Diana – Chapter 1 – Who Loves You?


Looking up at the house Diana squeezed Colt’s hand “its beautiful” she breathed smiling as him. As he moved towards the door Diana hung back pulling on his arm “are you sure we can afford this?”

Walking back to her he put Izzy on the ground. He took Diana by the shoulders leaning his forehead down to hers “I’m positive but if you’re still not sure you can ask your Uncle. He made me a deal I couldn’t refuse.” He saw the sadness in her eyes “what’s wrong? Don’t you like the house?”

“I forgot how Uncle Gene has always been there for us as kids after we lost our parents.”Her eyes glistened with tears “I wish I had turned to him for help before things had gotten so bad.”

“Aw honey that’s all in the past,” he kissed her nose causing her to laugh “come on let’s check out our new home.”

“Me too,” Izzy piped up from where she was happily throwing dirt into the air.


Bending to pick her up Colt laughed as he got a face full of dirt for his trouble. “You too little lady. Then its bath time.”

“No,”she protested “I not dirty.” She held up her hands to demonstrate.

Laughing Diana asked her “what’s that all over your hands? Could it be dirt?”

Crossing her arms shaking her head Isabel announced “it’s ground not dirt.”

“Oh Izzy,” Diana laughed “the ground is dirt.”


“No” she protested sticking her lip out “ground not dirt.” She snuggled into Colt rubbing her hands along his cheek. Giggling she pointed to Colt “daddy dirty. Dirty face.”

Silence followed her outburst. Diana followed slowly behind Colt half listening to her daughter giggling and talking to him. When had Cold become daddy? Did Colt want to be Isabel’s daddy? They hadn’t even discussed marriage and living together just sort of happened. What if he just wanted to be friends? What if they were just roommates?

Coming into the house she barely acknowledged Colt saying he would give Isabel a bath. Her mind skittering over past events and how quickly things had happened between the. She wandered through the house half imagining how she would decorate it. Shaking her head to dismiss those improbable dreams sighing. What if Colt only wanted to help her? What if that’s all it was? Wiping tears away she didn’t hear him as he came up behind her.

“Diana what’s wrong?” he asked stopping a few “does this have anything to do with Izzy calling me daddy? I can tell her not to if you want. If it upsets you.”

“If it upsets me?” she asked “why would it upset me? She adores you Colt. She doesn’t know who her real father is. You’re the only person she’s close to other than my cousin Terrell.” Glancing out the window “I thought maybe you wouldn’t want her calling you daddy.”


“I’d be delighted if she did but she doesn’t have too….”he took several steps to stand behind her wrapping his arms around her slight frame “If you haven’t noticed Diana I love you and I love your little girl.”

Turning to face him she asked “you do? You love me despite everything? My past? Me being half alien? You’re not just saying that to make me feel better?”

“Diana I love you. I have from the moment I first met you. Why else would I pay your debt? Want you to move with me to Starlight Shores? I love you even when you confuse me.” He crashed his lips into hers to emphasize his words stifling any comebacks she might have.

Breathing hard she leaned into him “why? Why do you love me?”

Lifting her chin up he smiled “because your beautiful inside and out. You would do anything for your daughter; which is the only reason why you got into the mess you were in. You love your family.” Lifting a hand he gently wiped tears away.


“You really think I’m beautiful?” she asked her voice filled with wonder “no one has ever told me that except my dad.”

Colt pulled her close as she sobbed on his shoulder “It’ll be ok sweetheart. We’ll look together to find someone interested in producing your father’s books into a movie.” Running his fingers through her hair “just wait and see things will be different here.”


Coming inside the house after a long day and recording studio Colt smiled taking in the well-arranged furniture and the shrill delighted cry from his second favorite girl “daddy,” Izzy said scrambling to her feet. “Daddy home,” she ran to him throwing her arms around his legs.

Bending down he picked her up tossing her in the air just to hear her squeal in equal parts delight and fright. “Daddy don’t. Please daddy,” Izzy cried when she was done and wanted down. He quickly hugged her close kissing her cheek. “Who loves you?” he asked her “you and mommy.”

Putting her down he looked around the room “where is mommy?” he asked the little girl.


Shrugging “don’t know,” she said unconcerned wandering off to play. He called out “Diana where are you?” Going into the bedroom he found her lying still on the bed “honey are you sick?” he asked while he gently reached out to touch her forehead.

Opening her eyes she smiled up at him “my stomach is a little upset. I much have fallen asleep.” She sat up and grabbed a hold of his arm as the room spun around her.

“Diana?” he called her name as she swayed. Covering her mouth she ran to the bathroom. She slammed the door shut in his face. He knew better than to follow when she did that. He leaned his head on the door listening to her throw up “Diana honey are you ok?”

Several minutes later she came out looking drawn and pale “must be the stomach flu” she muttered. “Where’s Izzy?” she asked frowning at the empty playpen in the room.

“Playing with her dolls,” he told her.


“You let her out?” she asked.

“Let her out of what?” he asked confused.

“Of the playpen,” she pointed “I put her in there before I laid down.” She stared at him as he began to laugh “don’t tell me she got out on her own.”

“I’m afraid she did,” he laughed “I’m afraid the little monkey knows how to climb now.”

“Well that’s just great,” Diana muttered “not only do I have the flu but now I can’t rest for fear the little munchkin will escape.” She scowled at Colt as he continued to laugh “it’s not funny.”


“Aw honey I’m sorry,” he took a deep breath and slowly let it out. “After dealing with my uptight manager all day it feels good to laugh.”

“Oh that reminds,” Diana snapped her fingers going to get the name and number she wrote down earlier of a producer Colt’s manager suggested. “She said she wasn’t so much interested in any of dad’s novels as she was in producing a film about dad’s life. She wants me to co-author it. What do you think? Should I do?”

Rubbing a hand across his chin he said “it’s not exactly what you had hoped…”

“I know but it accomplishes the same thing. It memorializes him. I never thought about writing his life story though. What if I suck at it?”

“You won’t know until you try,” he told her “I think you’ll do better than you think.”


“I should ask my siblings what they think after all it concerns them too.”

“I’ll go make dinner while you make the calls,” Colt moved towards the door “and don’t forget to call your Uncle and get his opinion.”

“Good idea,” she acknowledged already pulling up the numbers she needed.

An hour later she came downstairs. Sniffing the air she smiled “smells good what’s for dinner?”

“Lasagna,” he announced “my mother’s recipe.”


“I can’t wait to try it. I’m starving,” she told him.

“What did they say?” he asked as he finished up making the salad.

“They all agreed I should do it. They trust me to write about the family and I can tap into Grandpa and Uncle Gene for info on dad’s early years.” She sat down “it’s what I always wanted and I’m suddenly scared.”

“You’ll do great,” he hold her confidently. Coming around the counter he put his arms around her “I know you don’t have the flu…”

She jumped a little “what makes you say that?”


“For one I found this,” he held up a positive pregnancy test “don’t worry I wasn’t snooping but our daughter has busy hands and she had it in her doll house. I doubt her dolls are pregnant.”

Looking up at him with a contrite expression “I’m sorry I should have told you but….”

“But what?” he asked “afraid I’d run out on you like the no good SOB that remain nameless that fathered Izzy? I’m not him. Stop expecting me to act like him.”

“I know I’m sorry,” she leaned into him “sometimes my head doesn’t listen to what my heart is saying….”

“That I’ll except,” Colt smiled down at her “now we have something to celebrate.


“You’re happy about the baby?” she asked.

“Of course I am,” he told her “I hope she looks just like you.”

 [Colt Critchley was made by rosessupposesmanythings. Thank you so much for letting me have Colt in my game]

 Chapter 2 – Not What You Think

7 thoughts on “Diana – Chapter 1 – Who Loves You?

    • Aw Colt is such a good guy. I’m looking forward to seeing what the baby looks like. Writing her dad’s story will be the best thing for her maybe therapeutic. I think it will be good for her too.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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    • Colt is an all around good guy! Diana couldn’t have found a better guy! He’s going to help her find herself again and she’ll be a better and happier person for it. Colt is your favorite? I can’t blame you for that I kind of like him too. I like all the spouses for spares 🙂

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