Metamorphosis – Chapter 12 – Preperations


Faye tugged at the hem of her dress, hoping that Eddie wouldn’t dwell on it. Despite Eddie’s words of encouragement and Tom’s more than radiant outlook on life, Faye was scared. Because, if she really was pregnant…everything would have to go on hold. Could she run a restaurant with a baby that needed to be watched? She saw what happened when her parents left her to her own devices. She couldn’t do that to her child, and she couldn’t very well let Tom run the business. She trusted him, but…she had her own way of running things and this she would not compromise on. She wouldn’t rule with an iron fist but…Tom just didn’t have as much experience as she did running a restaurant.


“What’s up?” Eddie asked the starry eyed girl. “Are you scared?”

“Maybe…” She mumbled, not meeting his gaze. “You and Tom have both convinced me that I want to have a child. It’s just that…what about everything else? My life will be on hold.”

“Well, not necessarily. You and Tom can work out the details,” Eddie said. “But you have family now that can help watch your child.”

“I don’t want that.” Faye shook her head. “Not that you aren’t a good influence, but…”

“They’re your first child, I get it.” Eddie nodded, turning the corner into the parking lot of the convenience store. “But, you don’t have to give up what you love, and that’s cooking right?”


“I have to give up the fame. The interviews. The lavish lifestyle. Which, I don’t mind. Truly. But…my restaurant? That’s my heart, Eddie. What is going to happen to that?”

“No dream is ever over. In fact, it could be the start of something beautiful. Maybe you losing your restaurant was a good thing. You’ll have time to enjoy your child’s first few years and then jump back into the business.”

“But…” Faye gulped. “What if I’m not pregnant?”

“Then you keep building your brand and make it so that one day you can step away and be a mother,” Eddie replied. He gave Faye a reassuring smile. “You stay in the car. We don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea when I buy the pregnancy test.”

“Oh…thank you,” Faye replied. “It means a lot to me.”


Tom walked into the living room to be alone when he made the call to his uncle. He smiled down at Hannah who was playing with some dolls nearby. Absently he wondered what it would be like when he and Faye had kids of their own. He dismissed the idea that she was pregnant. They weren’t even trying to have kids yet and an accident of that magnitude was too far out of character for either of them. They had been too careful. That was one thing he was sure about.

“Hello” the deep voice speaking in his ear brought his  mind back to the task at hand.

“Hey Uncle Gene how are you” he asked “I hope I’m not calling at a bad time.”

“No more than usual” he said and Tom could imagine the easy smile his uncle had on his face. “What’s up?”

“Well I um I was wondering whatever happened to Grandpa’s restaurant.” As the silence lengthened he wondered if he should have done a little more small talk before jumping right into why he was calling.

“It’s still around” Gene’s voice finally said in his ear “we’ve been trying to sell it but the only person interested in buying it Gino Ferrari. I think he’s the reason why no one else has come forward with any bids. I’d rather see the restaurant close than sell it to that man.”


Tom was silent for a moment wondering if Faye would want the restaurant if she knew her dad was interested in it. “Well Faye and I were thinking of starting our own restaurant and Eddie suggested I give you call….” his voice faded unsure what else to say.

“Your grandpa started that restaurant in the hopes that someone in the family would continue his legacy. He would be delighted to know you were taking over.” In the background Tom could hear his uncle rifling through papers. “There’s something in the will that, at the time I thought was odd but now I understand. He stipulated that if any of his children or grandchildren were interested in taking over the restaurant they could do so at whatever specified amount the executor of his will stipulated.”

“So what does that mean” Tom asked.

“Basically I could sell it to you for a dollar….”

“You can’t do that” Tom cried “that’d wouldn’t be right.”

“We can discuss the price later but the point is if you want the restaurant you can have it” Gene said laughing a little. “Why don’t you and Faye come see me and we’ll iron this out together.”

“We’ll do that” Tom assured him. After a little more small talk he sat heavily on the couch like he was in a daze. He couldn’t believe it. It was all starting to fall into place. He couldn’t wait to tell Faye!


The drive back to the house was quiet. An awkwardness fell over the pair as soon as Eddie entered the car with the pregnancy test. “It can’t be,” She murmured. “I don’t think I’m pregnant.”

“We’ll find out soon enough. Don’t stress it too much,” Eddie assured her. He pulled into his driveway and parked the car. “I hope all went well with the restaurant. I don’t see why Uncle Gene wouldn’t do everything to help you guys get a restaurant.”

“I really appreciate it. I don’t like what my father is doing. It isn’t right. He wants me to do some stupid reality show, because he knows he’s starting to become a wash up in the kitchen. He could deal with me being better than him, because he can latch onto my fame. But someone else…”

“Is there someone else?” Eddie asked. “A new face on the scene?”

“Maybe Sonny,” Faye replied. “He’s getting really good. Then there’s Violet Ashe too. Point is, he won’t be the best chef forever. He’s getting older and he wants me to do a reality show to make money off of me. It’s not okay. And imagine if I had a baby?”

“That’s not a safe environment,” Eddie agreed.


“No, it isn’t.” She let Eddie help her out of the car. “What do we tell Tom now?”

Eddie folded up the bag and handed it to Faye to put in her purse. “Groceries. You’re going to help me carry the bags?”

“I could be pregnant,” Faye said, feigning shock. “I couldn’t!”

Eddie raised a brow. “I carried groceries when I was pregnant. No excuses, missy. Help me.”

“Okay, fine.” She grinned. “Can I help prepare dinner tonight?” Faye asked, her smile widening. “I was messing around with this new recipe that Tom said tastes good. But he’s Tom, you know? I think your husband will be honest with me if he doesn’t like the taste. Oh, and you can prepare some as well along with me.”

Eddie nodded with a smile, wondering what kind of recipe Faye had in mind.

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