid said nervous from Shon yelling at him. “She was walking in the sand along the sidewalk leading to the beach.” Screenshot-33 Spinning around, Shon ran outside with Robert trailing behind. Walking rapidly along the sidewalk, eyes searching the area, looking for signs that Evelyn had been here. Close to the alley between buildings Shon saw what looked like a familiar shoe, tossed aside. Leaning down to get a closer look Shon saw it’s mate a little further along the path, he was positve these were Evelyn’s shoes. They were here favorite pair, she would never have tossed them here and left them. “Did you find something?” Robert asked coming up along side him. Pointing to the shoes, Shon motioned for him to stand back. Sighing Shon pulled his phone out, dialing 911 to report the abduction of his wife.


Shon refused to leave while the detectives processed the scene. He wanted to help, he had to find Evelyn, the light of this life. Oh god what would he do without her? He couldn’t live without her. He felt Robert squeeze his shoulder a silent reminder that he wasn’t alone. Screenshot-27 The lead detective approached them “Shon we are treating this with the highest priority. We believe that she was abducted from here. We found a cotton cloth doused in ether that we believe was used to subdue her.” “Do you know who took her?” Shon shouted at him. Hands shaking, Shon balled them into fists and he tried to reign in his emotions. He wanted to pound the closest thing or person until they told him where his wife was. Screenshot-30 “Not yet,” the detective said eyeing Shon warily. “We’ve found several finger prints that we’re processing now.” Grunting Shon said “it’s a waste of time. I already know it’s my excon of a father who’s taken her. How many times do I have to tell you that?” “I understand why you believe that but you know as well as I do that we have to check all possibilities. It could well be someone you arrested who has a grudge. Someone with a vendetta against aliens.” The detective put a hand on Shon’s shoulder “we’re looking at all possible scenarios.” Screenshot-18 Shon nodded unable to talk past the lump in his throat. He turned grimly away, walking towards the beach. Reaching the edge of the water, Shon crumpled to his knees, screaming. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. Shon clung to that hand as if it were his life preserver it would keep him from drowning. After that Shon let Robert take him home. Opening the door he was bombarded by well meaning family all trying to encourage him to keep his hopes up. Why couldn’t they leave him alone? He wanted to scream, to kick, anything to feel something other than this encompassing numbness enveloping. Escaping upstairs, Shon went to pick up Robbie, holding his son tight to his chest he began to cry. Screenshot-15 “Daddy sad?” Robbie asked not understanding what was happening. “Yes,” Shon murmured feeling Robbie’s little arms slip around his neck, hugging him. Feeling somewhat comforted for this time since this nightmare began Shon sobbed with his son in his arms. Screenshot-14 After awhile Robert went upstairs to check on the kids and to see if Shon was alright. He found them both sound a sleep on the couch. Releived Rob threw a blanket over them, hoping they would be able to get a little rest.

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5 thoughts on “Evelyn – Chapter 1 – Losing Hope Part 1

  1. I knew Shon’s dad was coming back! They should have left sooner! Hmm, I wonder whats going on from Evie’s point of ! Robbie’s little toddler jeans are adorable! What size do you use for pictures, if don’t mind me asking?


    • Yes they should have left sooner but the passing of time lulled them into feeling safer than they actually were. Shon is going to feel like he didn’t do enough to protect his family. IKR – I think I have an addiction to CC. For the pictures I use the large size. I just like to have the picture to be as wide as the words are on the page.

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  2. Maybe this is mean of me, but I find it ironic that the alien got abducted. LOL. Poor Evelyn, all those threats Shon’s dad made, maybe she was too brave and it turned into a false sense of security, sort of a naivete, no offense. 🙂 I hope that detective finds her before it’s too late.


    • Well there was a space of time between the threat and the actual event. So she was lolled into a false sense of security. No offense taken, it was kind of naive of her to think Shon’s dad wasn’t serious. She’s really hoping Shon will find her first.
      Maybe if the aliens knew how bad it was to be abducted they wouldn’t do it. There I go again being naive 🙂


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