Jennifer – Chapter 7 – Counting On It

Screenshot-847Chase had no concept of time in the featureless room he was imprisoned in. No windows to the outside world. He no longer knew if he was still in Isla Paradiso or in Oasis Landing or some other planet. Time was irrelevant. It crept along at it’s own pace regardless of the person, place or time. Moaning Chase forced himself to sit up. To open his ears to the sound around him. Maybe he could help himself by trying to figure out where he was if not when he was.

Time was strange. You could travel through it. Observe it. You could even alter it. One minute change could have catastrophic effects on what happens a hundred years down the line. The changes to this time line alone would have lasting effects in the future. At times he’d lay awake at night holding Jennifer in his arms hoping the changes she made weren’t earth shattering. She learned a difficult lesson by watching her family suffer from her single minded obsession to change the past. Her knowledge of time travel was enough to make her a target for the Watchers if they knew about her ability. Another reason to guard his thoughts. To resist their mind control techniques. He would not put her in jeopardy or his kids.

He tried to concentrate, forcing himself to hear beyond the walls of his confinement. It must be early morning was all he was coming up with. Why did he have that impression? It was quieter then normal. Curious he thought. It’s always quiet. It took him a moment to pin point what he was thinking. The silence lacked the noise from machinery. He had grown used to the rumble of machinery. It had taken his subconscious to realize it was missing. There was something else he had missed hearing and was now present…the sound of sea gulls. Where ever he was near the water. He could still be in Isla Paradiso.

If he could escape, he could get help. Help from where? The police wouldn’t stand a chance against the Watchers. He could run to Dragon Valley and hope the dragons would hid him and his family from the Watchers. Peter would help him he was positive of that. Emit? His father? Could he trust him? He wanted to believe he could but he just didn’t know. Emit was an enigma. Would they ever have a father son relationship? Was it too late for that?


As the early morning fog lifted Peter turned to Emit “are you sure that’s the warehouse?”


“I’m positive” he looked out to sea before saying “I know it doesn’t look like much but they do use this warehouse.”

“Ok ok I wasn’t doubting you” Peter frowned “I just…I don’t know it doesn’t feel right.”

“What do you mean?” Emit asked turning his gaze toward Peter “this is the warehouse that his body was found in the other timeline.”

There was something that bothered Peter. The warehouse was too quiet. it would make sense if Chase was being held in an active busy warehouse that would hide the comings and goings of extra people. “But the timeline changed” Peter said turning towards Emit.

“The warehouse could have changed.”

Nodding slowly Emit acknowledged the fact. Why hadn’t he realized his mistake? His fumbling around could cost his son his life. “I’m such an idiot,” he mumbled.


Ignoring the comment Peter stood up “before we jettison this idea we better make sure Chase isn’t here.” He stood up walked without hesitation towards the door. He knew Emit was following by the shuffling of his feet on the gravel. The door was unlocked a bid indication this was the wrong place. Letting themselves in they searched the empty space within. All they found was an abundance of dust and spider webs. The only footprints were the ones they left in the dirt on the floor.

“Now what?” Emit asked defeat in both his voice and stance.

Peter thought for a moment “Lawrence has money surely this isn’t the only warehouse his owns; especially since it hasn’t been used in decades.”

Kicking at the dust on the floor Emit could feel the frustration building inside him. He couldn’t do this on his own policing the timeline. He wanted a family. A relationship with his son if Chase would let him. What if he had to make a choice between managing the timeline and a possible relationship with his son? Which would he choose? Which did he want? Shaking his head he turned in a circle “we need to find out all the buildings owned and ran by Lawrence Enterprises.”

Taking his phone out Peter got through to his son-in-law “Kyle?” He waited a moment “sorry for bothering you. I need your…Do you have a list of what businesses your father owns in Isla Paradiso?…Do you know who would?…Would you mind contacting him?…It’s important….No we haven’t found Chase yet…Yeah we have a lead that indicates your father…Alright Mr Lawrence works for the Watchers…Yeah they’ve been protecting him for years.” After disconnecting he turned to Emit. “Kyle is checking with his brother for a list. He’ll get back to us once he has something. In the mean time we should get some rest, maybe some food.”


Looking around the empty desolate warehouse Emit sighed “this place should be a good place to hide. It’s not being used plus it has he advantage of being somewhere they wouldn’t look.”

Nodding “I have to agree with you on that.” Looking around at the footprints on the floor “see if you can find a broom or something to make it less obvious that someone is here.” Emit turned to do as Peter suggested “I’ll go and get some food and necessities.”

“Are you sure that’s wise?” Emit asked.

“I’ll be careful” Peter shrugged “you can’t go out in public. Your blue hair is a dead giveaway and that outfit. I have a better chance of going unnoticed.”

“But they know you…”


“Like I said I’ll be careful” he turned to leave “besides they know you’re coming. It’s not exactly a secret.”


Jennifer looked at the older woman sitting calmly knitting in front of the TV. “You don’t like me much do you?”

Looking up Jean frowned “I don’t know you…”

“But you don’t have to know someone to not like them” Jennifer pointed out. She had grown tire of the silence between her and the woman she was sharing a house with.

“You’re right,” she sighed putting her knitting down “tell me why you did it.”


“Did what?” Jennifer hedged almost wishing she hadn’t invited the discussion. She shifted uneasily under the blue eyed gaze of the older woman. “At first I wanted to explore. The first trip into the past was to prehistoric times with dinosaurs. My cousin Rob thought it was great fun. He didn’t know it then but that’s when I started to wonder if I could change the past.” She got up moving towards the windows “I missed my dad. I still do. It hurt so much to have him ripped from my life I kept thinking how safe I always felt knowing he was there.” She turned to look back Jean “I went to college shortly after his funeral.”

“You never grieved for him did you?” Jean asked quietly feeling sympathy for the girl who caused her and her family so much pain and suffering.

Wiping at her eyes she shook her head “I did the best I could to lock the pain away. Bury it deep inside me. When I was suddenly given an opportunity to go back in time I couldn’t get of the idea that I could bring him back. Change what happened.” Falling to her knees “I just wanted to have my life back. Back to the way it was before he was gone. I wanted to feel him wrap his arms around me and call me his girl again. His precious little girl.”

Jean got up and knelt beside the girl it’s alright to grieve for him. To mourn his loss.”

Jennifer jerked as she felt Jean’s gentle touch on her shoulder “I don’t know how. I spent so long pushing my feelings aside. Burying them deeper and deeper inside me I forgot how to feel.” She looked up at Jean tears streaming down her face. “The harder I tried to change the past the more I failed. The more I failed the deeper my obsession grew.” She reached out grabbing Jeans hand “I hated to look in the mirror. Every time I did I saw her. The woman who had taken the most important person from me.” Gulping for breath she continued “I had turned into my mom and I hated myself for it.”


Jean held the sobbing girl. The girl she had been determined not to like. She felt sorry for her despite everything that had happened she couldn’t blame the girl for doing what she did. She might have done the same in her shoes.

“What will I do if they can’t find Chase? I don’t know if I can do this on my own? He’s the only one who understands me.” Jennifer cried feeling the comforting arms wrapped tight around her. She clung to the only thing that felt like it could keep her from drowning.


Chase scrambled to his knees as the door swung open and his tormentors stepped in. “I won’t tell you anything I haven’t already said.”

Laughing one of the watchers kicked at his feet knocking Chase to the floor “We shall see.”

An electrical jolt shrieked through Chase’s body, like he had been struck by lightening. A scream of agony tore from his throat. How much pain could he take before he broke? Would someone find him before he took his last breath? How would his death effect Jennifer? Would she attempt to change the past? Would she let obsession drive her to new heights? He had to hang on for her, for the kids. His kids. “Emit will come” he mumbled.


“We’re counting on it” the man whispered harshly in his ear. “Once we have him we don’t need you.” Leaning closer the Watcher continued “he’s in Isla Paridiso. He should be coming for you …. soon.”

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    • I think Peter is beginning to suspect a trap. Emit isn’t thinking straight so he’s relying on Peter a lot to see things he’s missing. Jean is a good person and empathizes with Jennifer. Most of Jen’s actions was a result of not giving her time to grieve for her dad. She went to college shortly after his death. She didn’t form any attachments to Gene who had taken in the rest of her siblings. She felt lost and when Robbie introduced her to his mom’s time machine she felt that was the answer to all her sadness. Falling in love, getting pregnant and the very real possibility of losing Chase has opened up the wound of losing her dad all over again and she’s finally grieving his loss. This time she has someone to lean on and she doesn’t have to pretend to be strong. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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