Jeff – Chapter 3 -Confirming A Theory


Staring at the monitor a slight frown upon his face he couldn’t believe the information Zayne had uncovered. All of it, every ounce pointed towards the captain. Rubbing his chin his brow furrowed. It was too easy. A trail carefully marked only an idiot would get lost. Yet both he and Zayne had failed to see it. How many months had they worked on this case? Not once had they suspected the captain. Not once had they seen the red flags in their own files.

Leaning back in his chair Jeff closed his eyes. Casting his thoughts back to the last time he and Zayne had worked together. What had Zayne said to him before he left? He had mumbled something….opening his eyes he keyed something into the computer. It hadn’t made sense the night Zayne said it but now it opened a world of possibilities. “Damn,” he muttered under his breath careful to keep his voice low knowing that Charlie was nearby and he didn’t want the boy to pick up any of his bad words. “Damn, damn and double damn” he said feeling as if he was about to explode.

Lisa looked over at him from where she stood in the kitchen preparing a snack. “Something wrong?” she asked waddling over to him.

“Everything,” Jeff waved a hand towards the monitor “this all but confirms the captains involvement in the murders…”

“What does?” she asked leaning down to look at the screen “I don’t understand.” She looked at Jeff frowning.


“You don’t see do you?” she shook her head as she sat on his lap. He keyed something else into the computer. “This is the original file. See the date Zayne and I checked it out. Now look,” he brought up the last screen he’d shown her.

“The dates are wrong,” she pointed out frowning she looked closer “oh no….”her voice no more than a whisper.

“I’m afraid so,” Jeff sighed “the captain altered the files. He must have thought we had both left when he saw me leave. He hadn’t realized Zayne was still there that night. At least not until he was leaving.” He looked around to make sure Charlie hadn’t become curious hearing his father’s name and come into the kitchen. “The captain altered the files and when he realized Zayne had caught him in the act he must have followed him to his car…”

Wiping a stray tear away Lisa shook her head “no that doesn’t feel right…”

Standing Jeff frowned at her “what doesn’t feel right?”


“I think Zayne confronted the captain before leaving. Why else would he have taken the precaution of leaving this for you to find?”

Running his hands through his hair Jeff nodded “you’re right Zayne would have confronted the captain about the altered files. Instead of following Zayne to his car he walked with him…” His voice faded as he thought over the crime scene in his mind “there was blood splatter all around the captains feet, his clothes, his shoes…”

Standing up she moved towards him “the time line doesn’t make sense. Why wait so long before killing him? the longer he waited the better chance of getting caught.”

Staring at the floor Jeff tried to get the image of his partner gasping for air. Telling him not to trust…who was he not supposed to trust? The obvious answer was the captain. What if it was someone else? Someone who the captain was covering for. Someone he was willing to kill for. “I need to talk to him,” he muttered.

“To who? Zayne?” she asked incredulously “How? Your sister isn’t hear to hold a seance or whatever she does to contact the dead.” Her voice dripped with skepticism. Jeff couldn’t get up set but it was something they didn’t agree upon. She didn’t like to hear him talk about being able to read people from the vibes they put off. He knew it was something he shared with Amanda in a much smaller scale. Nothing near as invasive or powerful but it definitely gave him an edge on who he could trust. It was like having a built in lie detector. “I guess I’m wishing for the impossible…”


“You need sleep,” she said pushing him towards the stairs.

“But I….”

Pointing towards the stairs she reiterated “sleep now no excuses. sleep.”

Sighing he tried to hide a yawn only to have it come out and feel like it was trying to split his face into. Giving up he went upstairs and lay on top of the covers. His body numb form lack of sleep but his mind refused to shut off. Something wasn’t right. Something terrifying. He had to check it out. He was positive the trail would lead him to the one person the captain would cover for, kill for.

Staggering to his feet he had to act on this idea before it was lost. “Hey I need a favor.”

“I thought you were on leave.”


“I am but you know how it is,” Jeff told his colleague .

“I know,” his friend and colleague said “what can I do to help?”

“I need a copy of the captains schedule. All his logins and outs. I need to get a picture of his comings and goings.” He braced himself for the inevitable backlash of disbelief. “Please Sam just do it for me.”

“Alright but for your sake I hope your right otherwise Quinn isn’t going to like this.”


“I know but if I didn’t have a hunch I wouldn’t need this to confirm it.”

“I’ll email it to you,” Sam said “if there’s anything else I can do to help you know where to find me.”

“Great I really appreciate this,” yawning Jeff all but collapsed on the bed falling into a deep nightmare filled dreams.


 Jeff woke with a start. Heart pounding he dreamt of the last time he had seen his friend. His last words. He sat up being careful not to disturb Lisa as he got up. He noted that she had taken pity on him and removed his shoes while he slept. He had the feeling he needed to get her and Charlie out of Bridgeport and to someplace safe. Her dad was a renowned detective. She should go there where he could protect her. If only he could convince her.

Unable to sleep Jeff went downstairs where he hoped to find an email with the information he requested. Smiling as he checked his mail he knew he could count on Sam to come through. Glancing at the clock he set to work mapping the comings and goings of one Captain Kody Quinn.


His dismay grew as he compared his findings to the time of deaths of each of the dozen victims, thirteen if he counted Zayne. His findings were inconclusive there were some times that made it impossible for Quinn to have been the killer and other times when it was entirely possible. One thing that was becoming abundantly obvious though was the frequency in which his son Kody Junior visited his dad. All his visits coincided with a murder. A coincidence like that was too much to be believable.

Stretching Jeff grabbed his jacket he had to talk to someone before he went to the university to map out the comings and goings of one Kody Quinn Junior. Did he really think a twenty year old kid could be the master mind behind the serial killings? Did the kid have help? Was his dad helping him and together they’ve been keeping the city in fear? One way or another he was going to find out.

Before Jeff was able to slip out the front door Lisa called from the top of the stairs “Jeff the baby’s coming.” He ran up the stairs two at a time. Panting in pain Lisa answered his unspoken question “my water broke.”

“We’ll go to the hospital give me a second to get Charlie.” He moved to the make shift nursery.

“Can’t we call a sitter?” she asked.


“I’d rather not” Jeff shook his head decisively “we need to stay together. He’ll be too vulnerable otherwise.”

“But you won’t be able to come into the delivery room. You won’t get to see our baby being born,” Lisa protested.

“I know. I’m sorry. I can’t leave him unprotected. We’re all he has left. If the captain figures out what I’ve been doing he could come and take him. Use him as a tool to keep me from investigation…”

“How sure are you about his involvement?” she asked looking into his eyes “alright we’ll do this your way. You better get the bags I packed.”

“Bags?” Jeff asked going to the closet.

“I thought I’d be prepared just in case. I called daddy and he’ll come and get us.”

Chapter 2 – Suspicions / Chapter 4 – Collecting Evidence

7 thoughts on “Jeff – Chapter 3 -Confirming A Theory

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    • The captain thinks he’s helping his son but he’s keeping him free to kill again 😦 As long as Jeff doesn’t have enough evidence he’s afraid that the captain’s authority he would be able to go into any daycare facility and take Charlie and no one would question it. Jeff really doesn’t want to miss seeing his baby born but he doesn’t know what else he can do. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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    • Is it a father/son killing team? Is the father covering up for the son? Is Kody Jr really capable of killing and getting away with it? Next chapter you’ll meet junior and you can form your own opinion.For all we know the captain could be using his son as a scape goat for his crimes and making it look like he’s covering for his son when he’s really covering up his own tracks. Thanks again for Kody Jr because without him I would never have come up with this idea.

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