Hannah – Chapter 11 – He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not


Teasha poked her brother in the ribs as the handsome young man approached them. She almost giggled as she watched the new comer stare at Zach as if he had been struck by lightening. “Is this your bed?” she asked trying to break the ice.

“Err,” Waylon swallowed as he tried to get his mouth to function in sync with his brain.

“I’m Teasha,” she said determined to get things going between this boy and her brother.

“This is my brother Zach,” she almost giggled as his eyes flickered over her face to focus on her brothers.

Zac’s face turned beet red as if he just realized the boy was staring at him and not his sister. “Sorry I um,” he ran a nervous hand through his longish blond hair.


“Did you want this side of the room?” Waylon asked surprising himself with the sudden desire to accommodate the blond’s wishes.

“No it’s fine,” Zach turned even redder than he was before averting his eyes towards the floor. “I uh,” he looked over to where his sister had been only to find she was gone.

“Um” Waylon glanced around his room once again wondering why everyone was in here. “I’m Waylon,” he introduced himself unsure if he had already done that or not.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Zach mumbled inching away from him.

Waylon sighed watching him go. A frown developed between his eyes as he wondered what he did to make the blond leave. There was something intriguing about him. Maybe it was the immense sadness in his blue eyes that made Waylon want to know more.



Hannah spent hours unpacking and still had things in boxes. Sighing she pushed the remaining boxes against the wall so they’d be out of the way. She’d figure something out later for the rest of her things. She needed a drink before died of thirst. Going downstairs she heard noises coming from the computer room that sounded like someone was playing a game. She poked her head inside the room expecting to find Ryan or Vincent but instead an unfamiliar red head. Curious she walked up behind him to watch him play.

Donovan glanced up a smirk across his face half hidden by his mop of red hair. He kept playing knowing he had an audience hoping the girl would say something first. “Ugh” he grunted as his character’s health drained to nothing. He was going to beat this mission before the night was over he vowed to himself.

“What game is this?” she asked before he was able to restart from his last save.

“It’s pretty cool isn’t it?” he said ignoring her question. He wasn’t sure how well she’d take knowing he had hacked the game before it had been released.

“It is,” she nodded walking up behind him. The drink she had come to get long forgotten “are you going to play some more?”


Shrugging he turned to the screen “are ya gonna watch?”

“Maybe,” she replied trying not to smile at him “I need to see if this is something my cousin would like for his birthday that’s coming up next month.”

“It’s not in stores yet,” Donovan told her restarting the game “in fact I only have it because I hacked it.” He watched her from the corner of his eyes for her reaction.

“Oh” she murmured giving him an appraising look “you could go to jail for that.”

“I could” he smirked “are you going to turn me in?” his question more a challenge than a question.

“Haven’t decided yet,” she told him leaning in to get a better look at the graphics.


Her perfume swirled around him, intoxicating. Donovan inhaled deeply before turning his attention to the game. “What will help you decide?” he asked smirking at the screen.

Eyes shifting towards him than back to the screen she said “you could do the right thing and buy the game when it comes out. That way the creators would still get their money.”

“What’s the fun in that?” he asked incredulously “by the time the game comes out I’ll be over it.”

Hannah frowned “you really should since you stole it. If you like the game why not pay for it?”

“Are you some sort of goody two shoes?” he gave her a disillusioned glance “how would the creators even know I didn’t pay for it?” He enjoyed the way she frowned at him, her brow creasing between her eyes. The way her green eyes almost glowed from the light off the computer screen.

“Well” she stood exasperated “if you want to go to jail I guess that’s your business.” She turned to leave.


Without thinking Donovan grabbed her hand “don’t go away mad.” His hand held hers lightly as he spoke “I didn’t say I wouldn’t.” He didn’t say that the idea had never occurred to him either.

She gave him a cold stare before giving him a smile “then you will?”

“Will what?” he asked absently as his mind was still preoccupied with the feel of her hand in his. The softness of her skin, the way it fit inside his like it was made just for him.

Rolling her eyes she jerked her hand away from him as she walked backwards towards the door. “Pay for the game” she repeated.

“Yeah sure,” he said his voice uneven, unsure.

Tilting her head to the side “you better,” she said as she left the room.



Donovan watched her walk away. Her hips swaying from side to side. Her long blond hair swirling around her shoulders. He wanted to call her back. Go after her. Both at once. Anything to keep her there a little longer.

His hand still held the imprint of her hand in his. His skin seemed to tingle with electricity where her hand had made contact with his. Shaking his head he tried to shake the spell she had cast over him. The only woman who had ever effected him before was his mom and he didn’t want to kiss his mom. He hadn’t expected some random girl to walk into his life and make him question everything about himself.

He shook his head trying to clear it as he resumed his game. He couldn’t concentrate as his mind wandered to her green eyes glowing in the soft light from the computer screen. The little frown between he eyes. “No,” he growled as he once again killed his character from lack of attention.

Starting over he tried to focus but the girl kept invading his thoughts, distracting him. What was that perfume she wore? Closing his eyes he breathed in deeply he could just barely still smell it in the still air of the room. Opening his eyes his character was dead again. At this rate he’d die of old age before he succeeded in his mission. Did the girl live here? Was she just visiting? Maybe the girlfriend of one of the guys upstairs?

Strangely that thought made his stomach clench and tightened. Why did it matter? She wasn’t even his type. Too good. Too pure. Too nice. He liked the bad girl. The girl who wore a little too much makeup. Showed a little too much skin. The type that was good in bed. Not the type you brought home to mom. He bet she hadn’t even gone all the way yet.

He bet with the way she was swaying those hips of hers she’d be good in bed; especially if she had a good teacher. Shaking his head he switched off the game. What was the point? He couldn’t concentrate. He needed sleep. Smirking he knew who he was going to be dreaming about.



“Ity,” Hannah called out to the girl before she could run up the stairs.

Charity stopped at the foot of the stairs waiting for her best friend to catch up. “Before you ask,” she said starting up the stairs. Her arms loaded with books that didn’t fit inside her bag “I’m not going.”

“It’ll be so much fun Ity” Hannah whined following her to their room.

“I have a million things to study for” Charity told her dropping her books on the bed “I don’t have time for parties.”

“Ryan is going,” Hannah told her hoping that would persuade her to go.

Charity’s back stiffened at the mention of Ryan’s name “what difference would that make?”


“Ity it’s me remember?” Hannah rolled her eyes “I know you like him.”

“I do not,” she protested stomping to her desk.

“He likes you,” Hannah continued not willing to give up.

Charity sighed she could feel her resolve slipping. Then she remembered the brunette who followed Ryan home to study the week before. Her laugh sent shivers down Charity’s spine. It seemed she laughed at everything Ryan said funny or not. She stood too close to him too, running her hands up and down his arms, touching his hands. Charity closed her eyes trying to blot out the memories of that girl twirling her hair around her finger staring up at Ryan like he was all that. “He doesn’t like me,” she said to Hannah her voice firm and unyielding.

“Are you still jealous of that brunette that came to study with him last week?” Hannah asked. She couldn’t believe it “you know Ryan did all he could to discourage her.”

Shrugging Charity sat down resolutely opening her Chemistry book “it doesn’t matter. I’m not going.”


“Please,” Hannah begged “I don’t want to go by myself.”

“What about that delicious red head you were talking about nonstop for days?” Charity asked looking at her friend with a wicked gleam in her eyes. It felt good for once to turn the tables on her.

“He hasn’t said boo to me since that night,” Hannah sighed as she laid back on Charity’s bed.

“His name is Donovan by the way,” Charity said with a smile “you should ask him to go with you. I’m sure he’d say yes.”

“You talked to him?” Hannah asked surprised “did he ask about me? What did he say? Does he like me?”

“Nana,” she protested “if you want the answers to those questions you’ll have to ask him.” She laughed as Hannah groaned dramatically at her suggestion. Charity shook her head turning her attention to her homework.



Ryan found Vincent in their room “have you asked her yet?” he asked plopping down on his bed.

Vincent moaned shoving his half finished homework aside “she doesn’t even know I’m alive.”

“Of course she does,” Ryan told him “she’s known you all her life.”

“You know what I mean,” Vincent moaned “she’ll never see me as anything other than her nerdy friend.”


“You’re not a nerd,” Ryan protested “besides I’m in the same boat as you. Charity will never see me as anything other than her friend.”

“The dreaded friend zone,” Vincent shrugged “we can always go stag.”

“I guess,” Ryan mumbled “I might just stay here and study.” The last thing he wanted to do was go to a party without a date. That unfortunate brunette would probably be there and the last thing he wanted to do was fend her off all night.

“You could always ask what’s her name….”

“No,” Ryan shook his head adamant that was not going to happen.


“She at least likes you,” Vincent pointed out.

Ryan stared at him for a minute mulling over his words. He did have point. Why sit alone studying when he could be out having fun? He could grow old waiting for Charity to change her mind. The downside to asking what’s her name was he really didn’t like her. “I’ll ask her if you ask Hannah,” he said feeling he was pretty safe.

“I guess we’ll both be here moping than,” Vincent tossed a pillow at him “Hannah doesn’t see me as someone she’d ever date.”

“You won’t know until you ask her,” Ryan told him secretly hoping he wouldn’t.

Getting up Vincent walked to the door covering his ears “not listening.”



Divia glanced from her book to follow Teasha as she moved around the room putting things away.

Teasha tried to pretend she didn’t know the girl was watching her. She had been aware of Divia’s crush for quite some time. She was flattered Divia liked her. It’s not that she didn’t like her. Just not in that way. Sharing a room was going to be awkward if she ever had to put the poor girl down. “Are you going to the party?” she asked more to distract Divia then any real interest.

“You’re supposed to bring a date,” Divia mumbled her eyes almost pleading.

“Maybe you could ask Vincent,” Teasha suggested pretending she didn’t notice the way the girl was looking at her.


“I…I’ll think about it,” she smoothed the already flat bedspread “are you going with someone?”

A smile spread across Teasha’s face brightening her eyes. She thought about the red head who was always on the computer. What was his name? Donovan. That was it. “I’m going to ask Donovan if he’d like to go with me.” She hoped that would be enough for Divia to lose interest in her.

“Oh,” Divia blinked as tears fell onto the open book in front of her. “Um” she wanted to beg Teasha to give her a chance but she knew it was pointless. It’d just be too painful and humiliating. She got up rushed towards the door before she completely broke down.

“Divia,” Teasha called as she watched her friend run from the room in tears. “I’m sorry,” she said quietly knowing she didn’t hear her. What could she have done differently? Should she have pretended to have feelings she didn’t have? She sank to the floor pulling her knees up to her chest. Why couldn’t they just be friends?



Closing her book Hannah sighed, stretching her tired muscles. “I’m going to get some fresh air,” she announced. She glanced over at Charity engrossed in her school work. Shrugging she decided to go outside alone.

She heard Vincent call her name as she reached the outside door. Hesitating she saw Donovan sitting in the dining room. Their eyes met briefly in an electrifying sizzle making her feel both thrilled and frightened. She watched him get up and move towards her.

“Hannah,” Vincent stopped in front of her breathing hard like he had just ran a marathon. “Would you um go to the party with me?” he blurted out breathlessly.

“Um” her eyes slid towards Donovan who just stood and watched.

“You know as friends,” Vincent amended glancing up from his feet a half fearful half hopeful look in his eyes.

“Ok” Hannah found herself agreeing to go with him. The bright happy grin Vincent bestowed upon her made her feel almost sick “as friends, right?” she added.


“Yeah sure whatever,” he said not once losing his grin or sparkle in his eyes.

“I need some air,” she moved to the door thankful that Vincent hadn’t tried to follow. Walking a few steps away from the door looking up at the sky.

“He likes you,” Donovan’s voice behind her made her jump.

“We’re just friends,’ she told him without turning.

Snorting Donovan walked up beside her “you and I both know he likes you for more than a friend.”

“No” her voice was low uncertain “he can’t.”


“You know I’m right,” he gave her a cocky grin forcing her to look up at him “you just screwed up.”

“How so?” she demanded taking a step back only to have him close the gap between them.

“Well you could have waited and gone with me,” he said leaning in close his breath tickling her skin.

“You didn’t ask,” she put her hands up to his chest trying to push him away.

“I might have,” he put his arm around her waist “now you’ll never know.” He inhaled deeply drinking in her scent.

“You don’t even know my name,” she said struggling in his arms.


“It’s Hannah Bennett,” he smirked at her surprised face “it’s a small dorm. All I had to do was ask.”

“Let me go,” she demanded as she felt things slipping further and further out of her control. She whimpered as his lips brushed hers.

“I guarantee that while your dancing with him you’ll be thinking of me,” he softly pressed his lips against hers.

“No” she said weakly turning her face away “I won’t.”


“You will,” he firmly captured her mouth running his tongue along her lips until she opened her mouth to let him in. She moaned as their kiss deepened taking her breath away. He pulled away breathing hard as he turned and walked away.

Hannah watched him go. Her fingers tracing her lips still tingling from his touch. His kiss. He was so arrogant to presume she’d be thinking of him just because of that kiss. That wasn’t going to happen. Not now not ever.

Chapter 10 – A New Adventure / Chapter 12 – Taking Chances

8 thoughts on “Hannah – Chapter 11 – He Likes Me, He Likes Me Not

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  2. Uhm I think I’m Donovan’s biggest fan. I adore him, what a cocky guy haha. So all this time Vincent like Hannah? Oh no! All of these love triangles! And what happened to Ryan? Dang, he looks GOOD xD Also, Zach too. All of these sims are so adorable. Excited for the party chapter, if you couldn’t tell lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Judging from the comments from last chapter there’s going to be quite a large Donovan fan club lol I love his character. Yep Vincent has had a crush on Hannah since high school. Now he’s all excited about the dance and having Hannah as his date. I’m rather pleased at how well all of them aged up. I didn’t tweak any of them other than their hair. The only one that needs help is Divia but that’s more her lack of self confidence shining through. As she gains more confidence she’ll start to look different. Oh the party is coming up soon the chapter after the next one? I know it’s already written but I’m not sure the chapter. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. Donovan is really cocky. Which, to be fair, doesn’t make for the best romantic partner – something both girls should think of. But oh well.
    I’m kind of sorry for Divia. It sucks to have an unrequitted crush on someone who knows it. Same goes for Vincent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Donovan is cocky but is it how he is or is it an act? He does get a lot of female attention that way lol We’ll see if that’s really him or if there’s more to him then meets the eye. You’re right that it doesn’t bode well for a lasting relationship and something that should be considered.
      Divia has been pining over Teasha since high school. Poor girl! Teasha has known or at least suspected that Divia had feelings for her that weren’t just friendship. She’s done her best to keep from hurting Divia’s feelings but things just got too much sharing a room and things just happened. Vincent at least is going to realize his dream and we’ll see if it’s what he hoped it would be. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  5. All these crushes are getting complicated, I’m gonna need a graph!
    You know, Divia kind of annoys me xD I guess people who are overly sensitive do that – you sort of have to tiptoe around them and it makes things way more difficult than they have to be. On one hand I get that she loves Teasha, but she has to realise nothing will happen and will either have to move on or take herself away from the situation. It’s not Teasha’s responsibility to pander to Divia’s crush.
    I wonder if Vincent will get the message if Hannah openly tells him she’s not interested. You can’t fake chemistry. However, chemistry even with a guy like Donovan may still not be a great relationship…
    Meanwhile the two people that actually do like each other won’t do anything about it. Sigh. Teenagers! XD

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    • The crushes are a little confusing. In the end the crushes won’t matter except as stepping stones to get to where they’re going. Divia is very sensitive but this is the first time she’s even attempted to tell Teasha about her feelings. That in itself is progress even though she backed out and ran making the situation more awkward then it needed to be. It’s her insecurities kicking in. You’re absolutely right Teasha doesn’t need to pander to Divia’s feelings. That will only lead to more hurt feelings and resentment. They need to talk about what’s happened instead of ignoring it. Vincent has always had a thing for Hannah and this is the first time he’s worked up the courage to ask her out. Although he made it out that it was just as friends. Nope you can’t fake chemistry but sometimes chemistry with someone isn’t always a good thing but there maybe more to Donovan than meets the eye. Ryan and Charity are certainly making things difficult. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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