Evelyn – Chapter 11 – Last Time

Screenshot-214Sitting outside beneath the stars Shon and Evelyn cuddled together. Relaxing in the calming silence breathing in sync with each other neither of them wanted to break the peacefulness. Sighing suddenly breaking the moment Shon nuzzled Evelyn’s neck “we haven’t had a chance to discuss Dana’s strange behavior.”

Stirring beside him Evelyn looked up in concern “I know there never seems to be enough time. She seemed a little obsessed with Heath. I know her behavior concerned Adam but was it really that bad? I remember having crushes at that age and acting goofy …”

“This is more than goofy behavior,” Shon sighed “its obsessive. I don’t know how to else to describe it. I’ve never seen a kid intentionally hurt themselves with the intent of blaming someone else for their injuries. It was chilling.”

“Are you sure that’s what happened?” Evelyn asked “How can you be sure that the boys weren’t just sticking up for each other?”

Shaking his head “no I believe Heath and Don. They didn’t do anything to her. Dana did it herself. She admitted it.”

“Oh I didn’t know that,” Evelyn looked concerned contemplating their options. “Maybe we should get professional help. Maybe a good child psychologist?”


Nodding “it couldn’t hurt. Probably be a good idea for both of them to talk to one.  Some of the things Don has told me about his parents has me concerned .”

Smiling up at him “as soon as we’re home I’ll get them appointments.” Idly she ran her hands through the grass “when do you think we should go back? The kids need to go back to school and the lab has been calling wondering when I’ll be coming back. They need someone to take over some of Henry’s projects.”

“I was thinking we should go home this weekend. I hate to leave Casey to handle everything but we have to resume our lives.” Shon gently pulled her close to him “plus I’d like to have some privacy to be with my wife without sneaking outside late at night.”

“Speaking of which I have something to tell you,” Evelyn turned to him “I’m pregnant.”

“Really?” he hugged her close “that’s wonderful. How far along?”

“About 9 to 10 weeks I think,” Evelyn laughed at his stunned face “I was going to tell you the night we got the call about Dad. Then we were so busy it just never seemed to be the right time.”


“It’s ok. I understand,” Shon hugged her tight “when we get back to Bridgeport we should start looking for a bigger house. I think we’ve out grown our current one.”

“I think you be may be right. But after the past two months of sleeping on top of each other, our little house is going to feel like a castle.” Evelyn laughed “We better go in and try to find a spot on the floor to sleep.”

“All this sleeping on the floor isn’t good for you,” Shon said getting up from the ground.

“Quit worrying,” she swatted his shoulder “I’m fine.”

“You’re sure?” Shon asked “you’re not just telling me what you think I want to hear, are you?”

“Maybe,” she smiled “but I’m not. I’m perfectly fine. I promise.”



The following day Evelyn was sat holding her father’s hand “daddy I love you so much but I have to go home now. The kids need to go to school and I have to get back to work.” Lifting his hand she kissed it softly “I’m sorry I can’t come and visit you as often as I want to.” Tears spilled from her eyes as she finished saying goodbye.

“Honey it’ll be ok,” Shon tried to comfort her. He tried to be strong but inside he felt he had lost the only father he ever had. “Babe he knows you love him.”

“I know,” her lip quivered “it just feels like I’m abandoning him, like we all have one by one. We’re all going back to our lives and he just lies there.”

Shon pulled her to him running his fingers through her hair “I know babe I know.”

“Why didn’t it work?” she muttered “I know I was the one against giving him the transfusion but deep inside I hoped it’d work.” She cried into Shon’s shoulder “this is worse than him dying, all this sitting, waiting, hoping and nothing changes.” Wiping her eyes she straightened “we shouldn’t have done it.”

Screenshot-218 “You’re just upset,” Shon tried to soothe her massaging her shoulders.

Shrugging his hands off she retorted “no I’m not.  I’m angry.” Turning towards Shon ” I think we’ve been had. I think that the alien needed dad to live so he wouldn’t die. We’ve all seen the change in him. He’s gotten stronger and dad just lies there.”

Shon held her as she cried. What she said was what he was thinking. He hadn’t wanted to voice his fears knowing how everyone was clinging to the slim hope that William would wake up, recover, be the person they all remembered and needed him to be. As the days turned to weeks, the weeks to months that became less likely to happen He found himself wishing he hadn’t answered his door that night. If he had told the alien to go instead of listening to him they would have been better off. It would have been difficult but they would have grieved for their loss instead of living in this limbo of hope and dread.

He found himself wishing he had backed up Adam. Adam had been adamant that they shouldn’t do this but none of them listened. Even Adam gave in, his feelings for Beverly influencing his decision. Shon knew there would come a time when they would have to decide on the best care facility to put William in. Then there were all the little kids that would need homes. Casey couldn’t care for all of them. They would need to be split up between them all. “Honey let’s get something to eat. We need a break.”


Nodding Evelyn allowed herself to be escorted out of the room. Once they were out of sight a figure slipped into the room and silently stood over William. Slowly he rolled up his sleeve “one last time old friend.”


Screenshot-219Groaning, weak from the loss of blood the alien leaned against the bed fighting the urge to sleep. He was startled by the door opening and Evelyn walking in. “What do you think you’re doing?” she shouted at him.

“Trying to save his life,” was the answer he meant to give instead he mumbled a wordless cry as he slipped into unconsciousness.


Shon crossed the room kneeling beside the alien on the floor disconnecting the IV. “What’s wrong with him?” he asked turning to Evelyn who continued to stare.

“What?” she asked in a daze “I don’t know,” she said kneeling beside him examining the alien. “We can’t let anyone see him like this. They will want to examine him and if they find out he’s a real alien we might have trouble on our hands.”
Sitting back on his heels Shon asked “so what do we do?”

Hand to chin Evelyn thought for a moment “we have to try to wake him.” Looking around the room “is there water in that pitcher?”

Checking Shon nodded as he poured the contents over the aliens head. Sputtering the alien opened his eyes moaning slightly as he tried to sit up. Leaning back he closed his eyes “did it work?” he asked weakly.

Screenshot-221 “Did what work?” Evelyn and Shon asked simultaneously.

“I gave William another transfusion. I hoped a larger transfusion would work.” Moaning again as he tried to pull himself up straight.

“I think you’d be better off down there,” Shon told him “you seem to have almost drained yourself.”

Grimacing “that was unintentional. I must have fallen asleep. I’ve been doing that a lot lately.” As if to demonstrate his point his eyes drifted shut. His eyes fluttered open “I can’t seem to stay awake for long stretches of time.”

“I thought you were getting stronger,” Evelyn said confused looking at him trying to decide if he could be trusted.

Screenshot-223 “I thought I was. I miscalculated the effect of giving my blood to him. As his body adapts it into his body chemistry it changes. I hadn’t realized the changes would affect me. I’ve never experienced this before. Nothing in the past of my people even hinted this was possible. I’ve become an anomaly even to my people. The more changes that take place inside William the more it changes me. I will never be able to go back, the changes can’t be undone.”

“If that’s true why risk another transfusion?” Shon asked bewildered. “I don’t understand.”


“Is love logical?” the alien asked “I doubt it’s any more logical than our bonding process. It impels you into action you wouldn’t normally do even if logic tells you it won’t work. I’ve done many things in my quest to save my people. Many things I’ve regretted. Always telling myself the ends justified the means. I’m not sure I believe that anymore. I gave up so much, my family, my people to live like a fugitive. Hunted by the very ones I seek to save. Maybe my loneliness intensified the bonding process coupled with William’s loneliness.  It made us more susceptible.  I’ve read stories where that happened, bonding two individuals that need the same thing until they become in separable. Never thought that would happen. Never believed it could.”

Shon and Evelyn exchanged a worried glance both wondering if the alien could be believed. He seemed to be like a man suffering from depression then a technically advanced alien. They were all startled by the weak barely audible voice coming from the bed. “Evie?”

Screenshot-225 Turning towards the bed Evelyn ran towards her father crying “daddy?”

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6 thoughts on “Evelyn – Chapter 11 – Last Time

  1. Yay, William is awake! I’m so happy! At first, I really thought the alien had scammed them, but guess not. The bonding process is weird, but really cool. Now, I just hope that the alien survives, because it would suck if he just sacrificed himself for William :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t William’s time yet. Too many people still needed him. He is going to find it difficult coping with the whole alien bonding thing. He’s essentially tied to this alien for life now. The alien is weak but will be ok. With the alien bonding if one dies the other dies soon after. He was lying when he said that. Since William woke up it’s a good indication that the alien will be ok. I guess now I have to give the alien a name now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. WILLIAM!!! LOL, I’m happy now. XD Him waking up is awesome.
    I wonder what that alien bonding means, is it sort of like the human version where they say two people are bonded together after they’ve done the deed? o.O I don’t know if the human version is really true, but the alien bonding thing sounds pretty serious, and true.


    • I’ve put William through so much I had to give him a break. Jessica and her craziness is gone and she’s not coming back. You’re on the right track with the alien bonding. How else do you think Bryan came about? Only the alien and William know what happened on the alien ship and Adam thinks he knows. Which is why he was opposed to bringing the alien to William. There will be more in an upcoming Casey chapter. This bonding thing was never supposed to happen, and never between different species, the alien and William aren’t exactly sure what’s happening between them.


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