Britland – Chapter 23 – Sand in the Sheets


“What” Carson smirked catching Britland staring at him.

“Nothing” he shook his head turning away his cheeks turning a brilliant green.

Reaching across, Carson gently tilted Britland’s chin up. “Tell me” he requested softly.

“Really it’s nothing” he turned to snuggle into Carson’s side emitting a contented sigh.

“Do I need to remind you of your promise” he asked tenderly kissing the tip of Britland’s nose.

“Don’t you believe me” he asked his bottom lip sticking out.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you” he leaned up on his elbow gazing down at Britland’s face. “I know you. You hold things inside. If there’s a problem I’d like to know so we can work through it together.”


Gazing up into Carson’s gentle eyes the corners of his mouth quirking upwards. His right hand traveled lazily up his husband’s arm to his head where his fingers gently played in his short hair. “It’s nothing really” he bit his bottom lip. His fingers continued to play in Carson’s short hair. “Why did you cut your hair?” He glanced away not wanting to pressure Carson into answering. “I know you said you wanted a change but” sighing he returned his gaze to Carson’s face. “I think there’s more to it than that.”

Carson ran his fingers across Britland’s chest, drawing circles here and there. After a moment he met Britland’s eyes. His eyes had a far away sad look to them “I couldn’t look in a mirror without seeing him. My Uncle” he added as if Britland needed an explanation who him was.

Britland had to strain to him as he was talking so low. When it was apparent he was done Britland asked. “Is that why you thought I thought you’d become like your Uncle?” The tiny flicker in Carson’s downcast eyes was his only answer. “I never thought that. I never doubt you with our son. I know he’s safe with you.”

The small sad smile that came and went tugged at Britland’s heart. “When I first cut my hair it was liberating.” He sat up on the beach towel they had been lying on. A slight breeze lifting the short strands of hair whipping them across his forehead. “It was like I was cutting all ties with the past.” He chuckled sadly “a lot to ask from a little old hair cut I know.”


Taking his hand Britland sat beside him letting his presence say what he couldn’t. After a while he pressed his lips to Carson’s cheek “what about now? Why don’t you grow it out?”

“I…” he took in a deep breath exhaling it slowly “I’m afraid of looking in the mirror and seeing him staring back at me.” His fingers played in the short strands of hair tugging on them. “It’s kind of silly isn’t it?”

“No” he shook his head. Standing he held his hand out “let’s go for a stroll along the beach.”

Taking his husband’s hand Carson walked side by side with the blonde. Their shoulders brushing the other. Dark clouds were moving across the mainland. “Looks like we might get some rain” Britland observed.

“Do you want to go back to the room” Carson asked putting an arm around Britland’s waist.

“Not really” he sighed trying to retrace their steps. “I guess we should if we don’t want to get wet.”

“It’ll give us an excuse to use the hot tub” Carson said turning and retracing their steps back to their beach towel.

“Since when do you need an excuse” Britland huffed. “I bet we’ve used it every night since we got here.”

“I’m going to really miss it” he turned giving Britland his best sad puppy eyes.


“We can always use the hot tub at my parents place” he suggested.

Groaning Carson rolled his eyes “that’s not the same and you know it.”

“Well it’s not like we don’t … you know” his cheeks darkened as he struggled to put into words what they’d been using the hot tub for. “There are other places for that kind of thing.”

Touching his cheek Carson laughed, a deep jovial sound. “I do love that color on you” he pulled Britland flush with his body. “I really can’t wait to get back to our room” his fingers slipped skimmed past the elastic band of Britland’s shorts. His mouth already seeking the blondes making them both moan.

Gently Britland brought his hands up between them. “Not here” his eyes darting around the deserted beach.

“No one’s here” Carson leaned in close kissing Britland’s smooth skin along his neck to his shoulders. “Throw caution to the wind and do something wild and carefree.”


Desperately Britland struggled to retain control as Carson’s mouth and hands were stoking the fires of passion. The sound of the ocean waves crashing onto the nearby rocks and the rolling thunder of the approaching storm was almost a match to his wildly beating heart. “Over there” he pointed towards some rocks where he hoped would give them a little privacy.

“I don’t know if I can last that long” Carson pressed his lips against Britland’s driving his tongue deep within him.

“Try” he gasped breathless pushing Carson in the direction he wanted him to go. His skin was flushed, needing to feel Carson’s touch he tried to melt into the magic of his touch. His shorts slipped lower on his hips as Carson’s hands slipped inside. “Almost there” he panted almost giving in to his growing excitement.

The first raindrops fell as they lay comfortably in each others arms, spent from the culmination of their desires. “We should get up” Carson yawned stretching.

“I can’t” Britland whined “someone’s laying on top of me.”

“Then you can’t prevent me from doing this” he leaned in quick giving Britland a heated kiss that stoked the embers of desire between them.

“You’re insatiable” Britland laughed beneath him. “Thanks to this little escapade I now have sand in places I never imagined I could.”

“I have to admit I’m surprised you actually had sex on the beach.” He pressed his lips to his husband’s collar-bone feeling Britland’s heart beat increase.


The sand beneath was becoming damp from the steady sprinkle from the incoming storm. Britland pushed against Carson’s weight. “As much as I’d love to go another round I really don’t want mud in the same places where I have sand.”

“The rain will wash you clean” Carson argued undaunted.

“You my dear husband are a bad influence” he laughed wiggling from beneath the larger man. “If you want round two you’ll come with me to our room.” He made sure his shorts were secure before taking off running.

Shaking his head Carson called out “what do I get if I beat you back to the room?”

Looking over his shoulder Britland shouted back “round three.”



Six weeks later Britland stood outside a house on the outskirts of Riverview. His hands were being squeezed tightly by the man beside him. Turning his head he glanced up at his husband “isn’t this exciting? Our very first house together.”

Grunting Carson turned his gaze from the small house to the blonde at his side. “To be honest I’m terrified.”

“Why” Britland asked without thinking. When Carson didn’t respond he continued on a little more cautiously. “Is it because your Uncle used to live here? Not here here but in this town.”

“That’s part of it” he shrugged inhaling deeply. “You’re going to think it’s silly.” Carson looked around, the only sounds to be heard the chirping of the birds in the trees and the gentle rustle of leaves as the wind blew through the limbs. “It’s too quiet here. I’m a city boy. It’s feels strange not to here the buzz of cars and the sound of people going on about their day.”

“I never thought about it but you’re right, it is quiet. It was one of the things I missed living in Bridgeport” he admitted. “Just wait until night-time when the wolves are howling” he couldn’t resist teasing Carson just a little.

Carson’s eyes darted around the yard “do you think we should put up a fence?”

“There’s nothing to worry about unless we plan on getting chickens” Britland assured him. “The wolves don’t often come near people. The kids will be perfectly safe playing the yard.”

“Kids” Carson repeated putting his arms around the blonde. “Last time I checked we only had one.”

“Maybe it’s time you counted again” Britland challenged attempting to maintain a straight face.

“Is this your way of telling me you’re pregnant” Carson asked excitement building inside him.

Nodding Britland beamed up at him. “I think it was that day on the beach.”

“How do you feel about it” he asked in concern. “I know you wanted to wait a little longer. At least until after we had settled into the new house.”


Britland smiled raising a hand over Carson’s moving lips to shush him. “That doesn’t matter now. I’m happy about this. We’ll manage getting everything set up before the baby comes.”

Glancing around the yard Carson lips twitching he asked “where’s the pod that stole my husband.” He ducked as Britland swatted at him “you’re always the one wanting things to be a certain way.”

“Like I said on our honeymoon. You’re a bad influence” Britland teased.

“I’ve heard that before” Carson smirked “but you still love me right?” His tone was half teasing half serious, his deep-seated insecurity bubbling up.

“More than anything” he took Carson’s hand and led him into the house. “I want to show you something.” He stopped in front of a closed-door. Turning to Carson he instructed “close your eyes.”

“Why” Carson demanded “I know what’s in there.”

“Do you” Britland challenged “what exactly do you think you’ll find in there?”


“Boxes and boxes of stuff we have yet to put away.” Grinning he continued “maybe a bed beneath all the stuff piled on top of it.”

“You could be wrong” the blonde smiled his back to the door “close your eyes or you’ll never find out.”

With a long-suffering groan Carson closed his eyes. He felt Britland take his hand and lead him inside the room. “Alright you can open your eyes now.” Opening his eyes he couldn’t keep from smiling “wow” he blinked “you’ve been busy.”

“Mom helped” Britland looked away blushing “do you really like it?”

Turning he took Britland’s hand “it’s perfect.” He could see the uncertainty drain from around Britland’s eyes.

Taking a step forward Britland tugged on Carson’s shirt pulling it free from his jeans. “Good” his fingers grazed the skin beneath.

“I have a feeling showing me our finished room isn’t the only reason why we’re here.” He helped Britland pull his shirt over his head.

“Nope” he leaned in close almost knocking Carson onto the bed.

“What about Rush” Carson asked before giving into the moment.

“He’s with his grandparents for the weekend” Britland crawled on top of him on the bed. “We’re supposed to be getting the house move in ready.”

Rolling Britland over Carson smirked down at the blonde. He wasted no time capturing his soft, supple lips muffling any other words Britland might have said. When he pulled away he could see desire darkening Britland’s eyes “I see you have picked up on a few of my bad habits” he teased.

“The worst ones I’m afraid” he admitted working on unbuttoning Carson’s jeans.


“I think I like this new you” he grinned helping Britland remove his jeans. When that was accomplished he pulled Britland’s hands over his head, his free hand roaming up the blonde’s body before pressing his lips to Britlands. His roaming hand found its way inside Britland’s shirt causing the younger man to moan inside his mouth. “We may need more than a weekend to get the house ready” he mumbled as he pulled Britland’s shirt off.

“That can be arranged. Mom said she’s available to babysit whenever we need.” He lifted his hips allowing Carson to remove his pants.

“There are definite advantages to living near willing babysitters” Carson gazed down his husband eyes bright with the love and desire he had for the man. “I thought the room was perfect.” He moved his hands across the blonde’s smooth skin “it doesn’t compare to you.”



Felix sat beside his wife while the kids played nearby. He took her hand, his eyes crinkled as he smiled down at her. “Have I told you how much I love you lately?” he asked.

Tilting her head to the side, she pondered his question. “Not today” she giggled as he pulled her close. “The kids are watching” she admonished him as his fingers skimmed beneath her shirt.

Groaning he let her wriggle free. “Where are your parents when we need them?” he complained.

“They’ll be back in a week” she shook her head at him. “I know it’ll be difficult but please try to behave until then.”

“A week” he whined “that’s like forever.”

“Daddy” Adalynn toddled over to them “no whining.”


“Yeah” Beckett nodded falling to the ground. “Mama says no one likes a whiner.”

Adalynn nodded in agreement. Giving Crystal a sideways glance “I’m not whining.” At the sound of her laughter he smiled blowing air through his nose. “Maybe I am just a little but a week is going to tax my patience.”

“Daddy” Beckett called “come play.”

“Please” Adalynn added clapping her hands together.

“How did I become their playmate” he asked Crystal hoping she would rescue him.

“Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it” she gave him a little push. “You love it when they want you to play with them.”


Grinning as he got up to join his children he remembered a time when he had thought kids would be a fate worse than death. It ranked up their with being married. Six years ago he thought he had it made. An apartment in the city. A fake ID card and access to any woman he could ever want. He thought he was happy. Today he was a happily married man. The father of two. He’d never been happier.

Crystal had shown him what he had been missing in his life. Things he never knew he needed or wanted. He never would have imagined this life for himself. Leaning down he whispered something in his son’s ear.

Grinning Beckett filled the air with his high-pitched giggle. Adalynn watched with large round eyes taking Felix’s hand.

Looking down at her a frown flickered across his brow. Her hand was warm and sticky he couldn’t help but wonder what she had gotten into. He resisted the urge to either wipe his hand off or take her over to the public restroom to wash her hands off. Doing either one would extinguish the little girls radiant smile.

“Mama come” Beckett held his little hand out to her his eyes pleading.


Crystal gave Felix a suspicious look like she knew he had put their son up to something. “What did you tell him to do?”

“Nothing” he shrugged pretending an innocence he didn’t have.

“You did I know you” she sat back crossing her legs. “I want to read my book” she explained opening a book she had been trying to read for the past month.

“Mama please” Adalynn chimed in holding her free hand out to Crystal.

She stuck a finger in her book marking her place. “What are we doing” she asked still sitting on the bench.

“Mama we go” Beckett bounced up and down unable to stand still.

“Where are we going” she asked staring at her husband.


“Walk” Beckett pointed towards a path “there.”

“Alright” she put a bookmark where her finger had been before replacing the book in her bag. Walking towards them she gave Felix a stern look “you knew I wanted to finish my book.”

He shrugged nonchalantly letting the kids do the pleading for him.

“Please mama” Beckett begged taking her hand.

“Please mama” Adalynn mimicked her brother.

“How can I refuse” she glanced down at her children then meeting Felix’s gaze.

Smirking he leaned over giving her a soft peck on the cheek “you can’t. I’m irresistible.”

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  2. This is such a happy chapter!!! Good. They deserve some peace and calm before whatever else may befall them.
    I must admit, it’s an interesting change to see Britland so confident with sex. He probably laughs now when he remembers how shy he was at first 😉

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    • They needed some happy! You sound like you expect something awful to happen….We shall see.
      Britland has grown up some. I doubt he’d be as confident if he weren’t with Carson. For Carson he’s willing to try new things and instigate a few things 😉 He’s still a very private person though and if there had been people on the beach that day he would never have agreed 😀
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. THE END. Yes, put that there before you can be allowed to make anymore and possibly disrupt this happy ending…I mean, unless the next chapter is going to be even more wonderful! If that’s the case, then by all means, continue. 😉 I’m just messing with you, haha. This was so wonderful. I’m so glad to see everyone’s happy ending. I hope Britland’s and Felix’s kids are just as goof friends as they were.

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    • It’s not quite the end but almost. I’m having withdrawal syndrome already. I love them so much! The next chapter we’ll jump forward in time a little to get to know the kids. I’m setting some things in motion that will dealt with more when the kids are older. But this is everyone’s happy ending!
      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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