Alex – Chapter 6 – The Shadow


A tall dark silhouette stood in the shadows watching for their chance to approach the tattooed purple haired woman. She was never alone. He started to slip through the crowd thinking of another way he could approach the woman or one of the others.

Lexi looked up frowning. It felt like someone was watching her. Shrugging she thought it was the crowd making her feel uneasy as the pressed closer. It had been over two yeas since Ron had been sent to prison and Alex had made his slow recovery from the damage Ron had inflicted. It felt like forever. Two years was a long time to be out of the public’s eye but their long time fans cheered them on. Welcoming them and the changes they made to the band, to their sound. It was still edgy with a softer side. With Ron gone they were doing more ballads. Caleb was proving to be a formidable writer and co-wrote most of the songs with Alex.

“Hey babe,” Alex said coming along side her where she was scribbling her name on various article her fans were tossing haphazardly in front of her. “It’s time we head back to our hotel.”

“Please sign one more” a couple of girls cried trying to force their way to the front of the line.

“What would you rather have? An autograph or a picture?” Alex asked the assembled crowd. He grabbed Lexi pulled her close dipping her before kissing her supple lips to the crowd’s delight. They straightened, smiled out across the crowed a few moments while the crazed fans flashed the cameras, phones, etc intent on capturing every moment until the security guards came and escorted them out to the disappointment of the crowd.



Later that night as they lay in each others arms Lexi ran a finer across his chest “what do you think the kids are doing right now?”

“Sleeping” was his automatic response earning him a poke in the ribs “well you asked.” Laughing he rolled  her over capturing her beneath him “are you worried?”

“No” she bit her lip giving lie to her words “I know they’re in good hands but aren’t you asking a lot from Drew? She just had a baby and has two other kids to look after.”

“Ambrose and Tayla promised to help if she needed it. Don’t worry so much. They’re in good hands.” He bent over and captured her mouth his more interested in other pursuits then his boys at the moment.

“You know what you could do for me,” Lexi said as she removed his shirt.


“What’s that?” he asked when he was in nothing but his boxers.

“Give me a little girl,” she giggled as his hands caressed her, working fast to remove her clothes.

“The my dear can be arranged,” he said admiring her beautiful, well maintained body. He smirked hovering above her “although I can’t guarantee success. It just might be another boy.”

Pulling him down to her “then we’ll have to keep on trying until you get it right.”


The following morning they found Zac waiting for them in the conference room. Sitting next to him Alex nudged him “what’s the mater bro?”


“Nothing” he mumbled.

Lexi leaned over touching his knee “you miss Ron don’t you?”

“Hell no,” he shot her a disgusted look “but at least with him around I had someone to go with to the bars.”

“He’s missing his wing man,” Alex laughed “sorry dude I can’t help you there.”

“The least you could have done was get another single guy to replace Ron. I’m getting bored sitting in my hotel room doing nothing.”


“What happened to that bachelorette show?” Alex asked earning himself two sets of glares. “What?” he asked confused.

“The show was cancelled,” Zaz informed him.

“That’s good isn’t,” Alex asked looking from Zac’s face to Lexi’s “Isn’t? I mean you didn’t want to do it in the first place right?”

“I know but once I met her I kind of wanted to see what could have happened.” Looking down at the floor “I’m the odd man out….”

“Doesn’t that mean you can have any pick of the many fan girls that might happen along?” Alex asked “you don’t have to fight Ron for them anymore.”


“I don’t really like one night stands and that’s all it would be if I hooked up with a fan.”

“I know what your problem is” Lexi said leaning over to mess with his hair “it’s the new style and cut.”

“Hey leave the hair alone. I kind of like it now that I’ve gotten used to it,” he moved away from her smoothing his hair.

“It doesn’t really fit with our new image though” Alex said rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

“What do you mean our image,” Zac protested. “It’s perfect. Our new lead singer has pink hair. “What’s wrong with yellow hair with pink tips?”


“Nothing” a new voice interrupted them.

“Oh hey Caleb,” Alex said jumping up to meet his brother-in-law “how’s Drew and the kids?”

“As if you don’t already know,” he laughed “she told me you already called.”

Grinning sheepishly Alex shrugged “yeah I’ve learned to call early otherwise I never get to hear my boys. I can’t wait until our tour breaks.”

“I hear you brother” Caleb nodded “so any idea why we’ve been summoned here?”


Looking around the room everyone wearing the same confused expressions “no idea” Alex said after a moment of silence.


“That’s what I’m here for,” everyone’s heads turned towards the walking towards them. Donald Stevenson the new manager, older, grayer, balder but so much more willing to work with them. He was almost fatherly the way he frowned at Caleb’s pink hair and the bright yellow pink tipped hair that Zac was sporting all but demanding they die it to something less glaring.

This must be serious,” Zac observed as Donald sat down and rubbed his temples. Over the last couple of years that had come to indicate things were bad and they weren’t going to like it.

“It is and it may cut the tour short,” he raised his head “I want you to watch what our security cameras caught on film.”

They gathered around eyes riveted to the screen. Alex growled under his breath as the shadowed silhouette of a man followed Lexi. “Can’t you get a better shot of him?” he demanded his voice deepening. Unbidden Lexi put an arm around him.


“This is all our cameras were able to make out of the man’s movements.” He looked around at each of them “they’ve spotted this man several times over the past several days. He doesn’t seem to be sticking just to Lexi either. We’ve spotted him lurking around Caleb and you, Alex.”

“Why us and not Zac?” Caleb asked frowning. He wasn’t too concerned, it was a hazard you had to get used to if you wanted to become famous. What concerned him though was his family. Was this happening at home? Were Drew and the kids in danger?

Alex must have been thinking along the same lines “is the happening at home? Are our kids safe?”

“We think so. The security teams assigned to your families haven’t reported anything suspicious.”

“But that could change,” Caleb prompted when the man stopped speaking.


“I’m afraid so,” Donald looked at each of the younger individuals and smiled confidently at them “there’s no reason for alarm. We have two more tour stops before we can reasonably end it.” He held up his hands to forestall the protests “I know you want to forget abut them and go home but I’m asking you to reconsider. The next two stops are ones that have been cancelled in the past. It was difficult almost impossible to generate any interest in your show to begin with. If we cancel again it will forever damage your image with the fans their. I don’t want to pressure you I know your families come first.”

“Can we think about it?” Alex asked. The older man nodded and left giving them privacy to discuss things.


“I’ll do whatever you guys want,” Zac told them “I don’t have a family to worry about.”

Caleb turned to Alex and Lexi “what do you guys think?”

“I want to go home and be with my babies,” Lexi told them “I’m sorry but I don’t like the idea of someone stalking us.”


“Neither do I” Alex put a comforting arm around her “for all we know this shadow person could just be an extremely shy person who wants an autograph but chickens out as soon as he gets close.”

“You don’t really believe that do you?” she gave him a disbelieving look.

“No not really,” he pulled her close “but it might be anything’s possible.”

Caleb listened to them before giving the his opinion. “I’ve been in this business for a while and most of these characters disappear as quickly as they appear. I’m sure that Drew and the kids are safe. We can increase security and hire body guards. They won’t like it but they will be safe.”


Nodding slowly Alex turned to Lexi “what do you think?”

She looked into his eyes knowing he wanted to stay and finish out the tour. She understood why. She didn’t want to disappoint the fans either. She turned to look at Zac who smiled back. “Ok we do this. I trust you know what you’re talking about,” she looked over at Caleb as she spoke.

“You’re not going to hurt me if I’m wrong are you?” he asked a little worried.

“No I’ll leave that up to Drew,” she laughed easing the stress in the room.


The silhouette lurked in the shadows waiting for his chance to get one of his targets alone. Security was more stringent then it had been before and he feared he had lost his chance. Somehow they had gotten wind of the danger. Maybe they had found out what happened to the sister. He was confident he wouldn’t be recognized but it was time to move on to the next target. He had to recover the information that woman stole so many years ago. His employer demanded it and he did not take failure lightly. He was a dead man if he returned without it.

 Chapter 5 – Shattered Dreams / Chapter 7 – The Past Revisited

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    • Have you read Amanda’s chapter yet? You’ll have a better idea of who the shadow represents. It isn’t good 😦 and means trouble which will be continued in NSOL. The manager is older and an all around good guy and will treat them like people with personal lives instead of a commodity to exploit like the last guy. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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    • You’ll find out soon. It’s someone related to them and he’s going to be trouble. He’s already made a visit to one of the sisters and will be making a visit to someone else. They made the decision together so know is to blame for what will happen next. I’ll stop before I give away too much. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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