Metamorphosis – Chapter 11 -Acceptance


Before Eddie could say anything else the door behind them opened and Tom walked out. Tom stood up facing his brother “Faye and I will be going into town later. We need a few things from the store for a recipe she wants to show me tonight for supper.”

“That’s great” looking towards Faye who was nodding in agreement “maybe we could all go together.”

“No” she cried “I mean you need to stay here and call your Uncle. If we’re going to open our own restaurant we need to get things rolling before my dad can stop us.”

“But I thought” he glanced at Eddie “I thought you were going to call.”

“I was but it would be better if you made the call” Eddie glanced at Faye “after all it’s your idea. Plus I’d love more time with Faye.”


Tom looked between his brother and Faye a frown forming between his eyes. He had a feeling something was going on between them. Not that he didn’t trust them it was just unusual to see his brother so relaxed around someone. “Obviously you don’t want me tagging along” Tom scratched his head “I won’t ask any questions but I’m dying of curiosity.”

“You make sound like we’re keeping secrets from you” Faye teased moving closer to him. “You don’t have anything to worry about. Eddie just helped me see things differently.”

Sliding his arm around her trim waist he grinned down at her. “As long as your happy” he grinned.

“Oh I’m more than happy” she reached up stretching on her toes to tenderly kiss his cheek.

“I don’t know what Eddie did but I like it” he winked at her “I hope you’ll let me in on the secret sometime.”


“We will I promise” she assured him. “Eddie when do you…” her voice faded when she realized the blond as no longer on the porch with them. “When did he leave?”

Shrugging Tom shook his head “I don’t know. I guess he thought we needed some privacy and went inside.” He lead her over to one of the chairs on the porch. Sitting down he pulled her into his lap making her squeak in a way that her previous Ferrari persona would never have done. “Are you sure you’re alright” he asked “you did just vomit all over my brother’s kitchen floor.”

“I’m fine” she leaned into him resting her cheek on his shoulder. “I’m glad we came here” she murmured softly in his ear “I’m sorry I almost ruined it yesterday.”

“Hey no looking into the past” he poked his fingers into her side tickling her. “You already apologized. Don’t keep beating yourself up about it.”

“I won’t I promise” she snuggled into him. “Tom can I ask you something?”


“You can ask me anything” he assured her.

She sat up gazing into his eyes “do you think I’ll be a good mother?”

“Of course” he said without thinking.

“No I mean it” she held his face between her hands “do you think I’ll be a good mom?”

There was something in her eyes that told him she didn’t want an easy answer. “Are you worried that you’ll be like you’re parents? Is that why you’re asking me this?” He paused watching her eyes shift. There was  a sadness in her eyes. A sadness put there by her parents never being there when she needed them. Never having their support. Never knowing if they truly loved her. She was just another pawn to be used. Like now with the reality show offer Gino called about. “I think you’re not your parents. I think you know how it felt like to not have supportive parents that you’ll do whatever it takes not be be like that. I know you. You’ll put your all into being the best parent you can be just like you put it into being one of the chefs in the world.”


“Yeah but…” Faye looked down at the ground with a look of fear and vulnerability. “I know I’m not my parents, but what if I fail anyway? What if my best isn’t good enough?”

“Parenting is a team effort,” Tom replied, stroking her back lovingly. “You won’t be doing it on your own. And of course, we’ll fail. I know it’s not something you’re really used to, but us regular people make mistakes.”

She hit his arm. “Hey, stop that. I make a whole lot of mistakes. Like, listening to my father all this time.”

“You think that was a mistake? Because if it was, then we’d never have met. You wouldn’t have been able to grow as a person.”

“But maybe I wouldn’t have been this way to begin with,” Faye cried. “I might have been happy and loving and….everything I’m not.”

“I just saw you with Eddie, being happy and loving. You’re everything you say you’re not. You’re absolute perfection and I’m not even just saying that,” Tom said. “I love being with you, because it’s never dull. You always surprise me, and I love when you make these self realizations, one at a time. So, to put it short….I think a kid would only help us grow. Why? Do you maybe want one?”


“I…yes. I really do want a little you running around. I think it would be so cute. A blonde little boy toddling around…grabbing for everything.”

“I would like one too,”  Tom replied. “A little girl who looks and acts like you. Maybe with a little less attitude but, we can work on that.”

“Baby!” Faye cried. “You love my attitude and you know it.”

“I do. But, you should still try to be nice with my family, okay?” He pinched her nose. “Love you, muffin.”

“I do not want to be compared to a muffin!” Faye cried. “Call me something good like a…puff pastry!”

“It’s not as romantic,” Tom sighed, helping his girlfriend stand up with him. “Let’s go inside.”


They came inside to find Eddie writing a list of things they needed from the store. He glanced up with a smile “you ready?”

Nodding Faye reached up to leave a soft kiss on Tom’s cheek. “I’ll see you later. We shouldn’t be long.”

“You better not be” he teased pulling her close “you know how much I hate us being apart, my little apple dumpling.”

“Ugh don’t call me that” she laughed moving away from him.

“What’s wrong with that” he demanded with a wounded expression “you told me not to call you muffin.”

“Apple dumpling is even worse if that’s possible” she shook her head at him. “Eddie help me out here. Would you want to be called muffin or apple dumpling?”


Eddie’s eyes darted between them. “Um neither” he said with an apologetic look to his brother.

“I think you can do better Tom,” Rory said joining them in the kitchen. “So what’s the plan for the day?”

“Well Eddie and I are going shopping” Faye announced taking Eddie by the arm and leading him towards the door.

Glancing at his brother in law Rory said “looks like it’s just you and me this afternoon. I know Eddie any trip to the store is always longer than he plans.”

Despite his teasing tone Eddie explained “it takes so long to get the right produce. It’s not my fault that it takes  me a while to find quality produce.”

“And I appreciate it” Rory assured him. “Before you go did you find your uncle’s number so Tom can call while your out?”


“Yeah I wrote it down over there” he waved towards the notebook he had been using for his list. “Good luck” he called as Faye pulled him from the house.

“I’m going to need it” Tom mumbled as he got his phone out. Now that he was going to put his idea into action he was being overwhelmed with doubt.

“Don’t look so worried. Gene will know if anyone does” Rory moved to the sink “I better get these dishes done or Eddie will be livid when he gets back and his kitchen isn’t pristine.”

“Oh sorry” Tom mumbled as he keyed in the number “I kind of got distracted.”

“At least you cleaned up the vomit” Rory said running the water “that’s something at least.”

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