Alex – Chapter 3 – My Inspiration


Lounging in the sun eyes closed Alex felt at peace, calm, serene. Not even the sea gulls screaming nearby could disrupt his pleasant repose. The incessant vibration of his phone nearby caught his attention. Reaching for it he answered without looking “hello?”

“Alex?” Ali’s voice drifted into his ear “it took me forever to get your new number.”


“How did you get this number?” Alex sat up anger giving his voice an edge it normally didn’t have. Lexi looked up in concern watching him in consternation.

“The band manager was nice enough to give it to me once I explained I lost it and that we were getting back together…”


“Like hell we are,” Alex shouted “I changed my number specifically so you couldn’t call me.”

“Don’t be like that Alex. You know we’re meant to be together.” He could see the smile she would have upon her face as she thought she was about to get what she wanted. Well not this time. No more games of cat and mouse Alex thought. “Now that Ron is gone you and I can be together.”

“Goodbye Ali,” Alex said before tossing the phone into the pool. “That woman’s impossible,” he muttered pacing in agitated circles.


Watching him Lexi got up and took a few steps towards him “don’t let her get inside your head Alex,” she said her tone sharp and commanding.

Stopping Alex frowned down at her “I’m sorry,” he mumbled putting his hands around her slim waist. “She just has a way of getting under my skin.” Sighing he let his hands travel over her smooth toned abs.” I don’t know what I ever saw in her.”

“You were young and ….”

“Stupid,” he finished for her kissing her shoulder dropping the shoulder strap down.

“Hmm,” she purred “I think your trying to distract me.”

“Is it working,” he asked as he continued his soft kisses along the nape of her neck.

“No but this is ultimately better then talking about her,” she gasped as Alex’s roaming hands along her body was sending shock waves through her. Taking his hand she led him inside away from probing eyes and telephoto lens.



Later that night cuddling in the bed they were flipping through the channels. “Whoa is that Zac?” Alex asked stopping on previews of the next Bachelorrett show.

“It looks like him,” Lexi said “he cut his hair.”

“Yeah and got pink tips,” Alex said as a mischievous grin spread across his face. “Just wait until I see him. He’s never going to live this down.” He fell silent while his friend was being interviewed. “I bet our manager had something to do with this.”

“I’m sure of it,” Lexi said beside him “Zac asked what I thought. I told him to do it. Who knows maybe he’ll make a love connection.”

“Yeah but…” Alex let his words hang for a moment before continuing “I know he’s been unhappy with how things were going for him in the love department. Ron’s the only one who likes hooking up with random strangers in every city we tour. It really wasn’t Zac’s scene.”


Turning his head to face her Lexi asked “you won’t tease him will you?”

“Why would I do that?” Alex chuckled a little “he deserves to be happy. If I were single maybe I’d join a bachelorette show.”

Shaking her head Lexi bit her lip “you’d be miserable…”

Frowning he asked “do you think I’d be the first one eliminated?”

“Maybe,” she giggled when he reached over to tickle her “stop please Alex” she squealed.


“Not until you say you’re sorry,” he said tickling her unmercifully in places he knew would drive her crazy.

“Alright alright I’m sorry,” she laughed gasping for breath “just stop please.”

Leaning over he kissed her nose “truce” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

She elbowed him in the stomach causing him to grunt “truce,” she agreed with a gleam in her eyes daring him to retaliate.”

Lifting his hands he scooted away from her rubbing his side “you win” he said not looking at her.


Putting a hand on his shoulder she looked at him in concern. It had only been a month since he had been released from the hospital. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Only my pride,” he said turning to her and pinning her beneath him. “Now tell me why I’d be miserable,” he demanded gazing into her purple eyes.

“You wouldn’t want to share,” she told him gazing up at him “you like to have all the attention of your girl…”

“So you think I’m conceited…” he hovered above her bringing her hand over her head.

Shaking her head denying his accusation “not conceited … jealous. I know you Alex you demand loyalty because your loyal. Your loyal to a fault. It’s what kept you with Ali for so long.” With her free hand she stroked his cheek “you wouldn’t do well in a situation where the girl had to be nice to everyone. You like to know where you stand.”


“Guilty as charged,” Alex smiled down at her staring at her lips as if they held the mysteries of the world. He hovered for a moment before dropping his mouth to hers.

The last thing Lexi remembered doing was reaching for the remote and turning the TV off before they were lost in each other.


Stretching Lexi reached across the bed moaning when she found it empty. Opening her eyes a crack as the sun shone bright through the cracks in the drapes. “Alex” she called into the silence of the room. Turning she rolled out of be. She smiled when she saw the single rose in a vase on her side table. “Alex,” she whispered as she inhaled the aroma of the flower “so sweet.”

She wandered into the bathroom feeling achy from last night’s gymnastics. Running the bath she couldn’t wait to take a leisurely bubble bath. She lit a few candles before slipping into the tub. Sighing with contentment she heard the firs musical notes as the grew louder coming towards the bathroom. When the bathroom door opened she smiled up at Alex as he serenaded her.

When he was done he sat on the edge of the tub “did you like it?” he asked.


Nodding she sat up and pulled him into the tub with her. “I’ll take that as a yes” he smiled as she smothered him with kisses and worked on removing his clothes. Heedless of the water splashing onto the tiles they were lost to everythng but each other.

Some time later Lexi snuggled in Alex’s arms “I’m cold” she complained.

“So am I” he confessed “and a little pruney.” He lifted a water logged hand “we should get out but I’m too comfortable.” He groaned as Lexi ground herself into him in her efforts to get out.

“We can resume this in the bedroom under the blankets” she protested as he tried to pull her back. Alex followed her taking a towel and wrapping it around him “I love you” he whispered in her ear. Lexi’s only reply was to smile as she nibbled on his ear lobe.

“I really should clean up this mess,” she said keeping a firm grip on her towel.


“Water evaporates,” Alex pointed out as he continued to kiss and nuzzle her neck while he tugged on her towel.
Whimpering in protest she let her grip on the towel release. As the towel dropped to the floor Alex lifted her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.


It was a rare rainy day in Sunlit Tides but Lexi was content to sit and listen to Alex play a new tune he was working on. She knew that their hiatus would soon be over. She could see the old restlessness growing in Alex as he spent more and more time on his music. They’ll be going back to the studio with more songs to record, video’s to make, a tour to launch the new album.

He looked up from his music sheets and smiled at her. Sense they had come to Sunlit Tides he had found peace he didn’t know was lacking from his life. A lot of things had changed in the past six months. Their private wedding on the beach. The collaboration he would be doing with his brother-in-law Caleb Gray. The new album he was working on. He was looking forward to getting the band together again. Being back in the studio. Catching Lexi watching him he stopped what he was doing to say “have I told you how much I love you today?”

“I believe you may have said it once or twice,” she said as she moved over to sit on his lap. “The feeling is entirely mutual,” she said leaning towards him to kiss his lips. As his hands slipped around her she hopped from his lap giggling “I have to go shopping and you have to finish that song.” She told him walking purposefully away.


Calling after her “you inspire me come back. I can’t work without my muse.”

Stopping at the doorway “you can survive without me for an hour or two.” She laughed at his pained expression “sad puppy dog eyes won’t help you” she said turning her back on him before she broke her resolve. She had to get something important at the store. She had put it off for far too long. She rubbed her stomach thinking of the possibilities.

 Chapter 2 – Confrontation / Chapter 4 – Disbanded

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    • IKR … Ali hasn’t figured out that Alex isn’t coming back to her. When she finds out about the impending baby there’s going to be trouble. That will be the final nail in the coffin and Ali will know Alex will never abandon his family. Her biggest regret in Ali’s life is the fact her twins were Ron’s instead of Alex’s. Thank for reading and commenting!

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    • I’m having fun writing for Alex and Lexi. They are very sensual people 😉 A Caleb/Alex collab will help launch Caleb’s career in a new direction in this AU. It might have to be put on hold for a couple of years which you’ll see why next chapter but it’ll happen. Well this will probably be the last update for at least a couple of weeks. I need a break and I’m going home to visit the fam and my brother for some unknown reason doesn’t have internet so I’ll only have my mobile for a while. But I need a break so it’s all good.

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