Jennifer – Chapter 1 – Dreams Do Come True


Once Jennifer fell asleep. Chase scooted out from beneath her careful not to wake her. Approaching his dad he motioned for him to follow him outside where they could talk. “You have to get her to change her mind,” Emit demanded.

“Why?” he asked looking at the man he had hated for so long. It was difficult to remember that it was Logan he should really hate. Logan had been the one who had killed his mom and put the blame on his brother Emit. It all served as fuel t Chase’s hatred and desire to make sure Emit was never born. Shaking his head “it’s too much for her.”

“You’re feelings for her are clouding your thinking,” Emit surmised.

“So what if they are? At least I have feelings” he retorted “she deserves to be happy to have a life.

“Have you forgotten everything she’s done?” Emit asked “I may not have wanted to imprison her but that doesn’t mean she’s free from guilt.”


“So your request is punishment for her crimes,” Chase stated feeling his anger rising “and you’re punishing me for my time crimes as well.” Shaking his head Chase walked away from his dad looking up into the sky wondering how his life might have been like if his mom had still been around or if he had been raised by Emit.

Putting a hand on his son’s shoulder Emit squeezed “it’s not intended as a punishment. I need help. Balancing time is becoming more difficult as more and more people discover time travel. There will be others who will want to manipulate things for their benefit regardless of the consequences. Time is a delicate thing and can’t be left in the hands of amateurs.” Looking up at the night sky “I trust you and if you trust her I will too. Please son I need your help.

Turning his gaze from the starts Chase snorted “you need help, my help.” Shaking his head “I don’t know. I want a normal life. One where I grow old with someone special by my side after raising a family.”

“You can have all those things,” Emit assured him “but once you finish your life span I need you to come and help me.”

“Is that offer open to Jennifer?” Chase asked.


Nodding Emit sighed “if she wants it. She might not want it son. Eternity of watching people come and go is difficult. Don’t be surprised if she chooses not to.”

Nodding Chase looked into the distance “then don’t be surprised if I don’t accept your offer either.”

“Please think about it,” Emit entreated “that’s all I ask. Just think about it.


A week later Chase found Jennifer staring at him as slight frown marred the beauty of her face. “Is something wrong?” he asked in concern.

“Not really but I,” she bit her lip before continuing “I don’t like it here anymore. There are too many memories.”


Approaching her he gently stroked her hair than cupped her face in his hands kissing her forehead “we can move if that would make you happy.”

“Nodding she smiled “yes let’s move far away from here. Away from everything that reminds me of what I’ve done.”

“Honey don’t be like that,” Chase pulled her close “you make mistakes. You can’t keep punishing yourself for them. Running away won’t help….”

Pulling away from his embrace. Crossing her arms she stared around the shack she had lived in for several years. What did she have to show for herself besides the broken time lines and the people she had hurt? Wiping her eyes she tried to keep from crying but the tears kept coming. She felt Chase wrap his arms around her enveloping her within his strength and goodness. “Honey it will be alright. Maybe if you’d visit your family….”

Shaking her head she cried harder “I can’t. What if they hate me? I can’t face that…I can’t. Please don’t make me.”


Tightening his arms around her he sighed “at least think about going to Drew’s wedding. She wants you there or she wouldn’t have invited you.”

He could see the withdrawal, the fear in her eyes as she said “ok I’ll think about it but can we at least move? I don’t like it here anymore.”

Smiling down at her he nodded “where would you like to go? Any place in particular?”

Moving from his embrace she nodded. She went to a drawer in the tiny kitchenette and brought out a couple of brochures. Handing one to him she said “Isla Paradiso.”

Flipping through the colorful brochure he nodded “It’s beautiful there. How about we take a trip and see if we can find something we can afford and we both life?”


The spontaneous smile and hug that followed was reward enough for him. “Thank you” she murmured in his ear.


Two months later after seeing multiple houses they were becoming depressed. They either couldn’t find a house they both liked in their price range or they like they house they couldn’t afford. “Maybe it’s not supposed to be,” she sighed depressed over the lack of finding anything.

“Don’t give up,” Chase encouraged “we’ll find something. I know we will,” he told her refusing to admit defeat. “We have one more house to view if that’s a bust we’ll look elsewhere.” Lifting her chin up he continued “don’t get discouraged. I know we’ll find something…”

“I know but I had hoped…” sighing she moved away from him “what’s the use? My dreams never come true.”

It nearly broke his heart to hear how disheartened she had become. It was the first time he realized how much she wanted to move to Isla Paradiso. More than anything he wanted to make that dream come true for her.


Waiting until she fell asleep for the night Chase slipped from the room. Dialing the number he waited for someone to answer. He was about to disconnect when he heard someone mumble “hello” on the other end. “Peter?” he asked in relief “Yeah it’s me…look I need a favor…I appreciate it but you don’t know what it is…Yeah I know but I owe you not the other way around….I want to buy a house….Yeah I know they’re expensive. They’re even more expensive in Isla Paradiso….Yeah it’s for her. I love her….She has her heart set on living here. I want to make this dream come true for her….I’ll pay you back I promise….You’ll wire the money tomorrow….Peter I don’t know how to thank you…I’ll do my best. She’s a real wild child.” Chase disconnected a huge grin spreading across his face.

The next morning Chase asked the real estate agent to show them a house they had looked at earlier but vetoed because of the price. “Chase no,” Jennifer protested “we can’t afford it.”

“We can now,” he assured her. After viewing the house for the second time he could tell that Jennifer was in love with it. Smiling he told the realtor We’ll take it.”

After all the paperwork was done and they had the key in their possession Jennifer leaned into him whispering “how? How did you manage this?”

“I borrowed the money from a friend,” he told her watching her face crinkle as she pondered his words. “Who? I don’t know anyone who could afford to…”


“Does it matter where I got the loan?” he asked tilting her face up to his.

Shrugging “I suppose not but I’m…curious” she admitted.

“Ok then,” he smiled as he bent down to kiss her lips “I borrowed the money from Peter Van Winkle.”

“And he knew it was for me?” she asked incredulous.

“Yes why wouldn’t he?” Chase held her tight “I keep telling you people won’t hold the past against you fi you continue to try to do good.”

“I know it’s just that I…I expect them to hate me. I would hate me,” she admitted. Smiling suddenly she laughed hugging him “I love you,” she announced “for the first time I truly believe dream do come true and I owe that to you.”

Chapter 2 – Regrets

7 thoughts on “Jennifer – Chapter 1 – Dreams Do Come True

    • He feels a connection with her and understands why she did what she did. Hopefully it lasts and Jennifer is clinging to him because he’s the only she thinks doesn’t hate her. We’ll see how their story progresses. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. I like Jennifer and Chase together. I think they are a cute couple. But I’m a bit apprehensive, because they haven’t really known each other all that long, have they?

    How long was that ‘show Jenn the how she’s affected the timeline’ thing anyway? Cuz it seemed almost like it was just one afternoon, but it could have been longer.

    I just wish that Jenn would stop hiding. Sure, her family may be mad at first (if they found out about what she did, cuz the only ones who know are Amanda and Drew) but she’s their family. They’ll forgive her.

    So are you going to do all of these stories kinda how you did it for Evelyn, Casey, and Gene? Like, you’d write a couple side story chapters until it reaches an appropriate happy ending for each character? If so, I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds!

    Liked by 1 person

    • And that’s where the problem lies. Jennifer is literally clinging to him like he’s her life preserver and he thinks he knows her because she understands what motivated her to do what she’s done.

      It was longer than an afternoon considering it would have taken some time to see everything that was shown to her but less than a week. So yeah they really don’t know each other at all. It’s kind of like meeting someone for the first time in Vegas and deciding to get married.

      Jen isn’t ready to face her family yet even though most have no clue what’s going on. Amanda knows all of it, Robbie knows what she did to him and Drew only knows that she’s made changes other than her mom ceasing to exist because of what Jen was doing she doesn’t know the full scope. Caleb knows more than she does and he’ll do anything to keep that knowledge from her. Given time they’ll forgive her. Robbie and Amanda my take a little longer.

      Yes these side stories will be the same as the others. They’ll end once they get to the happy. These first chapters is what I dropped from the NSOL Time Realigned chapters. I’m hoping to wrap up their stories in about 10 chapters more or less depending upon how much story needs to be told.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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    • It does take some getting used to. However they may be the only ones who really understand what motivated them to do what they did. Neither one is as bad as they appeared. They both wanted someone back that they loved, Chase his mom and Jennifer her dad. They were blinded by their own desires and couldn’t see the harm they were doing. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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