Evelyn – Chapter 13 – Foe or Family


Six months later Shon returned to work and Evelyn gave birth to another baby boy they named Gilbert Gene Olivia. Evelyn had insisted on naming him after her brother after they found out about his heroic act in saving Mrs. Vera. Shon smiled at the memory feeling that Gene deserved some recognition for his heroism. The media of course was trying to cash in on it by trying to seduce everyone in the family to sign their rights away so that a movie could be produced about Gene’s life. After discussing amongst the family they all agreed this would not be how Gene would want to be remembered by having his life sensationalized. Shon hoped that the fervor would die down so that they could all get on with their lives. Get back to normal or whatever passed as normal for them.

With the new baby came another problem that Shon found difficult to deal with. He didn’t know what to do and the therapist didn’t have any answers for him. Maybe there wasn’t an answer and there was no hope that there would be a change. Dana had taken an immediate dislike to Gilbert and would become instantly upset if anyone had to go care for his needs if it meant disrupting her plans. Evelyn tried to convince him his fears were ungrounded that Dana wouldn’t hurt Gilbert but he wasn’t too sure of that. There was something unsettling about the way she would look at her baby brother that sent shivers down Shon’s spine.


Evelyn was working late at the lab and Shon was responsible of making sure the kids got to bed on time and their homework done. It was a struggle but he finally managed it, somehow Evelyn was so much better at handling the kids than he was. Evelyn told him it was because the kids knew he was a soft touch and maybe he was. He found it difficult to tell them no maybe it was because he remembered all too well what it felt like to have nothing that he gave in too easily. He smile at himself as he finished up the dishes from their bedtime snack. He put the dish down he was washing, ears on alert for the sound he heard. Moving towards the stairs Shon went to investigate the sound he thought he heard coming from the nursery. The door leading into the nursery was ajar. He looked through the crack to find Dana staring at the baby. She was muttering something that he could barely make out.


Dana stood glaring into the baby’s crib, eyes fixated on her sleeping baby brother. “It’s all your fault they don’t have time for me anymore,” she muttered as she moved closer to the crib clenching and unclenching her fists. “I hate you. Your nothing but an ugly green slug. I wish you were never born.” She laughed as the baby opened its alien eyes and looked up at her. Dana moved closer the crib ….


“Dad what ya doin?” Robbie asked coming out of his bedroom rubbing his eyes.

“What are you doing up?” Shon asked momentarily diverting his attention to his son.

“I’m thirsty” Robbie whined.

“Then go and get a drink,” Shon told him “then right back to bed, ok?” Robbie nodded as he walked tiredly down the stairs.

Shaking his head Shon turned back to Dana his heart almost stopped as he saw her …

Dana leaned over the crib, standing on tiptoes to reach the plush teddy bear that she shoved into Gilberts face. “How do you like that, you ugly slug?” She smiled as the baby struggled to move his face from her grasp.


“Dana what the hell are you doing?” Shon shouted rushing across the room, knocking Dana to the side as he grabbed his son’s lifeless, limp body. All of his attention was on his infant son and resuscitating him that he didn’t notice Dana slip from the room.

Dana ran from the room towards the stairs only to be confronted with Robbie coming back up to bed. “Another stupid slug,” she mumbled as she pushed Robbie down the stairs in front of her. She watched him tumble-down with arms and legs flailing in his attempt to stop his descent. He managed to stop halfway down. Dana rushed past him in her hurry to escape. She ran out the front door as Evelyn came in through the garage.


Evelyn was concerned seeing the sink full of unwashed dishes and what sounded like crying coming from the stairs. Moving towards the sound she found Robbie cradling his arm crying. “Robbie what happened?” She asked as she inspected him for injuries.

“Dana pushed me …” he sobbed.

“I’m sure it was an accident ….” Evelyn tried to reassure him.

Shaking his head Robbie insisted “she did it on purpose …. she … she …. called me a slug. Then she pushed me down the stairs.”

Evelyn looked at Robbie in concern. He had never lied to her before and he wasn’t prone to exaggerations but ….

“Where’s your father?” she suddenly asked feeling it was urgent to find him.

“I don’t know maybe the baby’s room.” Robbie looked at her with worry in his eyes “mama my arm hurts really bad.”

“I know baby,” she kissed the top of his head “as soon as I find your dad we’ll take you to the hospital to get that arm fixed ok?”

“Ok mama,” Robbie sniffed.

“Shon,” Evelyn called out as she reached the top of the stairs. She went to the baby’s room dreading what she would find. Standing in the door way she found Shon trying to breathe into Gilbert’s limp unresponsive body. “what happened?” she cried.


Glancing up Shon lifted Gilbert up and ran towards her “we need to get to the hospital now.” Trembling Evelyn simply ran after him stopping long enough to help Robbie. Piling into the car she hesitated “what about the kids?”

Shon gasped “babysitter on …. the way …..”

Evelyn backed out of the garage and drove as quickly as possible to the hospital. She burst into tears as Gilbert began to scream from the backseat. His shrill cries was the sweetest music to her ears. Parking they rushed into the emergency room where they were directed into an examination room.


A couple of hours later they were able to come home. Evelyn looked into the rearview mirror at the sleeping forms of her sons. She glanced over at Shon “I want that child out of my house.”

He turned pain filled eyes towards her nodding his agreement. She was his daughter but what else could they do? They couldn’t live in fear that she would do this again and he wouldn’t jeopardize the lives of his other children for her sake. “I’ll talk to the therapist and see what she suggests as to a suitable institution for her. We can’t simply abandon her.”
“I know but until she’s gone she’s not to be left alone with any of the other children.”

“Agreed,” Shon said trying to keep from yawning and showing how exhausted he felt.


Once they arrived at home Evelyn insisted Shon get some rest. She carried Gilbert to the nursery then helped Robbie to bed. Once he was sleeping soundly Evelyn checked on Terrell sleeping peacefully in his crib. Then she went into the twins room where Don lay sleeping and Evelyn smiled at him. He reminded her so much of Shon a sweet-natured little boy. Frowning she looked towards Dana’s bed. It was empty. Panic jolted through her as she wondered where the demon child had gone off too.


Running downstairs she woke Shon up screaming “Dana’s gone.”

Yawning Shon tried to shake the leaden tired feeling from his brain and body. Throwing clothes on he told Evelyn to call the police and report her missing. “She probably ran off when I caught her smothering the baby.” Shon grumbled. Regardless of his feelings towards her he couldn’t let her wander the streets of Bridgeport alone, she was after all only a child.



Heart beating fast as she ran from the house Dana ran towards the city lights. Her mind racing. Why had she done it? She hadn’t planned on doing it. Hadn’t wanted to do it but she did it anyway. Gulping for breath Dana continued to run. She had one place she could go. One person who would take her in. She wanted to stop running and curl up and cry some place. Evelyn and Shon had been good to her. She had liked living there and being free of the constant arguments and yelling.

She realized she should have done things differently. Somehow she should have figured out how to make it look like an accident or that Don had done it. Then she could have stayed. Soaked up the extra attention. She could have played the part of the dutiful good girl. She wanted to be the good girl but then he called with his demands. What choice did she have?

She approached the alley where he lived and her feet slowed. This place scared her. It always had since the first time Windi brought her here. It had been him who showed her how to manipulate people and she had used that knowledge against her brother. He took special interest in her recognizing how alike she was to her mother, while at the same taking an immediate dislike to Don. Dana didn’t understand why but fear of the man kept her from questioning it. She trembled inside knowing she had failed and she would have to face him and admit she screwed up.

It took every ounce of courage she had to knock on the door. Swallowing hard as the door swung open and she was motioned inside. “Is it done?” he asked as the door shut behind her.


Shaking her head “no …. I’m sorry. Shon caught me before it was finished. I ….”

“You stupid idiot now they’ll be on guard. I knew you couldn’t be trusted,” he growled “Now I’ll have to go and finish it myself.”

“But why? I don’t understand.” Dana incautiously asked as he turned away from her.


“That no good son of mine has to be stopped. He keeps producing spawn with that green devil. ” David Olivia looked down at his granddaughter adding “remember my words girl. All aliens are evil.”

“But the slugs aren’t bad just annoying,” Dana objected amazed at her tenacity to question her grandfather. “They are my brothers your gra….”

He slapped her hard across the face sending her sprawling on the floor “don’t ever say that again. They’re evil vile things that should have been drowned the day they were born.” Looking down at her while she rubbed her reddened cheek he said “get some sleep child you’ll need it. Tonight we put an end to their existence once and for all.”


Nodding she curled up in the corner closing her eyes hoping that sleep would take her away from this nightmare. The events of that night kept replaying in her mind and the words of the therapist asking if she really wanted to hurt people. She hadn’t given that question any thought. She wished she had now as she started to shake wondering what she was going to do now. It was obvious her grandfather had been manipulating her to exact his revenge and she had let him. She wiped tears from her eyes as she contemplated her options. She couldn’t just sit by and let him kill her family, could she? But how could she sneak out without him seeing her? Who should she tell that her family was in danger? Would her family even accept her back if she managed to save them?

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8 thoughts on “Evelyn – Chapter 13 – Foe or Family

  1. “After discussing amongst the family they all agreed this would not be how Gene would want to be remembered by having his life sensationalized.” I don’t even know what to say right now 😮 I hope I’m misinterpreting this. If Gene is dead, Aimee is just going to be even worse off than she was before because she finally found someone who cares. I’ll comment more when I see what has actually happened. On to Evelyn, Shon and Dana. Dana has a motive, I see! It makes total sense, why would Shon’s dad just disappear like that? But still, Dana is just a child and is very malleable. I wonder if she’s too far controlled to change. Poor Robbie 😦 He’s such a little cutie and Dana pushed him down the stairs, was that part of the plan or was she just acting out? Getting Dana out is the best thing to do right now or else she’ll keep returning to Shon’s dad.


    • I’ll be dropping little hints in the next chapters of NSOL and the Van Winkles as to what’s happening with Gene. It may or may not be what your thinking. Other than that I’m not saying until Gene’s chapter comes out. Hopefully this weekend but it’s still a WIP.
      I always knew Shon’s dad was going to show up eventually. He’s not one to let his obsession go and he’s known where Shon has been all this time. Dana is only a child but so far most of her influences in her young life have all been bad until she moved in with Shon and his family. Robbie was just in the wrong place and at the wrong time. He was in Dana’s way when she was trying to escape so she pushed him. 😦 It was an impulse to push him Dana hadn’t intended to hurt him. Dana needs help and maybe being away from all the bad influences in her life will help. Evelyn wants her gone and Shon is in total agreement. They can’t trust her not to hurt the others kids in the house, so what choice do they have?


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  4. Gene died? T_T *sniffles, cries in a corner*
    Ooh, I enjoyed the twist you did with Dana. Now I know she’s not all evil just because she has that in her nature. It’s like a combination of her mom and her grandpa and her all into one that makes her act the way she foes. Of course, I don’t think it’s right, but I understand Dana a little more now. Shon’s dad is smart, using a child to do his dirty work, children are so easily impressionable. I feel bad for Evelyn though, I understand her motherly instincts to protect her biological children from Dana, who seems like a heartless child, and it might be difficult for her to see any reasons Dana might have done it. Maybe Shon can work with that since Dana is his biological child.


    • Hmm is he really dead? I could just be evil and want you to believe he is when he isn’t.
      Dana doesn’t give the impression of being that impressionable but she is otherwise her grandpa wouldn’t have been able to convince her to do half of what she’s done. It probably was to his advantage that she does have that personality disorder as well so she’s more susceptible to his influence.
      Evelyn just wants to keep the other kids safe. She sees Dana as a danger to everyone else. Her reaction is even stronger because up until now she didn’t fully understand why Shon didn’t trust Dana. So she’s over reacting. It’s not a biological thing because Don has fallen under Evelyn’s umbrella of kids that need to be protected from Dana.
      Dana isn’t a lost cause, she’s just hopelessly outmatched by her grandpa and his hatred of his son. Now that she’s at her grandpa’s she’s realized she’s made a mistake in trusting him.


  5. I don’t wanna know what happened to Gene! I’ll be reading that eventually. Until then, my brain needs to stop telling me bad things! Anyway, man, screw David! And Dana seriously needs more help than a therapist. I don’t think I hate her. She is still just a child, and a product of her upbringing with Windi. However, she’s going down a very dark road and has a lot of inner demons that were there before David even messed with her head! She needs a lot of help now. I think she can change. We shall see!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Now what makes you think something bad happened to Gene? You’ll just have to wait and see. David is an awful man! Dana needs way more help than anyone realizes. You’re right she is still just a child and Windi influenced her a lot. David knows exactly how to mess with her head but even so she feels that something is off. So there is hope she change. You’ll see more of her in gen 3 of the Van Winkle Legacy. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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