Robbie – Chapter 7 – Coming Home


A month later Miranda turned to Robbie and smiled. “We’re home.” She sounded happy and her eyes sparkled in the sunshine.

Robbie leaned over to kiss her cheek “I love you.” Three simple little words that held so much meaning. So much hope.”

She looked up then down at the baby in her arms “I love you too.” She couldn’t believe how much she could have lost. Not only her life but the lives of the two most important people in her life.

“Do you still want to get married?” Robbie asked standing to the side looking at her with a mixture of concern and fear in his dark alien eyes.

“More than anything,” she told him stepping closer her eyes never wavering from his “mother tried to break us up. I won’t let her win not now not ever.”


He nodded looking away. She had the feeling she had said something wrong A moment later he turned his gaze back to her. “I love you more than life itself. I’d do anything for you but I….” he sighed looking down at this feet “I don’t want you marrying me to prove a point to your mom.” He waled a few feet away a picture of abject rejection.

“Robbie stop,” she called to him “look at me.” When he turned back to her she sighed in relief “I love you Robert Olivia. I have loved you since the moment we met. You opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know existed.” She took a step forward her eyes locked on his “it was a foreign world to me from the world my mother created for me. A more realistic one. It wasn’t all glitz and glamour some of it was even ugly but I never stopped loving you. You are my world. I don’t want to go back to my gilded cage. Not because I can’t but because I don’t want to. I never want to be anywhere without you again.” She reached out took his hand “no looking back. No regrets. I’m only looking forward with you.”

“You mean that?” he asked moving towards her closing the gap between them. “You’re not just saying what you think I want to hear.” She shook her head “more then anything in this world I want you to be happy. Whether that’s with me or not I want you to decide. I know being with me won’t be easy. Too many people look at me and quake in fear or they hate me for my skin color and eyes. I can’t change any of that. I can’t ask you to live with that.”

“I’m not asking permission,” she said quietly “the only way you’re going to rid of me is by telling me that you want me to go. Is that what you’re telling me? Do you want me to go?” She looked up at him biting her lip suddenly unsure of herself.

“No that’s not what I’m saying,” Robbie said putting his forehead down on hers “I just want you to be sure of this. Make sure I’m what you really want. No strings attached.”


“I already told you,” she kissed his soft pliable lips “I want to be with you. I love you. I want to marry you if you’ll have me.”


A couple weeks later they had a small wedding in the back yard of their house. Miranda twirled in front of the mirror looking up to find her dad standing in the doorway. “Daddy” she cried running into his arms “you made it.”

“I said I would didn’t I?” he asked kissing her cheek “you look beautiful, radiant.”

Wiping a tear from her eyes she laughed softly “I used to think being beautiful was the most important thing. It must have been intolerable for you to hear me prattle on about beauty contests and the latest diet craze.”

“Not intolerable,” he smiled sadly “you were what we made you.” He shook his head at the protest she was about to launch “I’m as much to blame as your mother. I could have put my foot down. Insisted you had a more balanced set of activities instead of giving into our mother’s demands.”


“Daddy that may have been true when I was six but I wanted it as much as mother did.” She looked at herself in the mirror “I used to be vain. Now I’m a mother. I love every stretch mark and imperfection I gained from being pregnant.” Looking up she smiled content with her life “I’m happy with the person I’ve become. I love the man I’m about to marry.” She kissed her dad’s cheek “and I love you for never giving up on me even when I was at my worst.”

“You had so much potential” he took her hand “you still do.” Opening the door he asked “are you ready to start your future?”

“More then ready” she told him as she slipped through the door. Taking her dad’s arm as she walked down the aisle towards her husband to be. She flashed him a brilliant smile. She wasn’t sure of many things but she was sure she loved this man. She wanted to live the rest of her life with him by her side.

Robbie looked up as Miranda smiled, the sun catching the brilliance of her smile and intensifying it. He couldn’t help but smile in return. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever known inside and out. He took her small hand in his smiling into her eyes as she gazed up at him. He wanted to kiss her right there. Skip through the ceremony, the vows, he’d seal his promise with a kiss. She leaned forward whispering in his ear “you have no idea how bad I want to kiss you right now.”

He felt his cheeks flame as he turned to the minister. The ceremony was a blur. All he was aware of was the feel of her hand in his. It felt right to hold her hand like it belonged in his. The way her eyes sparkled and he hoped fifty years from now she would still be looking at him like that.


“I, Robert Olivia take you Miranda Diamond to be my wife. You are my diamond. You shine brighter then the sun. Your smile was the first thing I noticed, how brilliant and radiant it was and how it made me feel when you bestowed that smile on me. I felt special and unworthy to be in the glow of your affections. You showed me how wrong I was. You accepted me as I am. My green skin, the pointy ears and the dark alien eyes. You fought for us when I couldn’t. I love you Miranda more then I can ever say.”


“I, Miranda Diamond take you Robert Olivia to be my husband. You showed me a world beyond my knowledge. The mundane average world I hardly knew existed. You helped me see the beauty in even the littlest things. You make me happy. I look in your eyes and wonder what you see in me. You took a vain self-centered child and turned her into a woman. I see your love shining from your eyes and I know I’m home.” She reached out and caressed his cheeks. “Your no more alien then I am and within your gaze I hope to be fifty years from now and I’ll always be home.”




Later that night after everyone had left Miranda lay in Robbie’s arms content with the days events. He smiled down at her “are you disappointed we didn’t have a bigger wedding?”

“No it was perfect just the way it was,” she smiled up at him stretching to kiss his mouth “you’re not disappointed about not going on a honeymoon, are you?”

“You are my honeymoon” he told her laughing as he tickled him.

“That was the sappiest thing I’ve ever heard,” she told him.

“But it’s true” he said out of breath from being tickled.


“You’re just lucky I love you,” she told him smiling as she caught the glint of the candle light on ring. “I couldn’t bear the thought of being away from Britland.” She snuggled into his seeking his warmth “do you think Britland will be affected by me not being there when he was born?”

“I don’t know honey” he pulled her tight “I hope not but it wasn’t your fault. You had no idea what your mother was capable of. My regret was the fact I wasn’t here to protect you. If we hadn’t gotten into that argument…”

She put a hand over his mouth “no we won’t rehash the past. We won’t blame each other for what happened. Neither of us could have predicted what happened and we won’t pretend we could have prevented it if we hadn’t been silly enough to be arguing about something that means so little now.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Today is a start of a new stage in our lives together.” He kissed her cheek “we will cope with any problems that arise with Britland as they come up.”

“Good” she cooed rolling on top of him “now that we agree I have another subject to discuss.”


“You do?” he asked staring at her mouth.

“Oh I think you have an idea whats up for discussion” she said as she smashed her mouth down upon his urgent to consummate their union.

 Chapter 6 – The Lost Is Found / Britland – Chapter 1 – Turmoil

7 thoughts on “Robbie – Chapter 7 – Coming Home

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    • It felt good to finally write something good for them. Miranda’s dad wouldn’t miss his little girl’s wedding 🙂 Greg went through a lot to save his daughter it was only right he share in her special day. Robbie’s family was there too but not pictured. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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    • Yay they finally got there happy ever after. I went to write the next chapter and all I came up with was static. I realized that this was where their story was leading up to. Robbie learned he could be loved and Miranda learned she didn’t need to be adored by millions. They completed each other like no one else could. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Awe, a happy ending! I’m so glad it all worked out in the end. I really love these two. I have to admit that relationships like this are my favorite kind. The kind where one is a totally different race and are always being forced apart by society! Onward to Britland, which I’m very excited to read because I know some of what happens and I like it. I would say I started on Evelyn’s story because it leads to Britland, but I really started there because that was the first post on this blog. XD

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    • Happy endings are the best! Sometimes wish I had spent more time on their story but Britland’s story more than makes up for it though. They had to overcome a lot of things to be together. I hope you enjoy Britland’s story. It took me a while to write it and I’m glad I did since it literally wouldn’t leave me alone. Sometimes you just have to give in to inspiration! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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