Robbie – Chapter 1 – Don’t Look Back


“Miranda dear I don’t want you to see that…that boy again,” her mother told her as she walked across her room towards the door.

“Mother….” Miranda took a deep breath “I’m going to marry him.” She waited for the blast she knew was coming. Her mother detested the idea of her dating Robbie she would despise the idea of her marrying him.

“I’m sorry what did you say? I couldn’t possibly have heard what I thought you said,” her mother turned and glared at her.

“You heard me mother,” Miranda tried to keep her voice steady in the face of her mother’s disapproval. If her mom ever suspected a hint of weakness she would use it to her advantage. Twisting and manipulating until she gave in to her will. “I love him,” she stated firmly.

“Love? That … that creature?” shaking her head “no I won’t permit it. Out of the question. I won’t allow you to throw your life away for that thing.”


“He’s not a thing mother. He’s my boyfriend. My fiance. My future husband. The father of your future grandchildren.” As she spoke Miranda was amazed at herself, standing up to her mother, the woman who had ruled over her with an iron fist for much of her life.

“Over my dead body,” her mother snarled spittle flying from her mouth “I will lock you in this room until you come to your senses. You will not marry that creature. You will not be ruined by that disgusting filthy thing…”

Unable to prevent the tide of tears that washed over her Miranda sobbed “mother please I love him. He’s the father of my baby…”

“You’re what? Did you say baby? That thing touched you? I’ll have him arrested for rape,” Her mother fumed her voice harsh and shrill. Throwing a jacket at Miranda she announced “I’m taking you in to see the doctor. We’ll get rid of that ugly green spawn. I’ll put an end to this nightmare once and for all.”

“No no I won’t,” Miranda shook her head in disbelief. How could her mother be so cruel? So heartless? “I won’t let you abort my baby. Robbie did nothing to me but love me. I love him. This baby is the product of that love.”


“Of course he couldn’t wait to get his hands on you. Ruin you for anyone else. The vile creature probably used some sort of mind control on you. Well I won’t stand for it. We’ll cover this up. No one will ever know. It’ll be like it never happened. I’ll get you the best doctors money can buy. You’ll be back to your old self in no time. Of course we’ll have to forfeit next weeks pageant but the one after that you’ll be good as new.” Her mother continued to make plans regardless of how Miranda felt heedless of the tears and distress she was causing her daughter. Grabbing Miranda’s arm she dragged her daughter towards the door.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Naomi?” Greggory asked barring the door glaring at his wife. “Let my daughter go,” his voice vibrated with barely contained anger. Dropping her hands from around Miranda’s arm Naomi glared at her husband.

“Daddy,” Miranda cried running into his arms “she wants to abort my baby. To have Robbie arrested. Please don’t let her.”


Looking into his daughters eyes he regretted all the hours he spent at work away from her. Regretted allowing his wife put her in all those pageants. Filling her head with nonsense about beauty. He should have put an end to it years ago instead of using his career as an escape from a loveless marriage. “Don’t worry baby I won’t let her. I promise.” He hugged his daughter tight the only good thing to come from his marriage. Kissing the top of her head “is Robbie home?” she nodded and he smiled down at her “Good go to him and stay there. Don’t come home. Promise?”

“I promise,” she kissed his cheek before running from the room and the home she grew up in. As she left she heard her parents voices erupt into angry shouting.


Getting out of the taxi she ran up to the house. Pounding on the door. When Rob opened the door she threw herself into his arms crying. Stroking her hair he was at a loss for what to do to ease her distress. “What happened?” he asked when the flow of tears slowed.

Looking up at him she choked out “just hold me. Please just hold me.” Moving towards the couch Rob sat on down maneuvering her in his arms. “You’re shaking. Please tell me what happened. Let me help you if I can.”


“I knew mother didn’t like you. Didn’t like your alien heritage. I didn’t think…didn’t know the depth of her hate.” As she spoke Robbie had flash backs to when his grandfather had broken into their home when he was a child. Threatened his family at gunpoint all because his grandfather hated his mother and an alien hybrid. He hated the thought that this was happening again.

“She didn’t hurt you did she?” he asked.

“She she wanted, oh Robbie it was horrible,” she cried into his shoulder. His heart ached to see her in to so much pain. Calming a little she continued “I told her I was going to marry you. That I loved you. That you were the father of my baby…”

“Baby?” Rob asked looking down at her “you’re pregnant?”

Nodding “she ruined that too. The surprise I was planning.” Holding her stomach she smiled briefly “she wanted to take me to a doctor who would end the pregnancy without my consent if the price was right. Have you arrested on trumped-up charges of rape.” Grabbing his shirt “it was just awful…then daddy stopped her. Told me to come there. Told me not to come home.”


“Miranda I’m so sorry I never wanted to cause you any problems with your parents,” Robbie held her tight “I’m sorry your mother finds me so repulsive.”

“Don’t you dare apologize. None of this is your fault. My mother is a vain woman who judges people by what they look like. She raised me to look at the world the same way. She’s wrong about you. You’re not the ugly vile creature she says you are any more she’s the beautiful loving caring mother she thinks she is.” She reached up to caress his face “I love you and I regret ever trying to make you over in the vain attempt that I could make you more appealing to my mother.”

“Darling don’t worry about that. That’s in the past. Of course you would want your mother’s approval,” Robbie said “I’m not upset about the hair anymore. I kind of like it now. I do worry whether you’d like living outside the limelight. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. I love you. I’ll understand if being with me is too difficult for you.”

“Too difficult? You’re what I need. Who I want. Don’t ever think I’d rather have some dumb beauty pageant award instead of you. I love you. When the baby is born,” she took his hand laying it on her stomach “we’ll teach him that looks don’t matter. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

“I like that sound of that. Why him though? I thought you’d want a girl,” Robbie teased.


“No I want a boy so he can grow up to be just like you,” she put her hand up pushing his head down to hers “Robbie I love you and I want to have your baby. Will you marry me?”

“Hey I asked first,” he kissed her nose “of course I’ll marry you.”

“Will you marry me and move far away from here with me?” she asked.

“I’ll live anywhere as long as I’m with you.”

 [Miranda, Naomi and Greggory Diamond were made by Legendofsim Thank you so much for the lovely sims]

Chapter 2 – It All Falls to Pieces 

6 thoughts on “Robbie – Chapter 1 – Don’t Look Back

    • Her dad is great. Seeing what Naomi was doing has made him regret spending so much time working and giving her free range to devote so much time to beauty pageants. He’s a lawyer so he knows what needs to be done legally whether Naomi follows it is another thing entirely. Naomi may be a villain in the making. I love Robbie and Miranda together and just wait until you see the baby…
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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    • This is how I pictured Miranda’s mom from the time I read Miranda’s bio you wrote for her. A woman more concerned with appearances and peoples perceptions of them. She was never going to accept Robbie’s Alien DNA. Hopefully Greggory will be able to talk some sense into or at the very least slap some restraining orders on her. Robbie and Miranda are good together and the baby is the cutest…
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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