Casey – Chapter 4 – The Complaint

Screenshot-483 A month later Casey come home to find Lynn throwing clothes into a suit case. “What’s going on?” he asked after watching throw random articles of clothing at the suit case, missing it 90% of the time. “I thought you liked it here.” “I do,” she cried “but I can’t stay here.” “I don’t understand. Why can’t you?” Casey came up to her, grabbed her arms so she’d stop tossing things. At the touch of his hands she jumped “the agency received a complaint you made about me. If you were unhappy with how I was doing things why didn’t you just tell me?” Pulling away from him she lifted red rimmed eyes “I could lose my license and my job if I stay. I can’t afford that.” Stepping away Casey furrowed his brow “Complaint? What complaint? I filed no complaint with the agency.” Screenshot-481 “If not you, then who?” Lynn asked on the verge of tears. Sitting on the edge of the bed she stared up at him. “Leave the packing for now,” Casey urged her “come out to the living room so we can talk.” Following him, Lynn sat in a chair staring out the window, tears streaming down her cheeks. Leaning forward Casey asked “what was the complaint?” He watched as her cheeks flamed red as she looked down at her hands refusing to look at him. Screenshot-477 “I …” covering her face “they said I was harassing my client …. Oh god I was, wasn’t I? Wearing skimpy nighties and parading around the house. Flaunting myself.” “I didn’t mind,” Casey blurted without thinking. “If I had I would have asked you to wear a robe.” “I really need this job,” she looked over at Casey her green eyes swimming behind her glasses. Screenshot-480 “I’ll call the agency,” Casey told her “maybe there was a misunderstanding.” Standing up he took his phone out “I understand there was a complaint lodged against Ms. Matthews, my son’s nanny. I see would you be able to disclose who lodged the complaint …. No the complaint did not come from me …. She’s down an exceptional job and I don’t want to lose her …. Oh I see I understand …. Thank you for your time.” Sighing Casey absently put his phone away. Screenshot-474 “I have to go, don’t I?” she asked in a small voice. Sitting down Casey nodded “they have to investigate the allegations. Until then you have to move out. I’m sorry.” “It’s not your fault,” Lynn sighted getting to her feet. “Lynn,” Casey began from his seat on the couch. “You can still watch Eddie during the day. You haven’t lost your job, at least not yet.” Screenshot-473 “What do you mean?” she asked sitting back down. “The agency said you can still come during the hours I’m not here. You just can’t stay here.” Running his hands through his hair he looked away “I’m as much under investigation as you are. The agency stated that it was for our protection.” “But … but that’s ridiculous,” Lynn objected “You’ve been nothing but a gentleman. While I was the one flaunting myself.” “Lynn you weren’t. You had on as much if not more than some of the girls I’ve seen at the beach.” Shaking his head “no, someone reported us because they have a grudge against us.” “But who” Lynn asked confused. “I don’t know anyone who dislikes me this much.” Screenshot-475 Smirking at her “you do.  You just didn’t know it. I’d bet my last dollar it was Eleanor, the bitch.” “What are we going to do?” Lynn asked forlornly. “First I’m going to find you a place to live before this goes any further. There’s no way I’m going to let you get a bum harassment charge on your record.” “Where? I don’t have any place to go. I can’t afford a place of my own.” Screenshot-478 Casey smiled at her as he dialed the number of the one person he knew would help without asking questions. His smiled faded as the phone kept ringing. That was odd, Robert always answered his phone. Leaving a message Casey thought for a moment before making another call. “Hey Dad do you know where Robert is? Well um I need to find a place for Lynn to stay for a while …. Someone lodged a complaint and until the agency can investigate she can’t stay here …. She can? That would be great … Will mom be ok with her staying there? Thanks dad. Oh and dad tell me if you hear from Rob …. It’s not like him not to answer his phone.” Screenshot-472 Lynn looked at him expectantly. “Dad says you can stay with them. You can have Beverly’s room while she’s at college. ” “Thank you,” she said grateful she didn’t have to worry about finding some place to live. “Is your brother alright?” Shrugging “I don’t know. Like I told Dad it’s not like him not to answer his phone.” Screenshot-471 “Well I better finish packing,” Lynn said getting up giving him a kiss on the cheek before going into the bedroom. She felt better knowing that Casey wasn’t the one who lodged the complaint. She had spent most of the afternoon rehearsing what she thought of him and in the end she hadn’t said it. She was glad her temper hadn’t gotten the better of her, it would only have made things worse. She still had a job, a place to live. Smiling she put her fingers to her lips where they still tingled from kissing his cheek. Blushing she couldn’t believe she had done that. Casey absently watched Lynn walk way, putting his hand up to his cheek where it still tingled from her kiss. How was he going to survive without seeing her everyday after work? She was the light at the end of is day. Distracted he looked down at the cat rubbing against his legs. Bending down he scooped it up “what are we going to do with you?” Carrying the cat into Lynn’s room “what do you want to do with the cat?” Screenshot-470 Looking up “oh no I totally forgot about the cat. Would you mind keeping it? At least for a while.” “No problem. Eddie’s pretty attached to this mangy thing anyway.” Casey set the cat down mumbling “I know someone he’s more attached too.” Frowning Lynn turned away “I have a lot of packing to do.” “Do you want any help?” Casey asked not ready to leave her yet. Looking down she shook her head unable to meet his gaze. It hurt too much to be near him knowing that she was leaving. Screenshot-484 Nodding Casey turned on his heels and left. Sitting at the table, staring into space. Maybe he should just tell her he didn’t want her to leave. That they’d fight this together. What did he care about what people thought? Pounding his fist on the table. It wasn’t just his reputation, it was her’s too. He wouldn’t let her be run through the mud on account of him. Getting up he went to get Eddie ready to go out. “Hey little man. We’re going to see grandpa.” Screenshot-448 Eddie smiled up at him “play with Sue and Tony?” “That’s right,” Casey told him taking him from the play pen. Snuggling Eddie to him “listen little man Lynn is going to live with them for a while.” Casey began stopping as Eddie’s eyes grew large and his mouth quivered. “No daddy. Lynn stay here,” shaking his head as tears began to slide down is cheeks. “Stay here with me.” Screenshot-466 “I’m sorry,” Casey hugged him close “Lynn will come see you while I’m at work. When I come home she’ll leave and go to her own house.” Shaking his head Eddie shrieked “no, no, no Lynn stay here . Stay with me.” Eddie started to throw a fit, screaming and kicking. Helplessly Casey could do nothing to comfort his son. Behind him he heard the door open and shut. “What’s wrong with him?” Lynn asked concerned. Looking over Eddie’s head Casey spoke loudly to be heard over his son’s cries “He’s upset that your leaving.” Screenshot-468 They both watched as Eddie reached his arms out to Lynn crying “don’t go. Stay with me.” Casey let Lynn take Eddie from his arms. Leaning against the wall he watched Lynn soothe is distraught son. “Shh,” she whispered in his ear. “I’ll come see you everyday.” Lynn snuggled him close, hugging him tight. Eddie lifted his face up towards hers and kissed her cheek “Promise?” “Promise,” Lynn smiled at him blinking back tears as she kissed his cheek. She whispered something Casey couldn’t hear but had Eddie nodding with the beginnings of a smile. Screenshot-469 She walked over to Casey, taking Eddie he whispered in her ear “thank you.” Looking into her brilliant green eyes, breathing in the scent he loved and feeling her hands slip through his he realized how much he wanted her to stay. He wanted, needed her to stay. He held her gaze until she looked away in a mixture of confusion and sadness. Sighing he let the moment slip away and watched as she walked away. What did he have to offer? Did he really want to get involved with someone again? Would she even want him?

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8 thoughts on “Casey – Chapter 4 – The Complaint

  1. Of course Eleanor would be behind this. I mean, she did jump in front of Casey’s car. Lyn needs to take a chill pill and let Casey take care of her. She’s freaking out and Eddie is bound to pick up on it eventually. I think Eddie is so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eleanor is a bit of a psycho but this is the worst she could come up with. Lynn is upset and would be more willing to let Casey help her if she knew he liked her for more than Eddie’s nanny. Casey is afraid of getting hurt again after what happened with Hannah and he doesn’t trust what he’s feeling right now. Eddie has a little bit of separation anxiety, poor thing. Eddie’s my favorite cousin right now. He may have to make an appearance in Gen 3 of NSOL.


  2. Oh Eleanor. LOL, She has some crazy issues with control doesn’t she… I wonder if this is her twisted way of having a crush on Casey by eliminating other girls in his life. Or maybe she’s just mad at Lynn for getting the job, and mad at Casey for rejecting her. Either way, bitch is crazy… LOL.


    • The bitch is crazy. LOL It’s her way of getting back at Casey for rejecting her. Fortunately this is about as bad as it’ll get with her though. She’s just mad and making up things to make their lives miserable for a while. But she’ll move on to her next victim err client soon.


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  5. Of course she wants you! Me thinks she told Eddie exactly that. Or something along the lines that one day daddy will be hers! Ha ha. Anyway, screw Eleanor! She’s as much an awful human being as she is a nanny. I just know it gets worse from here before it gets better. You always break my heart before the happy ending! XD

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    • Maybe but Eddie’s not saying… Eleanor is a psycho. That’s a good summation of Eleanor as a human being…awful. What makes you think it gets worse? Oh wait you’ve already a few of my stories…yeah you have reason to worry. But at least the majority of my characters get a happy ending after suffering a bit 😦
      thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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