Jennifer – Chapter 3 – Will I See You Again?


A couple months later while Jennifer was out shopping for baby things a man walked onto the houseboat. Without knocking he entered the house. Looking up from the couch Chase scowled at the man “what are you doing here?”

“Have you given any more thought to my request?” he asked.

“No,” Chase stood up staring daggers at the man. A man he himself bore remarkable resemblance to. The man who he owed his existence to. Emit the time keeper. Emit his father. The man he had hated most of his life. That hate still simmered below the surface. He couldn’t see him and not remember the lies Logan had told him and the complete belief he had in those lies.

“You still don’t trust me,” Emit stated it as a fact. It wasn’t a question. It was a fact. Something he would always regret. Something he could do nothing about. He couldn’t change the events that led up to this. It would change to many things. Another reason why he needed to choose an assistant. Someone to keep in balance. He would have offered that job to Peter Van Winkle his trusted friend and ancestor. He didn’t offer. He knew all too well Peter longed to go home to be with his wife and kids. His next choice was his son Chase. Could he be trusted? Emit really didn’t know.

Crossing his arms Chase tried to remain aloof from the man in his living room. Tried not to give any merit or thought to the offer to help police time. To help keep it on track. It was a weighty responsibility and in a way it flattered his ego that Emit had made the offer. The little boy inside him wanted to say yes. Wanted the attention of his dad. Wanted above all else to have his approval. “I don’t know,” he conceded.


Looking around the room Emit ran his fingers through his blue hair. The only outward sign of his frustration. Standing rigid before his son he asked “what can I do to convince you to help me?”

“I don’t know,” Chase paced the room feeling trapped. Whirling around to confront the older man “I don’t know you. How can I agree to help you when I don’t know you?” He felt his insides begin to shake in anticipation of being rejected. Why did he care so much whether this man wanted to know him? Maybe all he wanted was someone to do the grunt work he didn’t have time to do himself. The closer he came to becoming a father himself the more he craved to have a relationship with his own. Was that even possible? He didn’t know. He disliked the unsettled feeling not knowing gave him.

Emit was spared the need to respond by the opening of the door. Jennifer came bouncing into the room excited from the news she had received from the doctor. Her smile faded as she took in the uncomfortable silence between the two men in the room. “Chase is everything alright?” She dropped the bags by the door and walked towards Chase. Taking his hand she looked up at his face seeing the clear irritation in his eyes. Taking her gaze from Chase she turned it upon Emit. “What’s going on?” she demanded.

Emit blinked as if confused. The moment Jennifer came into the room he couldn’t drag his eyes from her “you’re pregnant,” he muttered his tone harsh.

Jennifer sensing something in his tone wasn’t entirely pleased with his revelation moved closer to Chase uncomfortable with Emit’s calculation gaze. “I am,” she murmured feeling compelled to answer knowing this man had allowed her to have a second chance. Did that second chance include her falling in love with his son? Giving him grandchildren?


Chase wrapped his arms around her, enveloping her within his protective bubble as he spoke to his father. “You promised I could have a normal life before I had to make a decision. What’s changed?”

Shaking his head Emit moved towards the door “nothing’s changed,” he mumbled as he left.

“Wait here,” Chase told Jennifer kissing her forehead before leaving to go after his dad. He knew enough about the time keeper to know he didn’t make random house calls. He felt Jennifer tug on his hand “don’t go,” she pleaded.

Chase looked into her beautiful dark blue eyes. Saw the depth of her concern, her love and her fear. “I have to,” he told her bending and giving her a brief kiss “I’ll be back I promise.”

She let his hand slip from her grasp as he ran to the door. She was overcome with a feeling that this was the last time she was going to see him. She was watching the man who had saved her in more ways than one walk out of her life. She wanted to call him back. She wanted to beg him not to go. To stay with her. Not to leave her. When the door closed behind him she fell to her knees crying.



Chase couldn’t rid his thoughts of the scared frightened look upon Jennifer’s face when he left. Did she know something he didn’t? It was as if she knew he wasn’t coming back? He looked around him expecting to see Emit waiting for him behind a tree or something. He almost turned back to the house when he felt something being poked into the small of his back. A gruff voice saying “don’t turn around.” Chase stood still heart hammering in his chest while someone from behind pulled a black hood over his head. Something snapped in him. He had to get away. Had to get back to Jennifer, to protect her and the baby.

“Where are taking me?” he cried struggling as they tried to tie his hands behind his back. “Let me go,” he cried as he was forced into what felt like a boat from the motion beneath his feet. He began to shout as his chances to escape were fast dwindling away. A sharp pin prick in his arm and a moment later he felt his eye lids growing heavy while he lost all feeling and control of his arms and legs. Panting on the rocking floor he heard the owner of the gruff voice say “now we’ll see if Emit will do as he’s told. What choice does he have now that we have his kid.”

Emit watched from his vantage point helpless to prevent what was happening. He hoped Jennifer wouldn’t come out of the house. He didn’t need to give his enemies anymore ammunition to use against him. As the boat drove off Emit pondered whether he should have warned them. Should he have prevented this from happening? He had known the Watchers were going to come for Chase in the original time line. He didn’t survive. Emit came to give him the same serum he had given Caleb so he could bring him back. Now that option was closed.

The front door of the houseboat opened and Jennifer came into view frantically searching. Emit watched her realizing fo the first time he had neglected so see how time had realigned for her. Neglected to notice his son’s attachment to her. This wasn’t or hadn’t happened originally which meant Chase’s fate wasn’t sealed yet. It could be changed. Feeling for the first time the stirrings of hope Emit realized he could be instrumental in saving his son’s life. First thing he had to do was get Jennifer to safety. The only person he trusted was Peter. He could see the worry in her stance as she watched him approach.


“What did you do?” she accused once he was in ear shot. “Chase left to catch up to you. You’re here and he’s not. What did you do?”


The accusation stung albeit deserved. He hadn’t generated a warm fatherly bond with his son. Something he may regret but now wasn’t the time for regrets. Now was the time for action. “I never saw Chase once I left your home. I did howeveer see the men who took him.”

“He was kidnapped and you did nothing to stop it,” she cried “what kind of monster are you? You’re supposed to be his father.”

Emit watched her impassively as the tears ran their course down her cheeks. What could he say? Yes he watched it happen. Yes he let it happen because it was supposed to happen. “I’m sorry,” he muttered catching the look of utter contempt she gave him. “Contrary to popular belief I am not a monster. I do have feelings. If I hadn’t known this was supposed to happen I would have tried to prevent it.” He looked at the young woman standing in front of him. ” I made a mistake. I was basing my actions upon the events of the original time line.”

“What are you saying?” Jennifer eyed him suspiciously.

Taking her by the arm Emit steered her inside the houseboat. “The timeline is still realigning itself. What should have happened has changed. I can be instrumental in finding and saving my son’s life.”


“You know who has him don’t you?” she asked peering deep into his eyes trying to read him “I’m going to help.”

“No,” Emit shouted “you need to be protected….”

“Why because I’m a girl?” she scoffed fed up with that kind of old fashioned thinking.

Shaking his head Emit chuckled “No I’m well aware of your survival skills but your pregnant. Chase would kill e if I let you put yourself in danger.” he shook his head “we can’t let our enemies know either otherwise they’ll come after you.”

Holding her stomach as she stared at the floor. She refused to acknowledge the valid points Emit made. With every fiber of her being she wanted to find her fiance. “Who are you’re enemies?” she asked looking up at him.


“They call themselves the watchers. They’re the ones who damaged the time portal but they lack the ability to manipulate time. They had my older brother Logan under their command for a while but he’s gone now. They need a replacement.”

“The need Chase since he knows how and he’s your son,” she finished for him “if they find out about me they could use me and the babies as a weapon to control him.” Looking towards the older man “what can we do?”

“First of all we need to you to a safe place. Dragon Valley with Peter would be the best. The dragons will be able to shield you from the watchers scans.” Smiling Emit approached the girl “I will do anything to see my son get’s home safe.” He kissed the top of her head before continuing “I may have been a lousy father and an even worse friend but I promise to be the best grandfather I can be if you give a chance.”

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    • Hmm Emit….he’s has some problems and he’s beginning to miss things that he should have caught. He expects a lot from himself but the stress of being the keeper of time is beginning to effect him. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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