Metamorphosis – Chapter 6 – Brotherly Love


Standing Tom walked towards the room reserved for him and Faye. “I want to be alone” he mumbled as he walked away.

Eddie stood up to follow him. He stopped when he felt a hand on his elbow. Looking around he he found Rory standing close behind him.

“Let him go” Rory advised “it’s been a long day and he needs to process things.”

“But he needs….” Eddie sighed “you’re right. He needs time. I just wish I knew what I could do to help him.”

“Let him rest for now and tomorrow if she doesn’t come back….” he shrugged. He didn’t know what they could do short of calling every high priced hotel in the area if she was booked into one of their rooms.  “We’ll think of something” he said smiling when Eddie looked up at him with such childlike confidence


Eddie turned and kissed him gently on the lips. “That’s why I love you. You always know what to do. I know you don’t like Faye but you’re willing to find her because you know that would make me happy.”

“Well you know me” Rory said put his arms around his husband’s waist “I’ll do anything for your sweet kisses.”

Leaning forward Eddie kissed his husband again this time it lasted a little longer building in passion until Eddie forced himself to stop. Stepping back he said “we have company.”

“So” Rory asked eyes dancing mischievously “it’s our house.”

“You’re incorrigible”  Eddie shook his head laughing a softly.

“I know but that’s why you love me” he was about to make a move when a soft knock interrupted him. “I wonder who that could be?”


Faye steeled herself for the look of disappointment and judgement she would be met with when whoever it was, would answer the door. “You can do this,” Faye chanted under her breath. “You just walked all the way here in heels. You were publicly embarrassed on TV by your dad. Nothing can stop you. You can survive anything…”

She was so deep in her monologue that she didn’t realize the door even opened. There was a small chuckle and a smiling face that greeted her, not one of annoyance. Good, it was Eddie and not his more abrasive husband. “Quite the pep talk,” Eddie commented softly. “So you want to come in?”


“I…am I allowed?”She bit her lip.

Eddie nodded. “Of course you are,” He replied. “Why wouldn’t you be? You’re Tom’s girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend…” Faye liked the way the word tasted on her tongue but it was such a foreign concept to her. How was this even supposed to work? She’d just walked out on his brother and Eddie was still welcoming her with open arms.

“You really hurt him,” Eddie told her. “My feelings aside, he loves you. So you make it right, or I won’t be so welcoming next time.”


Faye was taken aback by his sudden change in words but she appreciated the sentiment. The man could only be so nice to a girl he thought was going to hurt his brother. “Where is he?”

“Upstairs,” Rory said harshly, catching sight of her. “Don’t take Eddie’s baby face lightly. If you hurt his brother even more he won’t be happy.”

“I won’t..ever again!” She cried quickly. “I uh…I’m sorry. I was just…”

“Tell him,” Rory urged. “Not us. He’s the one who has to hear it.”


Nodding she glanced towards the stairs. Squared her shoulders as if she were about to go into battle. She took several steps, stopped, glanced over her shoulder. Eddie was holding his husband’s hand while he watched her progress. The expression in his eyes encouraged to keep going. It seemed he had more faith in her than she had in herself. Breathing deeply she climbed the stairs. Outside the bedroom door she stopped again. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest as she tried to compose her thoughts. “You can do this” she repeated to herself as she knocked softly on the door.

After a few seconds that felt like hours she knocked again. She backed away from the door. Unsure what she should do. Should she knock again? Should just go in? She hated this feeling of uncertainty. She was Faye Ferrari. She was never at a loss for what to do. Yet at this moment in time she had no clue what she should do.


She turned and let her backrest against the closed door. Her fingers bunched into fists. She pounded them against the solid wooden door behind her. “I’m not going away” she whispered “I’ll wait here until you come out.”

She fell backwards as the door opened behind her. “Faye” Tom cried as she fell at his feet. “Are you alright?” He moved to help her up. He stepped back as she slapped helping hands away from her.


“I’m fine” she scowled up at him.

Shoving his hands in his pockets he shuffled backwards. “Did you forget something?” he asked watching her get up.

“Tom I…” she could see the effect of her harsh tone had on him. She was making everything worse. “Yes I forgot something” she gazed up at him “I forgot the best thing that ever came into my life.”

Tom stared at her unsure what she was talking about. “If you tell me what it is. I’ll send it to whatever hotel you’re staying at” he offered.

Chapter 5 – Awakening / Chapter 7 – Confession

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