Casey – Chapter 15 – The Rest of Our Lives

Screenshot-152Sitting across the table from Casey Lynn smiled over at him “finally we have the house to ourselves.”

Casey put the news paper down “it’s strange how quiet it is now that we have the place to ourselves.”

“I can think of something to make a little noise,” Lynn replied as she got up from her chair. Holding out her hand “we should take advantage of the time we have before Eddie comes home from school.”

Eyes brightening Casey took her hand as she led him to the bedroom. “I thought you wanted to wait until the wedding night.”


A mischievous grin spread across her face as she pulled her top over her head. “That was when I thought your family would still be here.” Approaching Casey she began to unbutton his shirt “besides we could use a little practice.”

Helping her remove his shirt he leaned in and kissed her, sucking lightly on her bottom lip. “I think you might be right,” Casey agreed “I’m a little out of practice.” He deepened the kiss as her hands wandered across his chest.


Laying in each other’s arms Casey felt content to never move again He nuzzled into her neck mumbling “I love you.”

Smiling Lynn ran her fingers through his hair “I love you too.”

They drifted off to sleep in each others arms. Casey awoke with a jerk at the sound of “dad?” his son asked above his head. Moaning Casey cracked on eye open to find Eddie standing above him looking concerned. “Daddy are you alright?”


“Yeah I’m fine,” Casey replied as he pulled the blankets around Lynn’s bare shoulders. “Do you need something?”

Shaking his head Eddie looked at his dad curiosity bright in his eyes “why are you and Lynn in bed? Are you sick or something?”

“No we’re fine,” Casey said sitting up, glancing at the time “did you just get home? Do you need help with your homework?” Casey asked hoping to distract Eddie’s attention to something else.

“Yes … no …” Eddie replied to his dad’s questions. he turned large eyes t his dad and asked “why don’t you have any clothes on?”

Dropping his head into his hands Casey groaned. This was definitely not the conversation he wanted to have with his five-year old son. He felt the bed start to shake as Lynn stuffed a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. “Son why don’t you go start your homework and I’ll come out in a little bit and we’ll talk, okay?”


Nodding Eddie walked towards the door, his eyes clearly showing the confusion he felt. Stopping at the door Eddie turned around asking “you’re sure you’re alright?”

“Positive,” Casey said confidently smiling at him as Eddie slowly closed the door behind him. Turning to Lynn “stop laughing this is so not funny.”


“Sorry,” Lynn said smiling up at him. “I guess we lost track of time.”

“Did we ever,” Casey leaned over and kissed her before jumping out of bed to dress. “What should I tell him we were doing?”

“I don’t know,” she said watching him dress “you’ll think of something.”



Walking out into the living room Casey found Eddie sitting on the couch staring out the window. “Hey buddie,” Casey said sitting beside him “what did you see when you walked into my bedroom?”

Shrugging Eddie mumbled “the blanket was down. Your arms were around Lynn. I didn’t see much honest. Just enough to know you weren’t wearing anything.”

Sighing Casey asked “what do you think we were doing?”

Eddie looked briefly up at his dad before turning back to gaze out the window. Shrugging “it’s what Frankie told me you’d be doing. You know all that mushy stuff, kissing and touching. Frankie said he’s seen his parents do it a lot.” Eddie’s face turned bright red before he hid his face in is hands.


Casey pulled his son close “I don’t think Frankie should be telling you stuff like that.” Casey wondered what else this Frankie kid was telling his son. But he couldn’t worry about that now. “Eddie it’s perfectly normal for adults who love each other to express their love in special ways …”

“Without their clothes on?” Eddie said interrupting his dad.

Chuckling a little “yes sometimes without clothes. It’s a special moment shared between two individuals who love each other.” Casey attempted explain.

“It’s sounds gross,” Eddie interrupted again.


“It might be to you,” Casey agreed “if you don’t want to see Lynn and I being yucky again knock before you come into our room, okay?”

“or keep my eyes closed,” Eddie said laughing.

“You could do that but knocking would be best,” Casey conceded. “Think you can remember to knock first before coming in?”

“Yeah I think I can,” Eddie smiled leaning into his dad “I love you.”

“Love you to son,” Casey smiled down at him.



“Son this is it,” William said turning towards Casey with a smile.

“Can’t wait,” Casey mumbled as he tried to fix his tie.

“Here let me do that,” William offered “are you nervous?”

“What do you think?” Casey laughed “I’ve been looking forward to this day and my stomach is twisting itself into knots.”

“It’s only natural,” William told him “there it’s perfect.” He stepped back to admire his work “don’t touch it.” William instructed as Casey reached up to inspect his work.

“Sorry I …” Casey bit his lip forcing his hands to his sides.

“Take a few deep breaths and relax,”William advised him.


Casey took his dad’s advise and tried to relax. The door opened to let Robert and Gene in and Casey couldn’t hide his smile. He was grateful to have both of his brothers here to share in his joy. It had been a close thing that neither one could have been there. Robert and his family had been in hiding until fairly recently and Gene almost died. It was hard to imagine that was all six months ago. “Have I told you how happy I am to have both of you here today,” Casey asked throwing an arm around each of them.”

“I do recall hearing something being said last night,” Robert teased.


“and” Gene continued “how he couldn’t make it through the day without us.” He smiled smugly at his brother.

“Oh I think I’d manage just fine without you,” Casey muttered “I’m just glad I don’t have too.”

Robert and Gene looked at each other “we love you too bro,” they said together.


Gene was about to add something when Shon stuck his head into the room “they’re almost ready.” Looking over at Casey he smiled “Case breathe this is the easy part. It’s the wedding night you have to worry about.”

Feeling his face flush Casey looked away “I think we have that part figured out.”

“Well,” Shon shrugged with a mischievous glint in his light blue eyes “I certainly hope so.”


As everyone started to file out of the room William took Gene by the arm and asked “how are you and Aimee doing?”

“We’re fine,” Gene said refusing to meet his dad’s eyes.

“It hasn’t improved in the intimacy department has it?” William asked concerned for his son. He could see the building frustration in him. With Gene that was never a good thing. “Have you talked to her about it?”


“I’ve tried,” Gene looked up at his dad “it’s still the same old brick wall.” Gene hung his head “I’m trying to patient. To be understanding. It drives me crazy that she was with Wallace but she won’t let me touch her.” Leaning his back against the wall he looked around the room “she jumps whenever I talk to loud or flinches in reflex as if I’m going to hit her, which I’d never do. I hate what he did to her. I don’t blame her. It must have been hell living like that.” Sighing Gene pushed off against the wall “but I can’t live on eggshells, afraid I’ll do something to cause her to shrink into herself even further.” Taking a pace or two away he added “maybe the person I fell in love with doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Give her time,” William began but broke off as Gene stared coldly at him.


“I’m tired of waiting. It’s the same old song and dance. I deserve to have someone to love me. I can’t keep putting my life on hold until she figures things out.”

“Then tell her how you feel,” William told him. Putting an arm across Gene’s shoulders “I’ll support you with whatever you decide. If Aimee isn’t the girl for you I’ve no doubt someone else is. The last thing I want you or any of my kids to do is settle. But before you do anything you owe yourself and Aimee the truth. Sit down and discuss your feelings together. Don’t jump to conclusions.”

“I’m planning on doing that this weekend. Thanks dad.” Gene smiled before hugging his dad tight. “We better join the others so we can get Casey and Lynn married off.”

The Wedding Ceremony


The Wedding Vows


Today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives
I promise to stand beside you
To dance with you in times of joy
To lift you up in time of sadness
To rejoice with you in times of health
To comfort you in times of illness
I promise to come to you for comfort, encouragement and inspiration
I promise to love you every joyous day for the rest of our lives.


Assorted Wedding Pictures


Casey – Chapter 14 – Why? / Eddie – Chapter 1 – Coming Home

5 thoughts on “Casey – Chapter 15 – The Rest of Our Lives

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  2. Hahaha Eddie walked in at the wrong time. I was wondering what Casey would say to him, but it seems like he pulled it off without having to actually lie or anything. I love Lyn’s hair at the wedding 🙂 I’m convinced that Gene and Aimee are always going to have some sort of problem lol. Aimee is just too flawed, and Gene fell for her, so nothing is going to be easy from here on out. She’s traumatized from her situation with Wallace and she doesn’t really know what it’s like to be loved. Gene should be patient with her, but he’s right. He can’t wait forever for her to warm up to him. Guess I’ll have to wait for Gene’s chapter? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • IKR poor kid got an eyeful! But Casey handled it well without having to go into a lot of detail or lie. I think Lynn’s hair is from an EP, SP or from the Store, can’t remember which but it fit with the simple dress she was wearing. Casey and Lynn’s story pretty much ends here. There will be an epilogue when the generation comes to a close. 🙂 Don’t worry though they will make an appearance in the other stories that are still on going.
      Poor Aimee and Gene just can’t catch a break. Aimee needs to let go of the past then she’ll be able to focus on what’s in front of her. Will she learn that before it’s too late? We’ll see. She has been traumatized and Gene knows that but he’s beginning to doubt Aimee will ever be at the same point as he is in their relationship. Aimee will always have a special place in his heart. But he can’t wait forever and at this point Aimee is just a ghost of who she was. But she just might surprise him 😉 Gene’s next chapter will determine whether she stays or if she goes.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Aww the border of your wedding pictures is beautiful 🙂 I loved them all. 🙂 I’m glad Casey found happiness and grew as a person, I really like how he turned out. ❤

    Can I just… slap the shit out of Aimee? LOL. Not to say I don't feel bad for her after being abused by Wallace, but she's using that to punish Gene and it is making me angry. LOL. I guess maybe she's not consciously punishing Gene because I know/think she loves him, but she's not learned a damn thing. She's still being timid and ignoring people. I realize she's hurting and stuff, but there's only so much others can do when the person being hurt isn't willing to help themselves. Just like Gene said he's running out of patience.


    • Thank you! IKR Casey deserved his happy ending. There will be an epilogue once the heir poll for NSOL has been posted.

      You can if you still want to! LOL Aimee’s been a bit frustrating and wishy washy in her feelings for Gene. She doesn’t mean to punish Gene but he’s an easy target …. he’s there and Wallace isn’t. So unfortunately she’s taking out her fears and insecurities out on Gene. It’s easier to fall back into old familiar coping mechanisms then to change. She hasn’t learned to reach out and ask for help or to admit it to herself. Gene hasn’t told her how much she’s been hurting him either so there’s a general lack of communication going on.
      Thank you for reading and commenting. Sorry it took so long for me to reply back. I’ve been out of town and a bit distracted. Now that I’m home I’m slowly getting caught up again.

      Liked by 1 person

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