Evelyn – Chapter 1 – Losing Hope Part 2

The following morning the detective working Evelyn’s abduction came to the house to ask Shon more questions. “Do you know where your father lives? Where he hangs out?”


“No and no,” Shon said feeling his frustration building, “look I know your just doing your job but I haven’t spoken with my father since he showed up at my wedding uninvited. I don’t know where he is or what he does, I never cared to know. Now I wish I did if it could help find Evie.” Running his hands through is hair Shon asked “does that mean you know he took her?”

The detective nodded “it was your father, David O…”


“I know what his name is,” Shon growled. “I’m sorry it’s just so damn frustrating not to be able to do something to find my wife.”

“I know I’d feel the same way if I were in your shoes,” the detective admitted.

“Do you have any idea where my father would have taken her?” Shon asked hoping against hope that they would find her before it was too late.

Shaking his head the detective said “we’re following every lead we have” shrugging “so far nothing, I’m sorry.”

Nodding Shon watched as the detective left. He knew as well as the detective did that in cases like this they wound up finding the victims body several months later. He struggled to remain calm while he fell apart inside, he wanted his wife back alive.



A few miles away Evelyn struggled to breathe in a dark confining box. Tears streamed down her face as she tried to free herself from her confines. Where was she? Why was this happening? The unanswered questions echoed in her head as her screams bounced off the walls of the box she was in. She was going to die in here, wherever here was. That was exactly what he wanted, for her to die, a slow agonizing death. Putting a hand to her stomach knowing her unborn child would share her fate if she didn’t figure out a way to save them both.

‘Calm down, just calm down, use your head, your not dead yet.’ Evelyn told herself. You can’t let him win as she imagined his cold uncaring eyes staring down at her. Closing her eyes she tried to imagine the beautiful eyes of her dear husband but now thanks to him his eyes turned evil and cold replaced with his, her abductor. Sobbing she knelt on the floor cowering as she envisioned those hate filled eyes hovering above her waiting, hoping for her take her last breath.


“No he will not do this,” Evelyn cried “I will not let him win. I will not be afraid of my own husband.” Lifting her head up she saw a light, scrambling to reach it her fingertips brushed against it before it vibrated out of reach. Crying in frustration she strained to reach it again, she had to get it before time ran out.



Shon bolted out of bed, drenched in sweat. Sitting on the edge of the bed, careful not to make a sound to disturb either Patricia or Robert, he cradled his head in his hands. Moaning he tried to forget the dream of Evelyn gasping for air, dying alone as his father watched her breathe her last. Heart hammering in his chest Shon got up and wandered into the kitchen.


The phone in his pocket began to vibrate, glancing at the display noting it was an unfamiliar number, he elected to ignore it. Sitting at the table rubbing his eyes the phone vibrated again, throwing it on the table he shook his head. Why couldn’t the media leave him alone? Wasn’t it bad enough his crazy father kidnapped his wife, now the media had to hound him day and night. The phone went off again, reaching the limit of his patience Shon growled into the reciever “what the hell do you want?”


“Shon?” a breathless voice asked.

“Evelyn, oh god is that you babe?” Shon asked stunned. “Where are you?”

“I …. I don’t know,” she coughed weakly. “Shon … I … love you,” she mumbled as the phone fell from her fingers.

“Evie,” Shon shouted. “Anwer me, please babe say something,” Shon pleaded into the phone.” Holding the receiver tight to his ear he made out rasping labored breathing. Oh god why hadn’t he answered the phone sooner? “Babe if you can hear me, I’m coming for you. Just hold on a little bit longer. Evie I love you.”


Looking up he found Robert and Patricia staring at him in alarm. Grabbing Roberts arm he demanded “give me your phone.” As soon as Robert held it out to him, Shon snatched it. “I need a trace on this number,” Shon barked at someone “my wife just called me from this number. Yes I can hear her breathing on the other end.” Pacing for what felt like hours Shon gripped the phone tightly “get every available unit to the junk yard now. She may be running out air there’s not a minute to lose.”


Throwing the phone at Robert he ran out the door with Robert close on his heals. Barely waiting long enough for Robert to scramble in beside him before taking off. Sirens blasting and lights flashing they arrived at the junkyard. Racing from the car Shon started searching through the piles of junk unwilling to wait for others to arrive to help.


Robert followed Shon’s frantic example and started sifting through one of the many piles, praying they were in time. “Shon come here,” he shouted as he uncovered something.

“What have you found?” Shon scrambled over thim. Following the direction of Robert’s finger he noticed a half buried refrigerator. It was padlocked, where that wasn’t necessarily suspicious since you have to be concerned about young children locking themselves inside but the lock looked like it was added long after the refrigerator had been discarded. Others were arriving at the scene as he shouted “Anybody have something that can cut open a padlock?

Someone handed him a bolt cutter “I think this’ll work.”


“I need some help getting this fridge free from all this junk.” Several people came up to help. It only took a few minutes to free the fridge enough so that Shon could break the lock. It took several tries but it finally came off. Taking a deep breath Shon opened the door.


Looking inside brought tears to his eyes as he saw his beloved wife crumpled up on the bottom. A wordless cry escaped his mouth as he picked her up “Evie, babe I’m here.” Tears streaming down his cheeks he briefly struggled against the hands trying to take her from him. He stood aside watching helplessly as the EMT’s tried to resucitate her. Each compression felt like his heart was breaking “Evie don’t leave me. Come on babe fight, I need you. Don’t let the bastard win,” falling to his knees “please hon don’t go.” He felt arms around his shoulders, giving him strength but he only had eyes for Evelyn pleading for her to breathe.

Evelyn – Chapter 1 – Losing Hope Part 1 / Evelyn – Chapter 2 – Hope Revived

6 thoughts on “Evelyn – Chapter 1 – Losing Hope Part 2

    • Would I be that mean? Wait don’t answer that … I just might be (evil laugh). You’ll have to wait for the next chapter to see. You’re right Shon would fall apart if he loses Evelyn. Fingers crossed they found her in time.

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  1. O_O She was in an abandoned refrigerator? Damn, David is mean. LOL. I am glad Shon was so quick to follow the location of the traced call, and that Evelyn’s phone didn’t die while he was tracing it. Hopefully he got lucky and she’s just passed out.


    • An emptied out refrigerator would be about the right size of getting rid of someone. David is awful. All he sees when he looks at Evelyn is an alien, something to be disposed of. He is rather heartless. The phone wasn’t hers but David’s. If fell out of his pocket when he put her in there. She noticed it when he was calling his number in the hopes of finding it. It just might have saved her life, his little mistake. I think it’s mentioned in an upcoming chapter.


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