Diana – Chapter 2 – Not What You Think


It’s been six months since Colt found out about Diana’s pregnancy. He looked up from the music sheets he was working on to smile at her typing away at the computer. She was so big he knew it wouldn’t be long before the baby was here. He couldn’t wait to meet the baby. His baby. He was going to be a father of course he was already playing that role for Izzy but this baby was different. It was a part of him.

“Honey is something wrong?” Diana’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “Am I bothering you? Distracting you from your work?” she asked looking up from her monitor.

Shaking his head “no not really. I was just thinking it won’t be long now before we launch a new baby on the world.”

“Do you think the world is ready for that?” she asked getting up and going over to him.

“I don’t know about the world but I’m petrified,” he leaned forward kissing her baby belly.


Running her hands through his hair she laughed softly “you’ll be a good dad, Colt. You already are to Izzy.”

“He kicked,” he smiled up at her his hand on her stomach.

“She kicked,” Diana corrected then laughed “I don’t care boy or girl …. whoever kicks really hard.”

“Would you be disappointed if it’s a boy?” he asked looking up at her.

“Not at all,” she laughed “I just want a playmate for Izzy so a little girl would be perfect. But a boy would be nice too it it’d look like you.” She put a hand to her stomach.


“Is he still kicking?” Colt asked.

Shaking her head “no this is different …. ” she cried out in pain “I think the baby’s coming.”

“It’s too early,” Colt jumped to his feet as his heart tried to race from his chest. Breathing fast he tried to think, to not panic. “What do I do?” he nearly shouted at her.

Breathing through the contractions Diana grabbed his hand “get me to the hospital,” she instructed.

He nodded running from the room then back again “I huh forgot what I’m supposed to do…”


Grabbing his shoulder she squeezed “call Uncle Gene to come and get Izzy. Then get my bag from the closet.” Stopping to shake him “did you get all that?”

“Yeah, yeah I got it,” he nodded his head “No problem.”

“Then get moving before this baby decides to come now and you have to deliver it,” she immediately wished she hadn’t said the last as the color drained from Colt’s face “Colt….Colt,” she shouted as his eyes rolled up inside his head and he fell heavily to the floor, his head barely missing the edge of the desk. Struggling to her knees to check on him she hoped she’d be able to get back up again. Taking his phone she made a call “Uncle Gene this is Diana…the baby’s coming…I uh well I need a ride to the hospital…Colt passed out….no he hasn’t been drinking….I think I scared him to be honest.” She cried out in pain as a contraction hit her hard “please hurry or my little joke won’t be so funny.”


“I can’t believe I did that,” Colt rubbed his head “I have a knot on the back of my head where I hit the floor.”

“Kiss it and make it better,” she offered smiling up at him.


“Ok,” he bent his head down to her. He felt her fingers in his hair and for a moment he closed his eyes enjoying he attention.

“Have you called your parents yet?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he sat up sighing “I’ll call them tomorrow when they’re awake. I promise.” He turned away afraid she’d see the fear in his eyes. He hadn’t told his parents that Diana was even pregnant. They weren’t exactly happy that they had been living together for the last several months without being married. He didn’t expect them to accept that their first grandchild was conceived out-of-wedlock.

Touching his face she asked “you haven’t told them have you? They don’t know I was pregnant do they?” Her voice rose in panic and hurt “I bet you haven’t told them I’m an alien hybrid either,” she started to cry.

“Honey it’s not that,” he reached out to her only to have her slap his hand away. “It has nothing to do with you being an alien. They knew that already.”


Crying so hard Diana wasn’t listening to him. All she could think about was she was some horrible secret he wanted to hide. She felt him trying to pull her hands away from her face “go away,” she cried “please just go away.”

“Diana please listen to me,” he pleaded “it’s not what you think. I love you.”

Screaming louder she repeated “go away.” The door opened and he Uncle Gene and Aunt Aimee walked in.

Taking in the situation Gene turned towards Colt “son I think you should leave.”

Colt glanced up with tears in his eyes “it’s not what she thinks.” Turning back towards Diana “please let me explain…”


Grabbing his arm Gene escorted him from the room. “I’m sorry son but she’s not ready to listen to you.You’re only going to make things worse by forcing the issue.”

“But she doesn’t understand,” he cried falling to his knees.

“Colt why don’t you tell me,” he suggested “maybe together we can find a solution to whatever the problem is.”

Nodding he accepted Gene’s offer. Wiping his eyes he said “I haven’t told my parents about the baby yet…”

“Why?” Gene asked his voice harsher then he intended “afraid they won’t approve of your relationship with an alien hybrid?”


“No,” he almost shouted causing several heads to turn in their direction. “I’m not ashamed of Diana. I told my parents from the start that she was an alien hybrid. That never mattered. It still doesn’t matter.”

“Then why the secret?” Gene asked.

“We’re not married,” Colt told him his voice flat “they don’t approve of us living together. They barely tolerate it. A baby out-of-wedlock would devastate them. I’ve already disappointed them enough in my pursuit of a music career…”

Putting a hand on the boy’s shoulder “Colt if you knew how your parents felt about this situation why didn’t you just marry her?”

“I wanted to,” he looked up his eyes pleading “but when I found out about the baby I …. I didn’t want her to think I was only marrying her because of the baby.” Staring into space feeling that his life was falling apart around him Colt asked “what do I do? Tell me what I should do?”


“First thing you’re going to do is tell your parents,” Gene told him “regardless of the circumstances they’ll want to know they’re grandparents. Let them decide how they’ll react to the news. Don’t assume it’ll be bad just because you feel you’ve disappointed them.”

Nodding Colt asked “then what?”

“Then you explain to Diana what happened…”

“She won’t listen,” he interrupted “you heard her she wants me to leave.”

Shaking his head Gene shrugged “if you’re going to give up that easily maybe Diana’s better off without you.”


“Wait what?” he blinked in surprise “I never said I was giving up.”

“Alright,” Gene challenged “what are you going do?”

“I’m going to figure out how to get Diana to listen to me,” he said with renewed determination.

“Good now go make that call to your parents” Gene told him walking towards Diana’s room.


A month later Colt was sleeping on the couch. He hadn’t found a way to get Diana to listen to him. He wondered if she ever would. The baby began to cry, throwing the blankets off Colt went to check on him. Stumbling in the dark he tripped over a toy Izzy had left out on the floor. Grumbling he went to pick up the baby. “Hey little one,” his voice became soft and soothing. “Who loves ya?” Colt smiled into the eyes of his baby “that’s right I do,”


Diana stood inside the doorway listening to Colt as he spoke to the baby. Tears came to eyes listening to him. Did he really think so much of her and the baby? She listened to him tell the baby how much he regretted not telling his parents “but don’t worry baby it’s not your fault. It’s all mine for living an immoral lifestyle. I don’t love you or mama any less. It has nothing to do with how you look or what’s in your DNA.”

Taking a step closer Diana tripped over the same toy Cold had coming in. Seeing her rub the offended toes Colt immediately put the baby back in its crib and silently moved towards the door. Before he could leave Diana cried out “Colt please don’t go.” She reached for him touching his arm “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” he asked unsure how to take this after weeks of silence.

“For not listening,” she looked at him “did you mean what you said? That it was never about how I look or my parentage.”

“Yes I meant every word of it,” he took a step closer to her “I was never ashamed of you. I was afraid of how my parents would react to how my lifestyle.”


Reaching up she stroked his face “I’m sorry.” She looked down at the floor before looking into his eyes “I suppose they didn’t take the news well….”

“No they didn’t,” despite his best effort not to he felt tears rolled down his cheeks “they pretty much cut me off. They told me to call again until after we’re married.” He felt Diana put her arm around him “I have half a mind to live in sin to spite them.”

“or we could get married,” she suggested.

“We could,” he agreed “I was going to propose. I had the ring and everything. Then finding out about the baby I didn’t want you to think I was only proposing to you because you were pregnant.”

“Then I blew up,” Diana shook her head in regret “I wish I had listened sooner. I hated watching you mope around the house. I am sorry.”


“I should have told you about my parents and their old-fashioned views. We had always been so close and I didn’t want to think about how was disappointing them.” Colt leaned forward kissing her forehead breathing in her scent “I’ve missed you.”

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6 thoughts on “Diana – Chapter 2 – Not What You Think

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  3. I don’t think his parents are being unreasonable, they don’t know the situation and they love their son. No one is ever going to be good for him in their eyes. It’s not bad to think the worst, they just didn’t handle it the right way. Regardless, they must have raised him well because Colt seems like a good man, albeit a bit confused about how to approach things.

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    • They do love their son and they put a lot of pressure on him to be the kind of son they want him to be. It’s hard to face your parents or anyone you care about when you know you will disappoint them. They want what’s best for their son and he’s shattered their dreams for him. He was raised well and he could have done things differently but no one’s perfect and if he was I wouldn’t have a story.

      Liked by 1 person

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