Jennifer – Chapter 5 – Ulterior Motive


Pacing the foyer Emit kept glancing up the stair case where Peter disappeared to. What was taking him so long? Surely it didn’t take that long to pack a few items in a bag and to kiss his wife goodbye. He caught the bemused look that Jennifer gave him. Frowning He asked “what?”

“Give him time….”

“Time for what?” Emit snarled “we don’t have time.”

Standing Jennifer went and confronted her father-in-law “if I were him I’d tell you to take a hike. We’ve caused him nothing but pain. You should have let me take him back into the past so he could have been there for his children.”

“It would have caused to much damage to the timeline,” he protested.


“There are more important things than preserving your precious timeline,” Jennifer snapped back at him.

“You of all people should understand the damage one person can do to the timeline. The chaos that happens, the loss of lives. I have to preserve the timeline so that countless of lives in the future won’t be harmed.”

“What about the lives of those you disrupt in the past?” Jennifer asked “I know I did terrible irreparable damage to people I don’t even know but what about you? You continue to ask the impossible from people you do know. We should leave them in peace. Let them have whatever time they have left together.”

“Don’t you care about Chase?” Emit asked “don’t you want to see him again? Peter can help us.”

“At what cost Emit?” she asked hands out as if she were pleading with him “Chase wouldn’t want us to save him at the cost of Peter’s happiness.” Turning away from him she took a few steps away “he’s not like us. He has a conscience.”


Emit stopped his restless pacing. His eyes turned cold, hard as ice as he glared at the girl. “Is that so?” he enunciated slow and clear anger vibrating from him “do you really want me to give up and let the Watchers keep him. Let him die at the hands?” He fumbled with a device at his waist pulling it free of his belt. He held it up to Jennifer “let me know when you’ve changed your mind.” He pressed a button filling the room with screams. Screams for mercy, screams of agony and finally screams of heartbreak as Jennifer fell to her knees covering her ears. “That’s your fiance. The father of your unborn children. Can you really tell me not to do everything I can to save him?”

“Emit” a low ominous voice like thunder filled the room. Peter descended down the stair case “that’s enough.”


Chase lay on the floor where the Watchers had thrown him like a discarded rag doll. Every nerve tingled like they were connected to a live electric wire. His throat was on fire from screaming so long. He screamed until his voice gave out and only hoarse moans escaped. He tried to bite his tongue to keep from screaming when the Watchers first tried to induce him to talk. It was no use he could do nothing to stem the tide of misery they were inflicting.

Curling up on the cold hard floor, every movement a matter of continued pain and torture. Every breath he took was excruciating as air passed through strained, bruised and burned nasal passages. Tears streamed from his eyes mixing with the blood flowing from his nose. Death would have been a welcome relief as his heart beat an irregular rhythm in his chest.

He wished for oblivion, a mindless state of existence but his thoughts raced in his head giving him no peace. Emit’s face filled his mind full of disappointment. Chase didn’t want to become Emit’s assistant. Hadn’t discussed the offer with Jennifer. He had thrown the pill away not wanting the temptation. Had Emit known the Watchers were coming? Had he known he was going to die a horrible agonizing death? Squeezing his eyes tight he groaned as an unwelcome thought penetrated his mind. What if Emit took one of his kids instead to assist him? Would Jennifer work with him? That thought was unbearable, unthinkable. Why hadn’t he thought of that before? Why had he thrown the pill away? He would gladly sacrifice his life for his children’s future happiness.



Keeping a watchful eye on Emit, Peter knelt beside the weeping young woman. Helping her up he guided her to a chair in the living room. Putting a hand on either shoulder he peered into her seeing the desperation, the sadness and the fear in her eyes. “Are you alright?” he asked knowing that she wasn’t despite the nod she gave him. He looked up as Emit’s shadow came into view.

Desperation drove Jennifer to grab Peter’s hand “don’t go” she said “please stay here.”

Kneeling beside her he drew the disconsolate girl into his arms. Held her while she clung to him “it’s going to be ok. I’ll find Chase and bring him home.” He meant what he said to be comforting. If anything they agitated the poor girl even more as fresh tears came gushing out.

Jean came into the room to help comfort the girl “my husband always keeps his promises. If he says he’ll bring Chase home he will.” She brushed the long red hair from the girls face. “You need to calm down for the babies sake.”

“You don’t understand” Jennifer looked up and found Emit staring balefully down at him. She pulled Peter close whispering in his ear “don’t trust him.”


Peter looked into her eyes nodding slightly to show he heard. He had always known Emit had his own agenda, this would be no different. Griping her shoulders he gave a reassuring smile. Standing he gave Jean a kiss before turning to Emit “we need to talk.”


“We’re wasting time,” Emit scowled as he followed Peter into this study.

Peter studied the books on the shelves before him. Emit’s attititude was wearing thin. He could understand the mans desire to find his son He couldn’t however condone his methods. “What you did to that girl was uncalled for” he began turning his disapproving glare upon the man who had saved his life. He owed the an more than he cared to admit.

Emit’s eyes flickered in acknowledgment before he returned Peter’s stare. “She needed to understand what was at stake. Chase won’t last long if the watchers continue their torture.”

“There’s more to this then what you’re telling me,” Peter crossed his arms “I want to know what that is.”


“I don’t have to explain myself to you,” Emit said taking a menacing step forward “you owe me.”

“I thought so…once,” he rubbed his chin “but you had no choice, not if you wanted to continue your existence. You needed me to live otherwise the future, your future wouldn’t exist.” Giving him a steely glare with his intense blue eyes “who really owes whom?”

“You’re splitting hairs and you know it?” Emit spluttered “I need a assistant,” he admitted. “Chase would be perfect sense he shares my genetics.” Peter gave him a look that showed he wasn’t buying it, “so do you.” Emit continued “you already have the alien knowledge in your head. You could easily become my assistant as well as Chase.”

“Is that you plan?” Peter asked “for me to work with you?” Peter stared aghast at the man he had thought was his friend. Where had his friend gone? Had the Watcher’s done something to him before Peter had come to help him? He had been tricked into going to the future. Maybe the man he was dealing with wasn’t the same as the man ho had been his friend. “You’ve changed” Peter said aloud.

“I had no choice,” Emit said without sensor “the Watcher’s changed all that. I need help to fight them and to keep the timeline in tact. They set in motion things I can’t manage on my own. I need help.”


Shaking his head Peter was at a loss for what to do or say. “You can’t force anyone to become your assistant.” Emit looked up his face plainly said ‘want to bet?’ “No Emit I won’t. I can’t. I promised Jean I’d come home once we found Chase. Don’t ask this of me.”

“Peter you’re perfect for the job,” Emit held his arms out to him pleading “you’d be my conscious. My guide. Like you were when you were trapped in the future with me.”

“Was there really a malfunction?” Peter asked brows furrowing “or was it just a trick to keep in the future with you?”

“I didn’t trick you. It really was malfunctioning. I have too many people who were trapped because of it. Even a few duplicates and misplaced travelers. If I could have I would have sent you home.” Emit paced restless to get going “but I liked having someone to discuss things with. It made me realize that I need help.”

“Let’s concentrate on finding Chase. Then we’ll worry about finding a suitable assistant,” Peter suggested not fully comfortable with what Emit had revealed


Emit nodded sensing he was being pacified but in the end he knew he would get what he wanted. Whether it was Peter or Chase or someone else. Maybe even one of his grandchildren or maybe from someone else who owed him. Caleb should be grateful enough to let him take one of his kids under his wing and train them. Smiling to himself he decided that if Peter and Chase refused he would go to Caleb. It was in their genes as well. Caleb’s father had been a good student once upon a time. He would have to make sure that the grandchild never met the grandparent otherwise there could be dire consequences.

Peter watched the blue haired man with misgivings. He knew the man was plotting something. What it was was going to take some time to figure out. He knew he had to warn Chase of Emit’s plans. His children were his next likely targets.

Help me decide who should be Emit’s assistant because I can’t decide. You can vote multiple times.


 Chapter 4 – Asking For Help / Chapter 6 – Emit To The Rescue

6 thoughts on “Jennifer – Chapter 5 – Ulterior Motive

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  2. Well, I guess that answers the question of how long a person can continue resistance against the bad guys without his mindset changing. I mean, if Emit needs someone to be his conscience, things are bad indeed. Honestly, he shouldn’t ask too much of Chase. Yeah, the guy now knows that Emit wasn’t responsible for his mother’s death and all, but their relationship is still on pretty shaky ground.

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    • Yep Emit is feeling the pressure and he does need help. He’s not thinking straight especially since Peter was went home. Emit misses having someone to discuss things and keep him thinking straight. Chase will never fully trust or like Emit but he’ll do it if it means it keeps his children safe. Funny that anyone would feel the need to protect his kids from Emit when he’s supposed to be one of the good guys!?!?! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. :0 It is in Caleb’s genes, but I think that his Emit was a little lass calcating. I mean, my Emit is bad, but this Emit is being harsh. Too much stress watchinb time? Oh, I hope everything works out for all of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This Emit is less calculating then the one you created but he does have a dark side. He spent a lot of time as a prisoner of the Watchers and who knows what that has done to him. It could also explain why he’s being a bit ruthless in his quest to manipulate Peter into helping him find Chase. Plus he has grown used to having someone around to bounce ideas off of since Peter had been trapped in the future with him for sixteen years. Emit has grown to like having someone to work with and has added to his desire to find an assistant. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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