Jeff – Chapter 1 – The Killer Returns


“How’s the wife?” Zayne asked as Jeff sat down at his desk.

“Fiance,” Jeff corrected “and she’s doing fine. Complaining she’s getting fat and doesn’t believe me that she’s beautiful no matter how much I assure her.”

“Cheri was the same way…” Zayne said his smile faltered a little as he remembered. Shaking his head he said “don’t let it get to you. It’s all the hormones and mood swings. In the end you’ll have a new addition to the family. Do you know what you’re having?”

Tapping something into his computer Jeff replied “no we want to be surprised.” Frowning as something caught his eye. “Damn” he pounded his fist onto his desk.

Instantly alert Zayne looked at his partner “what’s wrong?”


“Get over here and take a look at this,” Jeff demanded.

With a sense of dread Zayne walked around the desk and his frown deepened as he read the news reports “he’s back,” he muttered. After six months the serial killer was back. “Do you think he’s back to finish old business?”

“I hope not,” Jeff muttered “we don’t have supernatural help this time around.”

Zayne nodded as he reached for his phone “we’ve got trouble,” he told whoever it was on the other end. Listening a moment he disconnected turning to Jeff “the captain want’s to see us.”

They both headed towards the office knocking on the door before going in. “He’s back?” the captain asked without preamble.


“Yeah,” Jeff sighed “I had alerts going off on my computer when I got in this morning and we had two murders that match his MO.”

“I’ll assign extra details for your wife and son” the captain told them “we can assume he may be back to finish what he failed accomplish before.”

“Thanks captain,” they both said as they exited the office.

“We better pull all the old files,” Zayne suggested as they walked back to the desks.

“We had to have been close six months ago for him to come after us.”


“We missed something,” Zayne agreed eyes glued to his computer monitor.

“Somewhere along the way we know who it is,” Jeff mumbled imitating Zayne as they poured through their files.


They worked late reviewing old files but they were no closer to knowing who the killer was then they were before. “Go home boys,” the captain told them as he passed their desks on his way out.

Yawning Jeff reluctantly closed down his computer. Glancing at the time “shit Lisa is going to kill me. I told her I’d be home early.”

Shaking his head Zayne couldn’t help but laugh at his partners expense. “You might be early if it was tomorrow,” he joked.


“Laugh it up,” Jeff said grabbing his jacket “one day you’ll know how it feels.”

“Been there,” Zayne told him frowning “she’ll get over it after all she knows how it goes when your working a case.”

“That she does,” he said walking to the door “aren’t you going home?”

“I want to check something first,” he waved him on.

Hesitating Jeff said “you shouldn’t be leaving alone.”


“I’ll be fine,” he assured Jeff “don’t worry. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Alright,” he grudgingly agreed “don’t be too late.”

“I won’t,” Zayne said looking up smiling “I’ve got a hot date with my son tonight.”


Walking into the apartment he shared with his fiance Jeff smiled as he watched her in the kitchen. “Now I know why some men want to keep their wives barefoot and pregnant.”

Looking up she smiled in greeting before pointing at the clock “you’re late. You said you were going to be early.”


“I’m sorry,” he apologized bringing his hands from behind his back.

“Flowers for me?” she laughed eyes shining bright “thank you sweetie.” Taking them she put them into a vase “they’re lovely and I almost forgive you.”

Pretending to pout “only almost?” he asked “I thought the flowers would be worth at least a kiss.”

Coming up to him she wrapped her arms around his waist “oh I might be convinced that they’re worth a kiss.” Her mouth hovered near his when she turned away laughing.

Groaning he swirled her giving her a kiss instead. “You are one of the most irritating women I know Lisa Kimble.”


“But you love me anyway,” she laid her head on his shoulder sighing contentedly in his embrace.

“Yeah I love you despite your annoying personality,” he kissed the top of her head “what’s for dinner?”

“Food,” she said walking away towards the kitchen.


“That was delicious,” Jeff liked his lips appreciatively “if you keep cooking like this I’m going to weigh 300 pounds.”

“No you won’t,” she shook her head “I’ll make sure you get up every morning to go jogging with m. You won’t get the chance to get fat.”

“I could think of an activity a whole lot more pleasurable than jogging to work off a few extra calories,” his voice deepened as he got up coming to her side.

Looking up at him she smiled “oh that’s definitely on the agenda for nightly activities but I plan on cooking you a lot of delicious food in the future. You’ll need all the exercise you can get.”

“Then I suggest this activity is nightly and daily or whenever I need a good work out.” He helped her up hugging her close against his body.

Breaking off the kiss Lisa said “this activity may need to wait a while,” patting her expanding belly.

“Did the doctor advise against it?” Jeff asked trying to disguise his disappointment.


“No he didn’t,” she laughed “it’s just my belly is so big it might get in the way.”

Putting his hand on her stomach he grinned “I Just felt him move.”

“He’s kicking his mama,” she said rubbing the offended area “I can’t wait to meet him.”

“Or her,” Jeff corrected.

“When did we start referring to the baby as him?” Lisa wondered.

“I don’t know but we both seem to think it’s going to be a boy.” He turned to help her clear the table. He hated to bring up the subject but he knew he had to. She would spot a detail and would be more upset by being surprised then the reason for it. “Lisa we need to talk.”


Turning she heard the seriousness in his voice “I’m not going to like this am I?”

“No I don’t like it either. The serial killer is back….” He watched as she blanched in fear. Quickly he escorted her to the living room helping her to the couch.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Positive. I had my computer programmed to alert me to any murders that fit his MO. It came up with two. It’s too big of a coincidence not to be him.” He put his arms around her as she clung to him.

“I suppose the captain has assigned a detail to me,” it was more a statement then a question “You think he’s back to finish what he failed to do last time.”

“It’s a possibility,” he kissed her cheek “I’m sorry.”


“That’s why you were late wasn’t it?” she asked looking up at him.

“Yes Zayne and I were reviewing all our old files,” sighing he said “we missed something. We know who this guy is. Why else would he be targeting us?”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Lisa told him “he almost got you last time. What if he tries again?”

“Let’s not borrow trouble,” Jeff said firmly “we’ll deal with what we can as it arises. We’ll take precautions which means no jogging in the park for a while. Use that expensive treadmill that’s collecting dust.”

“Alright I will,” she smiled up at him “but I won’t like it.”



The incessant ringing of the phone had Jeff reaching for his phone on the night stand beside the bed. “Hello,” he said rubbing the sleep from his eyes. 12:30 who would be calling him so late? A timid female voice said “Mr Bennett you’re listed as an emergency contact for Charlie Thompson.”

“Is he alright?” he asked as all thoughts of sleep slipped from his mind.

“Charlie’s fine but his dad never came to pick him up. He usually calls if get’s tied up at work on a case.” The lady sighed as a baby cried in the background “Charlie has been upset all evening. I know Zayne had something special planned tonight. It’s not like him to be late or to stand up his son. I’m really worried.”

“Can you keep Charlie for the night?” Jeff asked knowing there was going to be no more sleep for him tonight.

“I can but as I told Zayne I can’t watch him in the morning. He said that he arranged for Lisa Kimble to watch him.”


“Yeah that’s still the plan. When did you need her to pick him up? 8:00?” After disconnecting he found Lisa staring at him.

“What’s happened?” she asked

“Zayne never picked up Charlie at daycare. That’s not like him, he’d never not pick up his son.” Jeff went to the said of the bed “can you pick up Charlie from Mrs Reynolds?”

“I was going to watch him today,” Lisa said nodding.

“Ok be sure not to lose your detail,” Jeff admonished her “I’ve got to go into work now. I’ve got a bad feeling.”

 [Lisa Kimble was made by Goatkibble. Thank you for letting me have Lisa in my game and story]

Chapter 2 – Suspicions 

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