Metamorphosis – Chapter 14 – Baby Talk


“You have to tell him,” Eddie chided. “You know that right?”

Faye nodded, and bit her lip. “I know he’ll make a great dad but I’m nervous. This is way earlier than we planned.”

“The best things in life are unplanned. I have two kids from an old…thing,” Eddie said with some hesitation at the end of his sentence. “I didn’t plan them, but I wouldn’t be able to live without them. They are a blessing.”

Faye smiled gently. “I hope this child looks and acts like his father. I really do.”


“You have some great qualities too,” Eddie pointed out. “Don’t discount yourself.”

“You guys are so loving. Back home, we didn’t compliment each other. It was more like a battle of who had the most achievements. Dad always won, and if he didn’t….he was grumpy the entire time. So, we just dumbed ourselves down in front of him. Except when cameras were running, because then he wanted us to pretend like we were a different caliber.”

Eddie placed a hand on her back. “We’re family now. When we like something, we let you know. When we don’t, we’ll also tell you but we won’t be jerks about it.”

“And you guys give good advice too,” Faye replied with a nod. “I always wanted a family that felt like home. Not just blood rushing through my body. Thank you again for your hospitality.”


Later that night Faye watched Tom go through his nightly routine. He looked up catching her watching him he swayed his hips like he imagined a male stripper might. She giggled as he hoped she would. Sitting on the edge of the bed in just his boxers he asked “want to tell me what’s on your mind?”

Shaking her head she mumbled “I’m just tired.” For a moment she thought he would accept that. He nodded and half turned to get up when he stopped and faced her again.

“Faye I know when something’s bothering you” he reached for her hand. He gently squeezed it holding it in both of his. “We don’t have to buy the restaurant if you don’t want to….”

“It’s not that” she assured him. She glanced towards the window. The moon was large and bright it filled her with hope. Hope that things were finally turning around for. That she had finally found a place to call home. A family to call her own. “Tom I have something to tell you” she hesitated her voice catching. “I wanted to wait until I was sure.” She stopped again half hoping that he’d guess and save her from having to spell it out for him.

Frowning he asked “sure about what? Me? My family? The restaurant? I don’t understand.”


“Remember how I asked you if you thought I’d be a good mom” she waited until he nodded. “Well … we’re going to find out how good I’ll be.” She stopped, smiling up at him “I’m pregnant.”

He stared at her not sure he had heard her right. “Pregnant” he asked as if didn’t quite believe it or know what she meant. “Are you sure” he asked.

Nodding enthusiastically she laughed at him “I’m pregnant I took a test and everything.”

“How? I mean I know how but we were so careful” he stammered as his mind reeled at the information.

“Not careful enough” she said “Tom are you ok with this? I know it’s not what we had planned and so much is going on and….”

“Am I ok” he cried a goofy grin encompassed his face “I’m going to be a daddy.” He threw his arms around her “we’re going to be the best parents. I just know it.”


“I’m beginning to think anything is possible when I’m around you and your family” she laughed along with him sharing in this moment of joy and wonder. “I couldn’t imagine having a baby with anyone else Tom Bennett. You’re the best thing to come into my life.”

“And you have your dad to thank for that” he teased kissing her cheek.

“Don’t remind me” she frowned at him not willing to give Gino any credit for anything.

“I know a way to help you forget” he said peppering her face with feathery soft kisses.

“How do you aim to do that” she challenged.

“By doing this” he quickly rolled her over on the bed. He balanced his weight above afraid of hurting or the baby by leaning on top of them. He gazed into her eyes “I love you Faye Ferrari. Forever and always” he murmured just before he lowered his lips to hers and sealed the promise with a kiss.


“Let’s not scar your brother, hmm?” She whispered, gently pushing him off of her but snuggling close into his arms.

“Aw, he ruins all the fun,” Tom whispered into her hair. “I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad. And you’re going to be a mom. We’re going to have the cutest child. A beautiful little girl.”

“I want a boy,” Faye muttered. “Someone to be like his father. You and Eddie are both so wonderful.”

“Our child doesn’t have to be a boy to be wonderful, you realize that right?” He threw his arms around her waist gently. “She can be a strong independent woman like you.”

“Oh gosh, what if she wants to be a cook like us?” Faye murmured. “No TV shows.”

“Better not tell your dad then,” Tom whispered, half jokingly.


“Oh gosh!” Her eyes flew open as the thought washed over her. She sat up, much to Tom’s dismay. “My dad is totally going to try to exploit this somehow.”

“He’s not going to come near our child,” Tom replied firmly. “I won’t let him.”

“If only it’s that easy! Guess what? He’ll find a way. He’ll take our child. He’ll….” She could feel herself hyperventilating. “Tom…”

“He won’t,” Tom whispered in a soothing tone. “Don’t worry. He won’t.”

“Promise,” Faye said, eyes full of tears. “You promise?”

“On my life,” Tom agreed. “I promise he won’t touch our child.”


Tom cradled her as she snuggled into his arms. Tremors ran through her as she no doubt tried to believe his promise that her dad would never touch their child. He leaned forward enough to place a tender kiss on top of her head. “I won’t let anything happen to you or our child” he whispered. He wasn’t sure if it was his presence or his words that finally soothed her enough to sleep but he lay there in the dark listening to her even breathing as she slept on his shoulder.

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