Jennifer – Chapter 8 – The Plan


Emit was helping Peter unpack the supplies he had obtained. He reached into the sack pulling out hair color for men. He put it down beside the other items without thinking. Then he picked up the box again glaring up at Peter for an explanation.

Peter kept his eyes down avoiding the man as he lifted out some used clothing he had bought at the second hand shop. “I hope these fit,” he said handing the clothing to Emit “I guessed at the sizes.”

Emit just stared at the bundle of clothes Peter was holding out to him. “What’s this?” he shoved the box of hair color under Peter’s nose.

“Oh that” Peter said sounding innocent.

“Don’t give me that,” Emit groused “what’s it for?”

“Exactly what it says,” Peter’s mouth twitched as he fought to control his amusement at the man’s expense “It’s to color men’s hair.” He looked up meeting Emit’s gaze “the Watchers know your coming. Probably already know you’re here.” Peter sighed “we need to disguise you somehow. What better way then to color all that blue hair. A change of clothes so that people don’t recognize you as not belonging here.”


Emit looked at the clothes and the hair color “I suppose I don’t have a choice….”

“Not really,” Peter told him taking out a pair of scissors from a bag.

Emit’s eyes widened “no absolutely not.”

“You know it has to be done,” Peter said sounding reasonable “there’s not point in changing the color if you still have the same hair style.”

“Can’t we just part it different?” Emit backed away from the scissors “do we really have to cut it?”

“Don’t be such a baby,” Peter told him “hair grows.”



Chase lay listless on the floor where the Watcher left him. How much more could he endure? Would he break before Emit could rescue him? Since when had he come to believe Emit would come for him? He groaned trying to stretch his tight tense muscles. If he didn’t already know he was lying flat on the hard wood floor he’d swear someone had tied him into knots and scrunched him up like a discarded piece of paper.

He forced his muscles to bend and to stretch despite the pain. He was panting from the exertion. Not more than five minutes into the exercise his body was screaming for him to give up. Curl up and die. His heart was telling him not to give up. He had a family that needed him. His brain told him it was pointless to resist that Emit wasn’t coming that the timeline was more important then his own child was.

At the sound of mirthless laughter Chase squinted up into the strong overhead light to find his jailer staring down at him. “The trap is almost sprung,” the Watcher announced with glee. Turning his head to the side “is not that a joyous thing?”

“What do you want me to say?” Chase asked loathing the taunting creature in front of him.


“Your miserable existence has almost come to an end. Is that not a good thing?” the Watcher squatted beside Chase on the floor watching him with amusement.

“No it’s not,” Chase told the Watcher “I like my life.”

“Interesting how such weak creatures cling to their existence,” he stood up adjusting a dial on the device he was holding. “We shall see how long you cling to your existence now.”

Pain ripped through him as if he were being run through a paper shredder. He shrieked in pain until his voice became hoarse and his throat burned as if it had been parched by a thousand suns. As he slipped into unconsciousness he knew the end was indeed near.



Peter stood observing his handiwork. A slight smirk upon his face. “Here,” he handed a mirror to Emit “what do you think?”

Gazing into the mirror Emit ran a hand through his short brown hair “I don’t like it,” he grumbled.

“You don’t have to like it,” Peter pointed out “all we need it to do is disguise our movements around Isla Paradiso.”

“It’ll do that,” he frowned “why don’t you have to wear a disguise?”

“I’m not that easily recognizable,” Peter shrugged “blond, blue eyed tanned men are a dime a dozen on the island.”


Crossing his arms somewhat mollified Emit asked “what do we do now that I’m sufficiently disguised?”

“I got the list of warehouses from Kyle while I was out shopping.” He handed Emit his phone “can you feed that into your time almanac and see which is the most likely location?”

Emit busied himself with feeding the information into his device. A red light started to flash for his attention. With a feeling of trepidation he brought up the alert. He made an involuntary moan as he took in the new information.

Alerted by Emits moan Peter walked over to him “what’s wrong?”

“In the next couple of day we’ll experience a catastrophic time dilation if we don’t find my son.”


“How catastrophic?” Peter asked.

Lifting his eyes to his friend “earth shattering as in the end of life as we know it.”

Stunned Peter just stared at him deaf to everything but the voices in his head. Coming back to earth Peter cleared his throat “we can’t worry about that right now. We need to focus on saving Chase.” It took great effort for Peter to say that knowing it would impact everything and everyone he cared about.

“You’re right,” Emit admitted “if we can save Chase then the future will change.” He muted the alarm keeping the red flashing light as a warning. Taking a deep breath he turned to Peter the most likely warehouse is about ten miles from the main industrial area of Isla Paradiso.”

Nodding Peter gathered their things and motioned for Emit to follow. “I rented a car while I was shopping. If nothing else it’ll come in handy if we need some place to sleep tonight.”


“What’s wrong with the car we came in,” Emit asked.

“For a guy responsible for managing time you don’t know much about keeping a low profile,” Peter laughed at him “the Watchers probably have people watching it. It’s easy enough to check to see whose name is on the lease.”

“It’s not exactly something that has ever come up before,” Emit said.

“Ok I’ll let it slide….this time,” Peter told him unable to resist rubbing it in a little.



Peter parked the car at an outlook where they could look down upon the warehouse. Picking up a pair of binoculars Peter watched the comings and goings of several workers. it wasn’t until evening that he spotted anything suspicious. His hands clenched around the binoculars as he watched a figure in orange walk nonchalantly into the building. “This is the place,” he said handing the binoculars to Emit “what do you think?”

“I’d say we’re at the right place,” Emit agreed “Now what? We can’t just walk in there.”

“We can’t but” Peter pointed towards some workers in coveralls “they can.”

Nodding Emit watched the workers for a moment “their coveralls look pretty standard issue…”

“I’d say they buy them local,” Peter put the car in gear.


“Where are we going?” Emit frowned over at his companion.

“There was a uniform company in town. I bet they buy them there.”

“So you’re just going to go in there and ask,” Emit said watching Peter as he drove.

“Sure why not,” he shrugged “I’ll pose as a new employee getting his standard issue work duds.”

“Won’t they be suspicious if you go int and ask for two?” Emit asked puzzled.


“They’d find it even more strange if I didn’t ask for more,” Peter couldn’t help buy smile at Emit’s naivety. “You may be used to wearing one outfit every day.”

“It’s self cleaning,” Emit told him “why would I need more then one outfit?”

“Well in this century we don’t were self cleaning clothes. When you work all day you stink. So you need at least one more outfit to wear while the other is being cleaned.” Peter watched Emit file the information away.

“I’ll let you lead the way since you’re more familiar with how things are done,” Emit told him.

Getting out of the car Peter chuckled “I thought you might.”



It was getting late by the time Peter acquired the essential uniforms. Driving back to their look out Peter was busy formulating a plan. Turning to Emit he asked “do you have any of those personal teleporters on you?”

“Yeah,” Emit nodded “but they’re only good if we already know the the coordinates of where we’re teleporting too.”

“I know,’ Peter said “I think the only chance we have of getting Chase out of there is to let them catch you.”

“I thought the whole point of coloring my hair was to avoid getting caught,” Emit looked at him askanced.

“No that was to allow us to move around Isla Paradiso without people recognizing you as they guy Mr Lawrence was looking for.” Peter sighed “we couldn’t have them reporting your locations until we were ready for you to be caught. They’ll take you to where ever they’re holding Chase. Once you’re there you can activate the teleporter to where I’m at.”


Nodding Emit rubbed in chin “that might work but we’ll have to disguise the teleporters as part of my clothes.”

“That’s easy,” Peter said reaching out and adjusting the suspenders of one of the coveralls. They’ll be holding your pants up.”

Emit looked at the end result nodding “that should do the trick. I’ll put a few gadgets in my pockets so they’re not suspicious of the lack of future tech.”

“Leave the time almanac” Peter told him “we wouldn’t want them getting their hands on that.”

Emit hesitated before handing it over to Peter “by doing this I’m breaking every rule I ever made….”


“I know,” Peter spoke solemnly “I’ll keep it safe. I promise.”

“I’m trusting you,” Emit nodded taking the coveralls and changing into them. Taking a deep breath he asked “how do I look?”

“Like a common worker” Peter told him “good luck.”

Smiling Emit turned and walked confidently away “I’m going to need it.”

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