Eddie – Chapter 14 – Jumping to Conclusions


Rory arrived home late looking forward to sleeping in after a week of being on the road. He yawned as he got out of his car. Glancing across towards Eddie’s trailer he noticed a strange car where the blonde normally parked. Did Eddie get a new car? Did he have company? Looking closer his frown deepening. That wasn’t Ramsey’s car either. He took several steps towards Eddie’s trailer with half a mind to wake the blonde up for an explanation. Calming slightly he sent an angry text demanding to know who was spending the night.

It was one thing to ignore his calls for a week. Another thin to have overnight visitors. How could he? Rory thought he had meant something to Eddie. Or didn’t he mean the words he said to him? Had Eddie just said he loved him in order to manipulate somehow?


Eddie hadn’t given him the impression that he’d be capable of something like that. It just proved his point that he couldn’t trust anyone. Everyone who had ever told Rory they loved him had lied. His parents. Eddie. They all lied to him.

He thought Eddie was different though. He had actually started to feel bad for how he ended things. He even had an apology all ready to prepared. Now seeing that Eddie had lied. Moved on to someone else he didn’t how the guy anything.

Time slowed down as he stood staring at Eddie’s trailer. Sighing he turned and shuffled back to his home leaving his things in his car too tired to care. Without turning any lights on he made his way to his bedroom, flopped on the bed burying his face in his pillow. The bed moved in rhythm with his sobs. For Eddie he would have tried to overcome his fears. For Eddie he would have done just about anything.



Yawning Tom tossed his brother his phone “at least turn it off if you’re not going to answer it.”

Catching the offending device Eddie grumbled “I should get a new number.”

“Then why don’t you?” Tom asked him.

Shrugging his hand hovered over the phone indecision screaming out of him. “I never got around to it.”

“Liar,” his younger brother snickered “you’re still hoping that Mr. Wonderful will find you. Sweep you off your feet and live happily ever after.”

“I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago,” Eddie frowned as he gave in to temptation and read Rory’s text. “How does he know I have company?” he mumbled.

Reading over his shoulder Tom asked “I thought he didn’t know you moved?”


“He doesn’t” Eddie wondered for a moment if Rory had been following him. He never thought Rory would do anything like that but then again he never thought Rory would dump him either. What was it about him that attracted psychos?

“Hey it’ll be ok,” his brother laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. I’m sure he’s not a psycho. Think about it. Rory probably still thinks you live two trailers down from him. He came home. Noticed a strange car where you normally park and assumed you had company.”

Eddie nodded feeling a strange comforting sensation come over him listening to his brother explanation of things. He could breathe easier thinking of it that way. “You really should tell him,” Tom said moving towards the door.

“I’ll think about it,” Eddie replied looking away.

“You do that,” he said “goodnight bro.”

Once the door clicked shut behind his brother Eddie grabbed his phone typing quickly. He didn’t think about what he was typing or double-check what he typed. Just clicked send when he was done knowing if he thought too much about what he was doing he’d chicken out. Tossing his phone aside he stared at the ceiling hoping was doing the right thing.



After showing Bruce around the apartment Liono turned smiling “you and Milo will share his room.”

“Hey why do I have to share?” Milo protested.

Shrugging Liono laughed “it was your idea to invite Bruce to stay with us.”

“If it’s a problem I’ll see if Eddie has a room….” Bruce moved towards the door while the two friends glared at each other.

“Wait. Don’t go” Milo said as Bruce was about to leave “i have an old twin bed we can set up in the corner.”

“I don’t want to put you guys out” Bruce hesitated in the doorway. He looked from Liono’s uninviting face to Milo’s friendlier one. He didn’t know what to think about Liono. Once minute the guy was excited to have him stay the next he acted like he couldn’t care less. Milo was friendlier and more welcoming.


“Yeah I’m sure,” Mile waved him back inside “besides Liono is dying to know more about those girls we met the other night.”

“Not all the girls,” Liono emphasized.

Stepping back inside Bruce smirked “just Elyse.”

“Hands off she’s mine,” Liono growled.

Putting his hands up Bruce laughed “don’t get jealous. She’s not my type.”

“His type is more of the male persuasion” Milo added.


“Is that going to be a problem?” Bruce asked suddenly feeling uncomfortable. He didn’t know much about these guys he just met a few weeks ago.

“Doesn’t bother me,” Liono said looking towards Milo for confirmation. Milo nodded in agreement.

Relief flooded through Bruce. As much as he liked Eddie he wasn’t looking forward to having to room with him. He was finding it difficult enough to cope with his recent break-up with Ramsey led alone having to deal with Eddie and his heartbreak over Rory. He pulled his phone out and pulled up his contact list for the girls numbers. “Then I have a little something for you guys.”

The two exchanged excited grins as Liono eagerly reached for the phone and transferred Elyse’s number to his phone. “I knew she was into me,” he gloated self-satisfied. He was still grinning as he disappeared into his room to presumably make a call to Elyse.

Milo was a little more subdued as he took down the number. “Which one does this number belong to?”


“Who do you want it to belong to?” Bruce asked aware that Jillian had requested he not give Milo her number.

“Well…” he hesitated “Amber was nice but well um” he gave a Bruce a sideways glance “are you sure your not into girls?” While he played the drums that night he had a good view of the girls dancing with Bruce. Amber was all over him and he didn’t seem to mind.

Laughing at Milo’s expense Bruce shook his head “I like girls just fine. I’ve just been more attracted to guys.”

Nodding as he absorbed the fact that his new roommate was bi Milo asked “did you like any of the girls from the other night?”

“If you’re asking would I date any of them. Then no I wouldn’t.” Bruce told him “Amber was a little to aggressive for my taste but she had been drinking a lot. Maybe she’s a different person when she’s sober?” He knew Milo had seen the way she had clung to him on the dance floor and couldn’t blame the guy for wondering.


Looking down at his phone Milo mumbled “so the number is Amber’s.”

To Bruce’s ears Milo sounded disappointed “were you hoping it was Jillian’s?”

Without realizing it Milo gave him a slight nod “Jillian was sweet but she didn’t seem all that interested in me. Maybe Amber will make a better impression when she’s sober.”

“The only way to find out is to call and ask her out,” Bruce encouraged him hoping that Amber would either decline or make him completely uncomfortable he’d never want to see her again. Either way Bruce was going to use what he found out to work on Jillian. He knew Jillian liked Milo more than she was willing to admit because of her friends interest in him.



Rory sat glumly staring at his congealing plate of scrambled eggs and toast. He had woke up early despite having gone to bed late. He found his phone where it had fallen on the floor the night before. He remembered the excitement he had when he saw he had received a response to his text. Then his heart fell as he remembered the heated angry words he had sent that prompted the response. But nothing compared to how his heart wanted to leap from his chest when his worst fears were confirmed. Eddie was seeing someone else. He had the text to prove it.

He pushed the eggs around on his plate aware of the jumble of voices all around him. He should leave and let someone else have his table. He glanced up as a couple walked into the diner. Two blondes. One Rory knew by sight and his heart beat a little faster upon sight of him. The other must be Bo who had spent the night.

He watched as the hostess lead them a cozy little corner booth. He watched as the two men conversed back and forth. He watched the easy way that Eddie laughed and joked with the other man. Rage boiled inside him turning his stomach sour. He couldn’t help but think that should be him sitting in the place of the blonde. It should be him that Eddie was smiling up at. All the time he had known Eddie he had never been able to convince Eddie to go out and eat. Yet here he was in a diner with someone he barely knew.

A little voice in his head taunted him. Maybe Eddie had been seeing his Bo person while he was seeing him and Ramsey. Maybe Eddie wasn’t the innocent cinnamon roll he pretended to be.



“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” Tom asked for the third time.

“I’m positive,” Eddie told him. Some fears were harder to overcome than others.

“Do you know that guy?” his brother asked after he received his meal.

“What guy?” Eddie asked turning to scan the restaurant. That was when he noticed the glowering visage of someone familiar sitting kiddie corner to them. Turning away he mumbled “we should leave.”

“Why?” Tom asked curious now as to who this guy was. “He’s coming over here,” he warned Eddie as the male made his way over to their table.

Eddie felt like crawling under the table as Rory pointed at Tom asking “is this Bo?”

“Bo?” Eddie asked confused “Bo who? I don’t understand.”

“You know damn well who,” Rory bellowed causing several patrons to look around interest.


“Rory please not here,” Eddie pleaded all too aware of the curious looks and stares.

“Were you seeing this guy the entire time you were seeing me?” Rory demanded.

“What?” Eddie asked as shock swamped his senses.

“Don’t act stupid” Rory shouted “you know who. Is this Bo? The guy you spent the night with.”

“Who do you think you are?” Tom demanded standing and pushing away from the table “nobody speaks to him like that.”

Eddie glared from one angry face to the other. He let his anger and feelings of rejection take over as he stood up facing Rory. “Yes this is the guy who spent the night and I love him a lot.” Turning to Tom he said “let’s get the hell out of here.”

Tom stepped forward glaring in Rory’s face saying “I don’t know what my brother ever saw in you but I’m glad it’s over between you. He deserves so much better.”

Breathing heavy as they walked away Rory let the guys words sink into his consciousness. Did he say his brother? Was that Eddie’s brother? He had a feeling he just made things a whole lot worse.

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    • It was a simple typo. Eddie meant he was with his brother. But he was too nervous/scared/mad to really notice what he was typing and instead of proofing it he just sent it. Which had Rory stewing over some guy named ‘Bo’. So when he saw Eddie with Tom at the restaurant he just kind of lost it. Tom is a cutie and very protective of his brother even though he’s the younger one. Eddie has always been the one to need protecting. Eddie is a cinnamon roll. He doesn’t deserve half the crap I put him through.


  3. Bruce, no. Do not let amber near Milo. Hide your drinks, man! And Eddie. oh my gosh! I can’t believe a simple typo caused all this. Rory, run after that boy and apologize!

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    • Bruce has no clue who Amber is or what she’s capable of! Amber has her sights on someone and I think the next chapter you’ll find out who her target is. Yep a simple a typo and jealousy is making a mess even worse. Rory needs to go after Eddie and tell him everything that’s racing through his head right now. Apologizing is never easy!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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