Hannah – Chapter 1 – Honeymoon – Part 1


“Eddie, honey we’re here,” Rory’s voice was soft as he coaxed his husband from his shoulder “wake up sweetheart.”

Moaning Eddie sought the cozy spot his head had been resting in since they left the airport. Frowning he blinked a few times as his pillow shook with mirth preventing him from slipping off to dreamland again.

“Come on Eddie,” Rory’s voice persisted “only a few more minutes than you can go back to sleep.”

“I’m awake,” he grumbled groping for the door handle. Hauling himself to his feet and out of the taxi he looked up at the resort Rory had booked for their long awaited honeymoon. Turning he took in the sights of Isla Paradiso that he could see in the dark. He took Hannah in his arms as Rory emerged from the cab. Leaning in close he whispered “can we afford this?”

Grunting Rory paid the driver and began to help the concierge with the luggage. Finished Rory smiled turning to Eddie “what kind of question is that? Of course we can. With your trust fund and my fame we could buy this place.”

Eddie gasped at his husbands casual words towards their wealth. No matter how much money they had it always came as a shock to him. There had been years Eddie had spent on his own living from pay check to pay check and barely making enough to eat. Of course that had been his own fault and poor attempt to runaway from what happened to him in college but it had given him an appreciation for the more important things. The things money couldn’t buy.

Hannah stirred in his arms making fussing sounds as she woke up. Turning his attention to the little girl in his arms he murmured meaningless words to her in the hopes she would drop back to sleep.


He followed Rory into the lobby attention focused on the squirming toddler with one purpose in mind. That of escaping so she could run wild. A familiar voice had Eddie looking around in shock, the gentle eyes and pink hair of the man behind the front desk sent shock sizzling through his system like electricity. He looked away hurriedly hoping the man hadn’t recognized him.

Rory tapped his shoulder coming along side him “our room is on the third floor.” When he didn’t immediately follow Rory towards the elevator he stopped frowning. Over the years he had become attuned to his husband’s needs. Rory could feel the waves of anxiety flowing from him. Once the concierge had brought their luggage to their room and left. Rory took Hannah from his husband saying “why don’t you go and relax while I put Hannah down for the night?” His eyes narrowed as Eddie gave him a blank eyed jerky nod in response.

He was about to pursue it when Hannah took the moment to start howling her protest and renewed her efforts to get down. “Not so fast princess” Rory told her with the feeling he was going to have a difficult fight to get her to fall back to sleep again.



Eddie shuffled into the adjoining room noting the casual but comfortable furnishings. His hand lightly ran along the sheets as he pulled back the duvet to reveal the good 400 thread count sheets beneath. “Not his father’s hotel that’s for sure,” he smiled fondly knowing how much Graham wanted to be seen as different from his father. That thought had him going back in time to when he was a teenager and had accompanied his father to one of the Hollis Hotels. “We had slept on Egyptian cotton” he muttered to himself.

With a feeling of trepidation Eddie proceeded into the bath where he found a large tub big enough for two enticing him into taking a relaxing bath. Giving in to the desire, he turned the taps and adjusted the water temperature to his comfort level. He selected a scented soap to add to the water for some soothing bubbles that reminded him of the beach. While the tub filled with water Eddie gazed at his reflection in the mirror. Why of all the hundreds of hotels and resorts had Rory picked this one? Who would have thought Graham would have gone into the same business his father had been in? The man he said he despised.

Shivering Eddie shed his clothes and stepped into the hot, steamy tub. He tried to let himself relax but his mind whirled with myriads of unanswered questions. His mind kept drifting to the first time he saw Graham all those years ago. He remembered how his heart beat fast, thudding in his chest. It had been the first time he realized he wasn’t like everyone else. His first crush and it was on a guy. His desperate need to squash it before it became obvious to everyone. Too afraid they wouldn’t understand or accept it.

Yet he couldn’t deny how he reacted every time he saw Graham enter a room. The butterflies that made his stomach hurt. The way he felt like he would melt whenever his eyes happened to meet Graham’s at the same time. Or the way he felt he could fly whenever Graham smiled at him that would have him stumbling into something.


It took longer than Rory had anticipated to get Hannah calmed down enough to sleep. He half expected Eddie to be curled up in bed fast asleep when he walked into their connecting room. The bed was empty, the blankets pulled back the way Eddie always prepared for bed at home. Humming softly Rory opened the door to the bathroom. Leaning against the door jamb he watched Eddie for a moment as he leaned back in the giant tub, eyes closed, a slight smile on his beautiful face. “May I join you?” he asked breaking the silence reaching down to remove his shoes.

With a jerk Eddie sat up opening his eyes in shock. He relaxed upon seeing Rory undressing in front of him. “Sorry” Rory said soothingly “I didn’t mean to alarm you.” He hesitated unsure he should continue.

“It’s ok,” Eddie assured him “I was practically asleep. You startled me. Nothing more.” He held his hand out beckoning his husband to join him.

Tossing his shirt aside Rory shrugged out of his pants eager to join his husband. Leaning over the tub he gently pulled Eddie into a kiss “I’ve waited to do that all day,” he said stepping into the tub. He had contented himself with holding Eddie’s hand and the comfort of having Eddie rest his head on his shoulder during the flight. Eddie had made remarkable strides over the years with allowing Rory to show him affection in public despite how uncomfortable it sometimes made him.


Eddie leaned back resting his head on Rory’s chest, his favorite pillow and resting place. Inhaling deeply he mumbled sleepily “I love you.”

Kissing the soft skin along Eddie’s shoulder’s Rory felt the tension melt from his shoulders. He wanted to know what had caused Eddie’s distress earlier but he was loath to ruin the moment. He let his hands roam across Eddie’s body touching and stroking all the places he knew his lover liked. He brought his lips up from caressing Eddie’s skin as he said “I love you to baby.”

Sighing contentedly Eddie reached up and gently drew Rory’s head down to his. Their lips met in a mutual passionate kiss. No matter how long they were together he would never grow tired of hearing Rory declare his love for him. He knew how difficult it had been for him to admit and it had almost destroyed them. He loved this man so much. He never wanted to lose him. He knew he should tell him about Graham. Tell him about his school boy crush and how he could have fallen in love with him if he hadn’t screwed it up.

He felt Rory pull him close. Felt his bodies need and the fire it ignited within him. The past could wait. Why ruin this moment with things better left in the past?



The next morning Eddie woke up feeling as if he had fallen asleep in the fluffy softness of clouds. Stretching he felt the emptiness of the bed around him. With a sudden jerk he sat up looking around the near silent room, the distant sound of a vacuum cleaner the only the sound that greeted his ears. The drapes were drawn tight against the bright morning sun. The door to the other room was slightly ajar and through it he heard Hannah’s clear voice asking “is daddy up now?”

“No no sweetheart let daddy sleep,” Rory said as she darted towards the room. He hastily reached for her as she made a dash for the door.

Eddie had enough time to throw the covers back over himself to cover his nakedness as the girl came bouncing in. “Good morning princess,” he smiled throwing his arms around her as she crawled into the bed with him.

Rory leaned in the door a softness in his eyes as he watched his daughter and husband hug. “There’s bacon and eggs out here if you want breakfast,” he told him.

“Pancakes too,” Hannah added giggling as Eddie tickled her.

“What time is it?” he asked looking around for a clock.


“Almost ten,” Rory said sitting on the edge of the bed “the airport called. They found our missing bag.”

Eddie stirred in the bed careful to keep the blankets around himself “I’ll get dressed so we can go get it.”

Picking Hannah up Rory stood up “why don’t I take Hannah so you can get up in peace?”

“Are you sure?” he asked most of the time Rory preferred that he take care of the more mundane things like feedings and diaper changes. It was rare for him to offer to take Hannah for any length of time on his own.

“Positive,” Rory assured him bouncing the little girl in his arms “I don’t do it that often and besides it’s your vacation too.”

“Thank you,” Eddie said standing up forgetting he had nothing on as he stood to give his husband a kiss.


“You better get dressed before you catch cold,” Rory said laughing, his eyes glimmering with glee.

Pulling the bedspread from the bed he clutched it around his waist. Cheeks flaring with a fiery heat he stammered “it’s your fault if I’ve scarred our daughter for life.

Chuckling a little at his husband’s expense Rory pulled him close despite Eddie’s protests “don’t worry. I’m sure she didn’t even notice.”

“I hope not,” Eddie mumbled returning Rory’s kiss.

Moving towards the door Rory stopped and turned around “while we’re gone would you mind checking into the resorts daycare?”

Eddie hesitated as his mind strayed to Graham and whether he’d run into him. He tried to smile when he realized Rory was giving him a puzzled look that told him he had been silent too long. Hastily he muttered “yeah I can do that.”


Rory frowned as he wondered what Eddie was trying to hide from him. “If you don’t want to I’ll do it when I get back,” he offered trying to ignore the uneasy feeling he was getting.

“Don’t be silly. I’ll do it,” Eddie assured him pushing him towards the door “I’m still tired from last night. You wore me out and you know how I am until I have my coffee.”

Something flickered in his puzzled green eyes as Rory attempted to smile “drink your coffee before talking to anyone.”

“I will don’t worry,” Eddie said a little to enthusiastically.

Once the door closed behind Rory he looked around the room a loud sigh escaping his lungs. He was messing everything up Eddie thought as he shuffled into the shower. He let the massaging hot water pour over him letting it drill into his skull hoping it would help relax him enough to get through the next few hours.

Inspecting the remnants of the breakfast Rory had ordered from room service he nibbled on a piece of toast while he poured himself a cup of coffee heavy with cream and sugar. As he enjoyed the first sip he couldn’t help but smile at his husbands thoughtfulness. Rory had used the coffee maker inside the room instead of ordering it from room service keeping in mind Eddie’s aversion to drinking anything he didn’t make or pour himself. Eddie knew his phobia made eating out difficult and over the years he had made significant strides in overcoming it. It also helped that Rory was always willing to take the first bite.



Fifteen minutes later Eddie found himself walking down the hall marveling at the relative quiet of the resort. Excellent sound proofing or maybe the resort just wasn’t that busy. He hoped that it was the first for Graham’s sake. Despite the way they had parted he wished him the best. Walking up to the front desk he was relieved to see it wasn’t Graham. “Excuse me,” Eddie said approaching the desk.

Looking up Zane smiled “can I help you?”

“Zzzzane? Is that you?” Eddie stammered in shock. He had heard that Graham had gotten married. At the time it had hurt too much for him to learn the specifics. Than he and Rory were apart and he felt his life was over.

“Err do I know you?” Zane asked an edge in his voice as he scrutinized Eddie from head to toe.

“It’s been a while,” he mumbled “we went to France…”

“Oh” Zane seemed to relax a little although he had lost his welcoming friendly smile.

“Um,” Eddie licked his lips unnerved by the man’s reaction. He hadn’t expected to be welcomed with open arms after the way he had treated Graham. He still didn’t understand what had come over him flirting the way he had with everyone. He didn’t blame Graham for not wanting to pursue anything with him. He had been a bad bet. It had hurt and still did if he were honest with himself. A part of him wanted to prove to Graham and Zane that they were wrong about him. Sighing he mentally shook himself “I need information on the resort’s daycare program.”


“My husband handles that,” Zane told him emphasizing husband in case Eddie forgot.
Rolling his eyes Eddie refrained from making the snide remark he wanted to make. As far as Zane was concerned Eddie might be there to resume his pursuit of Graham which was the furthest thing from the truth. Eddie twisted his wedding band as he mumbled a thank you to the man that he had thought of as a good friend once. Walking away he decided that maybe it would be best if Rory did the asking. He knew he would have to explain why he couldn’t but maybe that was for the best.

“Eddie a soft voice spoke from behind him. Sighing Eddie closed his eyes counting to ten before turning around “Graham” his voice guarded.

“You were inquiring about the resort’s daycare program,” Graham said his voice all polite business.

“Um,” Eddie nodded turning to face the man. The impact of the man’s beauty still took his breath away but the butterflies no longer fluttered in his stomach. “My husband and I will figure something else out,” he said flinching at the unfriendly glare Zane gave him from behind the front desk.

“At least let me show you the resorts facilities before you go,” Graham insisted.

Glancing towards the lobby doors hoping that by some miracle Rory would be coming back Eddie nodded. He had to do this if not for himself than for Rory. Rory had wanted to leave Hannah at home with her grandparents but knew that Eddie wouldn’t want to be apart from her for too long. He had made allowances to accommodate Eddie. In fact Rory always thought about what Eddie would want it was time that Eddie did the same.

 Chapter 2 – Honeymoon Part 2

11 thoughts on “Hannah – Chapter 1 – Honeymoon – Part 1

    • Eddie is pretty anxious right now. Poor boy 😦 This is not how he imagined his honeymoon being like. Hopefully once he talks to Rory and explains what’s wrong things will come down. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  1. I’m shaking my head at Zane but at the same time, I dig his protectiveness of his hubby. Graham!!!!! You’ve written them really well so far. Poor Eddie! I just want to hug him. I feel like Rory would start a fight with Zane if he saw how he was acting towards Eddie. I love crossovers so much! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad I wanted to maintain their character as much as possible. I always had the impression Zane would be kind of protective of Graham. I had to split the honeymoon chapter into three parts so you’ll see more of Zane and Graham. You are correct Rory would be wanting to fight Zane for how he’s treating Eddie right now. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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    • You are so right. Things will get easier once he faces his past. It’s just that he had genuine feelings for Graham and in away those feelings are unresolved but that in no way means he’d dump Rory to be with Graham. That’s what’s making this reunion so difficult. You are correct too that Eddie had reasons for his behavior back than and he’s a different person now too. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. Oh boy, so much for a relaxing holiday. I do enjoy people from the past running into each other again though. It’s a strange fascination of mine! Just to see how characters interact and have changed and such.
    Rory is so very supporting that I don’t doubt he’ll be as helpful as he can when/if he learns why Eddie is acting oddly.

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    • From the beginning I wanted Eddie to run into Graham again. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s fascinated with stories of people running into others they knew from their past. Rory is supportive of Eddie but Eddie always overreacts to things that cause him distress. There’s not a question as to whether Eddie will tell him it’s a matter of when. Sooner the better probably. Too bad this encounter had to happen on their much awaited honeymoon. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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