Diana – Chapter 3 – One More


Several months later they were sitting in the living room cuddling on the couch. “I cold do this forever,” Diana sighed contentedly on his shoulder.

Squeezing her tight Colt smiled down at her “I could get used to this,” he admitted “is there anything you want to watch?”

“Not really. You chose.” She closed her eyes and leaned into him. Smiling when he shook his shoulder to jostle her head.

“Hey no sleeping,” he complained “we hardly ever get the chance to be alone together…”

Opening her eyes “but sleep is so tempting,” she protested. Yawning she sat up straight stretching. “I never seem to get any sleep anymore. Izzy is so active and Kevin cries all the time.”


“Hey your preaching to the choir,” Cold said putting his arm around her “I don’t get anymore sleep than you.”

Yawning again “I know. I’m just so tired. I would kill for a full nights sleep.” She closed her eyes again snuggling into him. He smiled down at her as he selected an action movie.


The sound of dishes breaking had Colt sitting bolt upright. Heart pounding in his ears he looked around startled. He must have fallen asleep watching the movie. The TV was still on but he couldn’t remember anything about the movie. Another crashing sound had him looking towards the kitchen where the sound originated.

Diana stirred beside him stretching and yawning “what’s happening?” she asked as another crash sounded from the kitchen. “Is someone breaking my dishes?” she asked incredulously.

Standing Colt went to investigate. He frowned as he found their little girl in the middle of shattered and broken dishes. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked his voice loud and stern.


Izzy looked up startled she dropped the dish she was holding. “I doin dishes,” she said “like mommy.” She took a dish opened up a cupboard door and dropped the dish inside. Looking up as Colt groaned loudly watching yet another dish fall shattered to the floor. “The washer is broken. She moved to get up.

“Don’t move,” Colt commanded. Even as he said it he knew it was too late. The silent house was filled with screams as their four year old daughter sliced her foot open.

Everything seemed to happen in fast and yet Colt felt like he was moving in slow motion as he grabbed the little girl before she could do anymore damage to herself.

“Owie, owie,” she screamed “it hurts daddy it hurts.”

“I know baby but you’ve got to quit moving so I can have a look.” Colt hoped it wasn’t as bad as the gore suggested. Hoping it was more gore than cut. “Honey quit waving your foot around,” he shouted at her as he grabbed her foot as it swung around flailing in the air. “Diana can you hold her?”


Diana came rushing over “oh no what happened?”

“Our daughter was doing dishes,” Colt explained.

“Like mommy,” Izzy asserted “I hurted my foot.” Isabel held up her arms towards her mom “hold.”

“Oh baby,” Diana cooed putting her arms around her. “How is she?” she asked anxiously watching Colt examine Izzy’s foot.

“I think she needs stitches and there might be a broken shard lodged in there too.” He looked up at Diana “I can’t get it out. We’ll need to take into the ER.”


“I’ll call Uncle Gene to see if he can baby sit.” She moved to get her phone Izzy wouldn’t let her go.

“I’ll do it,” Colt offered “take care of Izzy.”


Several hours later they came home with a subdued little girl half asleep in Colt’s arms.

“So they fixed her up?” Gene asked handing the baby to Diana.

“They did. A shard of porcelain from a broken plate was lodged in her foot. They removed it and stitched her foot up.” Diana explained “Thank you so much for coming over to watch Kevin for us.”


“That’s what I’m here for,” he told her “I also cleaned up the kitchen so that you wouldn’t have to worry about the broken dishes when you got home.”

Colt came back from putting Izzy in her crib,” I can see why your dad chose him to be your guardian.”

“Yeah Uncle Gene is the best,” Yawning she walked into the kitchen “are you hungry?”

“I’m starving” Colt told her “but don’t to to any trouble cooking. Let’s order pizza and have it delivered.”

“That’s the best idea I’ve heard all night,” she smiled up at him “why don’t you order it while I put Kevy down and take a shower?”


“Don’t use all the hot water” he said as she walked away.

“Come and join me when you’re done ordering.

Smiling Colt said “that’s the best idea….”


“Can you believe Izzy is almost a five years old,” Diana said on night as they prepared to go to bed.

Laughing a little Colt nodded “I was just thinking that it’s been a year since Kevin was born.” Turning to her “where has the time gone?”


“I don’t know but I wish it’d slow down. I’m beginning to feel old.”

“Nonsense your not even thirty yet,” Colt told her.

“It’s getting closer every year,” she protested “soon I’ll be plucking grey hairs out of my head and wearing face masks in the vain hope that I can keep the wrinkles at bay.”

“And scaring the kids because mommy looks like a monster,”Colt said laughing as Diana slapped him playfully across the shoulder “hey don’t shoot the messenger.”

“I don’t have any intention of shooting the messenger. Maiming him yes but not shooting him.” She smiled as she crawled over him on the bed “have you called your mom back yet?” she asked.


“No,” he replied averting his eyes “I don’t want to talk to her. All she’ll do is ask why we haven’t gotten married yet.”

“So why haven’t we gotten married yet?” Diana asked running her fingers lightly over his chest “are we proving a point or something?”

“No I just don’t like being pressured to do something,” Colt admitted.

“What if I said I wanted to get married?” she asked propping her head upon her hand “just a little wedding at the house. Just us and the kids. Uncle Gene and Aunt Aimee.” She bit her lip “what do say?”

Rolling her over on the bed he looked into her eyes. The eyes he felt he could lose himself in “I think I’d like that,” he admitted before he smashed his mouth down upon hers.



They decided to get married after the kids celebrated their birthdays. First was Isabel’s fifth birthday. Colt looked up at Diana catching her wiping tears away “she’s not our little girl anymore” she sniffed.

“No she’s not,” Colt agreed wishing he had a little girl he could call his own. Not that he didn’t love Izzy like his own he just wanted that connection like he had upon seeing Kevin born. Whispering in Diana’s ear “can you guess what I’m thinking?”

Looking into his eyes she laughed “I don’t think so.”

“What do you think I’m thinking,” he pressed.

“That we should have another baby,” she smiled up at him “we don’t have room for another baby.”


“We have enough in savings to add on to the house,” he persisted sticking out his bottom lip pouting “please pretty please with sugar on top.”

“You goof” she turned to watch Isabel handing cake out to everyone “help me distract our daughter from handing out cake before everyone explodes.”

“Will you at least think about it,” he asked.

“I’ll make you a deal. We get a bigger house then we can make a baby.”

“You have a deal,” he stuck his hand out “shake on it.”


Laughing she stuck her hand out secretly hoping they wouldn’t mover. Their family was complete as far as she was concerned but she knew Colt didn’t feel the same way. She’d do anything to make him happy. If he wanted another baby she knew she would eventually give in but she was holding out for more room.



Three months later it was Kevin’s first birthday. It was a bittersweet seeing how he’d grown from the tiny baby he was when they brought him home from the hospital to the active toddler that was into everything. Whispering in her “can we have another baby?” Colt asked as he walked away.

Smiling she shook her head calling after him “not until we have a bigger house.”

“I’m working on it,” he tossed over his shoulder “there’s not that many houses on the market right now.”

“What did the contractor say about expanding this one?” she asked trying to keep her interest in the project on the down low.

“It’s doable but he’d prefer not working while we’re here with the kids. Too much of a liability.”

“Knowing our kids I don’t blame him,” she hugged Colt close “where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Catching her hand Colt pulled her close to him “you want another baby as much as I do.”

“Maybe but I also want to fit into my wedding dress…”

Chapter 2 – Not What You Think / Chapter 4 – Visit to Grandma’s House

10 thoughts on “Diana – Chapter 3 – One More

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  2. Lol, I can imagine a contractor trying to work safely while two energetic kids are underfoot. And it’s nice that these two are planning to tie the not! The kids are super cute, by the way. Did you remove Alien Percentage to make their eyes colorful?

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    • It’ll be difficult to work around two little kids. They wedding is coming soon. I love how nice the kids look. I’m wondering if I might have a glitch in my game because I haven’t done anything with the alien percentages to get them to look like that. According to my game Izzy is human and Kevin is a genie like his dad. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it though but I like the results.

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  3. I have a question about the babies. So, has there been an instant where the baby to alien/human parents has been a human? Is that possible? Just curious since you’d know more about it than I would. Good chapter btw!

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  5. Pingback: Diana – Chapter 4 – Visit to Grandma’s House | Not So Ordinary Life Extras

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