Evelyn – Chapter 14 – Is This The End? Part 1

Screenshot-11David stared at the child pretending to sleep on the floor. Shaking his head, were all his grandchildren such complete failures? He thought this one had potential. He wasn’t so sure now. Maybe he should get rid of the all. Mulling it over he grabbed a beer from the fridge. Smiling he recalled the snide remark Windi made once. Something to do with him not being able to perform without first consuming liquid courage. Staring at the now empty bottle in his hand he grabbed another. It wasn’t easy being in his line of business That’s another thing his son was responsible for, he no longer had a source of income. Windi would farm out her assignments to other assassins, him being one of them. He had begged for the assignment to bump off Shon but Windi felt it was one assignment she had to do herself.

Consuming his third bottle he thought about Windi and how her boss did him a great favor. When her boss hung her out to dry and pinned all those murders on her it gave him a free pass. Most of her kills were ones he had made. Her silence was assured as long as she believes she’s protecting her kids. Blinking his eyes David stared at the silent form huddled on the floor with the grim realization that this one had to live. To keep Windi’s mouth shut he couldn’t eliminate the reason for her silence. The brother on the other hand was disposable. Windi never did care that much about him, too much like his father no doubt. The girl was being molded to follow in her mothers footsteps.


Frowning at the cluttered table and empty bottles David grumbled, had he really drank that much? Head swimming he blinked a few times before allowing his head to rest on the table. His mind busy on accomplishing his task, getting rid of ridding the world of the green devils his son was producing. He’d add one more to the body count, it was time he got rid of the boy, all he did was snivel and plead for his freedom. He was lucky he allowed him to live this long. He made sure he was fed and clothed most days, wasn’t that enough?



Dana sat up staring intently at the man asleep at the table. Walking cautiously toward the door while her nerves stretched tight as she attempted to cross the uneven creaking floor without making a noise that wake her grandfather. She jumped as he snored loudly in his drunken slumber. Freezing in her tracks she waited until she was sure he was still asleep before finishing her journey to the door. Grabbing the door knob, twisting in her hands as she pulled and it wouldn’t open. Pulling frantically the door refused to budge, she had to get out. She had to tell someone what was going to happen to her family. Her grandfather was evil, she could see it now. She was bad too for listening to him but she hoped she wasn’t evil too. She almost suffocated her baby brother, did that make her evil now too? She hadn’t wanted to hurt him. She was upset that he was getting all the attention. Then grandfather told her he was the only one who loved her and she had to do as he told her. Glancing over at the man, she couldn’t imagine why she had believed him. She didn’t want to be like him. She had to get out of there.

Tears streaming down her cheeks she continued to tug on the door. It wouldn’t budge no matter what she did. Stopping she eyed the door looking for a lock she had missed and there it was high above her head a deadbolt. She wasn’t going to be able to reach it without dragging a chair over to stand on. She wasn’t going to do that without waking her grandfather in the process.


Nibbling on her bottom lip she tried to find another way out. The window, maybe she could get out that way. Racing towards it mindless of the creaking floor as she ran knowing the longer she dawdled the sooner her time would run out. She struggled to open the window only to find it wouldn’t lock in place. She searched for something large enough she could use to wedge into the window to keep it open long enough for her to climb through. She found an old Webster Dictionary that she wedged into the window.

Sighing in relief she began to climb out only to have her ankle seized from behind. Screaming she kicked with her free leg trying to get her grandfather to let her go. Kicking wildly she managed to break free. Falling to the ground to managed to get to her feet and run mindless of the broken glass and sharp rocks that were shredding her bare feet as she ran. Her one thought was putting as much distance between her and her grandfather before he was able to chase after her.



Grumbling David stumbled backwards in his attempts to avoid being hit by Dana’s flailing leg. Tripping over the couch he lost his grip on her ankle as he tried to keep himself from falling. By the time he had regained his feet it was too late to chase after her. Shaking his head he stumbled to the door. He may as well get the boy. Laughing as his anticipation built over his son’s meeting for the first and only time before they die. He got into a taxi directing the driver to take him to an old abandoned warehouse. When he was a boy this warehouse was one a thriving family business but that was a long time ago and before the aliens took him.

His wife couldn’t look at him without pity in her eyes when he came back from hell. The pity was replaced with laughter when they found out he had been impregnated. Nothing he tried would abort the growing unwanted menace inside him. He was alone when he went into labor and gave birth to the evil green alien spawn. No one knew or cared that he had suffocated the monster before it was able to make a sound. He remembered holding the lifeless infant in his arms, surprised by the tears that streamed from this eyes. He called for help then knowing it was too late for the child but it made him feel better. It was then he started to drink to try to forget what he had done.


No matter how much he drank he couldn’t rid himself of the hate and self-loathing. All he felt was pain and he lashed out anything and everyone around him His wife left him and the boy. He smiled remembering how she left knowing where she went there was no return. He made sure of that. She was buried inside the now derelict warehouse. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Shon’s face when he told him. David chuckled to himself knowing Shon would be the last to die. He wanted him to suffer, to watch his children and wife die before him and be helpless to prevent it. Maybe he’d keep him alive for a while, locked in the cage where he could fully appreciate the pain.

David paid the taxi driver and he stood outside to make sure the taxi left. He didn’t want anyone to become curious as to what was inside the building. He crept down the stairs and watched the abomination pace it’s confines of the cage. Laughing harshly he watched the boy cower in fright as he approached the cage. He banged on the metal bars enjoying the loud clanging noise it produced. The boy fell to his knees covering his ears. “It’s your lucky day,” David said watching the boy lift his dirty face up to look at him “I’m taking you to meet your brother.” He walked to the desk near by and grabbed a couple of items. Turning to the boy he demanded “hands out”. The boy shook his head fear clear in his dark alien eyes. David jolted him with a taser. The boy fell to his knees screaming in pain and panting for breath David watched in dispassionately. Once the boy recovered he demanded “hands out.” He adjusted the power setting a couple of notches higher. The boy shakily got to his feet and retreated to the other side of his cage. Laughing David followed the boy around the cage “.there’s no place to hide,” he said as he fired again. “I can do this all night,” he said watching the results of his handiwork. “Hands out,” he demanded once more.


“Please I just want to go home,” the boy begged.

“How many times do I have to tell you. This is home,” David raised the energy output on the taser a couple notches higher and aimed it at the boy. “Hands out,” he demanded.

Panting on the floor the boy felt his heart pound against his chest. He had the feeling today was the day he was going to die. Sighing he put his hands out watching as the man who claimed to his father put handcuffs around his wrists. The man yanked him to his feet. He stumble into the man who wreaked of body odor and alcohol.

David smiled nastily at the boy “you should be excited at the chance to meet others of your kind. That no good son of mine married someone like you, ugly green devil woman. He produced spawn with that … thing. I guess that means you’re an uncle.” He clamped an arm around the boys shoulders “doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies to know you have family?”


 The boy looked at the man shivering from then just the cold. He knew if he was being taken to meet his brother then he was most likely going to die soon. He had listened to the old man rant and rave about his hatred of his son for what seemed like forever. He had tried to keep track of how long he had been trapped and locked in the cage but he had lost track of time. But for how ever long it’s been it was the same story and it always ended with them all dead. The boy wished he could have figured out how to escape and warn the brother he never knew he had. Now time has run out.

The old man tripped on a crack on the floor and the boy nearly got away until the old man grabbed him and sent a blast from the taser through him. Whimpering as he felt himself being tossed into the trunk of a car, he knew this was it, the end of his existence. As the car started he choked on the exhaust fumes that the ancient vehicle produced. As he laid there his mind went to his adoptive parents. He knew he was from other kids, how could he not? He was green and his eyes were strange, alien but the couple who adopted him loved him like he was their own. He knew if he had been a normal child they would never have been allowed to adopt him. They were too old, both in their upper fifties close to sixty, much too old to be adopting an infant. But they wanted him and since no one else did and the adoption agency just wanted to get rid of him they allowed the older couple to have him.


He learned later from the man who kidnapped him that he was the result of sort of alien experimentation and should have been drowned at birth. Every minute he was locked in the cage he longed for his parents. Too feel their comforting presence, knowing he was loved. He knew they were gone, he’d never see them again. That man killed them. They would have tried to protect him and they were not match for the man. Why couldn’t he have just left him alone? Why did he have to come and ruin his life? The man told him he had been abducted from the prison yard by aliens and returned to the place he was taken. Evidently the only thing that saved his life was the fact that the man was under guard and taken to the prison infirmary where he gave birth. The boy was taken and put up for adoption.

The car stopped and the trunk opened as David leaned in and grabbed the boy. The boy guessed he was going to meet his brother soon then die. He coughed convulsively as he gasped for clean air to fill his lungs. The older man pushed him forward until they were standing in front of a door that David began to pound on. The boy could he muffled voices coming from inside and he wanted to call out and warn them.



A man opened the door and shock and fear flashed across his handsome face. David pushed the boy into Shon sending both of them sprawling onto the floor. He brought out a gun as a green-skinned woman came rushing into the room. “We meet again,” David said with a touch of menace in his tone as he waved the gun at her. “Do you know where your husband keeps his handcuffs?” Evelyn nodded eyeing the gun as it pointed at her. “Good. Get them.” She shook her head refusing to do as he asked. Smiling nastily he brought the gun down to point at Shon’s head. “Now do you cooperate or should I just shoot him?” Nodding Evelyn ran to do as she was told.


She went to retrieve them from the safe Shon had installed in the closet. She grabbed the handcuffs as she hesitated over whether she should take his gun as well. She didn’t know how to shoot. Had refused to learn when Shon offered to teach her. Shaking her head knowing it was too late and useless to regret her decision.

Running from the room afraid she had lingered to long. Cautiously she approached David holding out the handcuffs. He motioned for her to keep them demanding “put them on him.”

Kneeling in front of Shon she whispered “I’m sorry,” as she clamped the cuffs on around his wrists. Their eyes locked for a moment in time as Shon whispered “I love you.”


“Enough,” David growled grabbing Evelyn roughly by the arm. Pointing the gun at her he motioned for Shon and the boy to get up. “You don’t look happy to see me,” he laughed harshly “you can blame that no good daughter of yours for this little visit. She screwed up and didn’t do as she was told. No I have to finish what she couldn’t do. Except it just won’t be just the baby. It’s going to be the whole damn family.”

“Please don’t hurt my family,” Shon pleaded with his father “the kids haven’t done anything to you.”

“They exist,” David screamed back at him as he fired the taser at him. Twitching on the floor Shon could only watch helplessly as Evelyn struggled in his father’s grasp. “Hurts doesn’t it? Ask they boy he knows the feeling well,” motioning towards to boy “help him up. We don’t have all night.”


The alien boy moved to help Shon to his feet, fumbling in his haste and encumbered by the handcuffs they were both wearing. Shon leaned heavily on the boy as the teenager whispered “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry for what boy?” David asked “for being alive?” He laughed harshly “Shon I want you to meet your brother. What’s your name boy?” he asked the boy who stood staring at his feet. “Speak up boy,”without waiting David shot the gun hitting Shon in the right shoulder. “Now speak up before a put another hole in him.”

“Mark. My name’s Mark,” he yelled in fright. “Please don’t hurt anyone else,” he begged.

“Good boy now let’s see if the kid’s awake. It’s about time I meet my grandchildren before they die.”



Dana peered through the window and watched as her grandfather shot her dad. She wanted to cry out but knew if she did she was just as dead as everyone else. When her grandfather ushered then all upstairs Dana made her way inside. She went to her parents room where she knew her dad kept his spare gun. There was a safe in the closet, she could only hope she could figure out how open it in time to save her family.

Rummaging through the closet she found the safe. In desperation she reached out and tugged on the handle and to her surprise the door came open. Whoever had been in their before her must not have made sure the lock latched. She reached in and took the gun out with trembling hands. She carefully loaded the gun the way her mother taught her.

She wasn’t sure if the police believed her when she called begging them to check on her family. They treated her like she was a prank call telling her to stay where she was until unit arrived at her location. She didn’t have time to wait. She had to get to her family. Rectify what she started. She dropped the phone and ran as fast as she could, fearing that by the time she got home her family would be gone.

Screenshot-24Screenshot-25Screenshot-26Carrying the gun she climbed the stair. She could see everyone huddled in the babies room. Robbie and Don clinging to each other. Terrell screaming in his crib. Her dad leaning against the alien boy bleeding. Her mom struggling in the grip of her grandfather. It was an image that would be burned in her memory forever. She watched as her grandfather pointed the gun Gilbert, a helpless baby. With shaking hands Dana slipped the safety from the gun in her hands. She wanted to wipe the sweat from her eyes but she needed both hands to steady the gun. She had never aimed at a person before and she didn’t altogether like the feeling it gave her. What choice did she have? Her grandfather was about to shoot her baby brother. She had to stop him. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and ….

Wailing police sirens could be heard in the distance when the sound of a gun shot rang through the night air

….Interesting Fact:  Mark is actually the teenage son of Shon and Evelyn after they wohooed in the time machine.  I had no idea this was even a possibility as they were not trying for a baby at the time.  But once they were done this teenage boy appeared in game as their son who they evidently left in a cave someplace in time.  I received a game notification that he liked the house better than the cave he was left in.  So needless to say my I won’t be letting my sims woohoo in the time machine.  It was hard enough figuring out how to incorporate him into the story but he was to cute not to include once he had a makeover of course.  So that is how Shon now has an alien half brother.

Evelyn – Chapter 13 – Foe or Family / Evelyn – Chapter 14 – Is This The End? Part 2

6 thoughts on “Evelyn – Chapter 14 – Is This The End? Part 1

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  2. O_O Shon’s dad has lost it. I hope Diana didn’t shoot him, she’s just a little girl. That’s too much of a burden for her to carry around with her. But, at the same time, she’d be the hero. Shon needs a doctor and fast. Also, Mark is an adorable alien!

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    • David is crazy. It was difficult trying to get into his head. We’ll find out in Part 2 whether Dana shoots him or not. There’s 3 possible things that could happen: 1 she shoots him and has to live with the burden of that the rest of her life. 2 she freezes and he shoots the baby. 3 she shoots/misses giving Mark and Shon the opportunity to attack David before he’s able to do any damage. Which will it be? Dana isn’t all bad but she definitely has problems.
      IKR – Mark has be one of my favorite aliens in game.


  3. Oh, that explains the random alien boy, LOL, as I was reading the chapter, first I was like, wait did I read that right, that David suffocated the alien he gave birth to, and the child died, or is this somehow David’s alien child. So I’m glad you put that note down at the bottom. 😀
    Dana! I’m cheering for Dana this whole chapter, LOL. She’s such a brave little girl who’s been through some nasty manipulation. Disorder or not, I like her now. She’s trying to think for herself now that she has realized how crazy her grandpa is, and that, I feel is commendable. 🙂

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    • I like to incorporate the unexpected things my game throws at me into the story. LOL David is just an all around despicable person.
      Dana isn’t altogether bad. She does have some of her dad in her. Once she saw her grandpa for who he was. She didn’t want him to hurt her family and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect them. Once all of her bad influences are gone, she’ll have a real chance of making lasting changes.


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