Knights of Hope – Chapter 1 – Hockey With Heart


Yanking the curtain aside, head down concentrating on the medical chart in his hands Trebor didn’t see who his next patient was. Head jerking up as a familiar voice greeted him.

“Hello handsome. We have to quit meeting like this” Braylin grinned winking at him.

Gasping Trebor felt his stomach flutter like a thousand butterflies took flight all at once. His feet felt frozen to the floor as his eyes told him his ears weren’t lying to him. Then to make matters worse, his face erupted in a myriad shades of red as heat flushed through him. Desperately he glanced around the room seeking escape as Braylin chuckled in appreciation of his predicament.

“Doctor” the voice of the nurse broke through his trance.

“Err yes” he mumbled mentally shaking himself.

“Should we send him to radiology for x-rays” she asked. Her eyes glancing from one man to the other her curiosity evident.

Glancing at the chart then over at his smiling patient he said “yes we’ll need x-rays of the shoulder just to be safe.” Carefully he ran his fingers over the injured shoulder. “I’m pretty sure it’s only dislocated though.”


“That’s a relief” Braylin said “I’ll be able to play in the game Friday.”

“I wouldn’t recommend it” Trebor shook his head at him. “Your shoulder needs time to rest.” He gave the man in front of him a thoughtful look wondering how anyone would even want to play a dangerous sport like hockey much less do so injured.

“No can do” he protested “can’t afford to be benched. I get paid to play.”

Frowning Trebor caught the man’s face by the chin holding it still. “It looks more like you’ve been in a brawl in a bar instead of a hockey game.” He dabbed at the cuts on the man’s face.

“One of the many hazards of playing the game” he shrugged ready to go.

“Not so fast” Trebor protested “your face took a beating. Some of these cuts need stitches.” Flashing a penlight into the hockey player’s eyes “you might even have a concussion.”

“Are you trying to get me benched” he demanded jerking his face away. “My shoulder hurts that’s it.”


“I wouldn’t be a very good doctor if I let you walk out of here without a thorough examination” Trebor said firmly. Reaching for Braylin’s t-shirt he lifted it up and over the man’s head. His eyes taking in the man’s toned chest and abs. He sucked in a breath holding it as he remembered the first time he had seen that body.

“Couldn’t wait to get my clothes off again could you Doc” Braylin quipped. “I’d prefer it if we had a little more privacy like say, my apartment.”

Blowing an annoyed breath out his nose Trebor knew his body wanted to take him up on the invite. “That’s not going to happen” he snapped stepping back.

“It happened once” Braylin grinned standing to follow the nurse to get his x-rays. “It’ll happen again.”


“Not likely” Trebor huffed regretting the impulse he had to let the other doctor go on break to see his wife, instead of taking this new patient. But no he had to be the nice guy. “It was just a one night stand. It won’t be repeated.” He ignored the almost painful twist his stomach gave him as his body revolted against him. He could still feel the way the man’s hands made him come alive. The electricity that coursed through him from a single kiss.

Grabbing the chart he held it in front of him to hopefully hide his bodies betrayal.
Passing by him Braylin winked leaning in close “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Jerking his chin up his stomach dropping into a bottomless pit at the knowing smirk Braylin was giving him. “In your dreams” he mumbled half to himself knowing the guy had been in several of his dreams over the past several weeks since the charity event. Despite his words otherwise, his body definitely wasn’t in agreement and lusted for a repeat encounter.



Trebor dozed on the couch letting the week drain from his tired overworked body. If anyone had told him becoming a doctor would be like this he might have changed his mind. At twenty-five he shouldn’t feel so damn old.

A smile tugged at his lips. The highlight of his week had been seeing Braylin again. He hadn’t thought he’d see him again after the night they spent together. He was still in minor shock that he’d gone home with the pink haired man not to mention everything else they did.

His hands slipped unbidden to his pants where he ached for release. With a groan he sat up. Shaking his head muttering to himself. “What the hell is wrong with me” he demanded of himself rubbing his hands over his face. “I haven’t done that since I was a horny teenager.”


Glancing at the time he remembered something the hockey player said to him. If he hurried he might make it in time. Stifling a yawn he stripped his clothes leaving a trail from the living room to the bathroom. An uncommon occurrence for his fastidious nature. He knew that if he stopped to think the mess would get the better of him and he’d never make it in time.

The hot water refreshed his tired brain working it’s magic on his stiff and sore muscles. With reluctance he stepped from the shower. The ticking clock inside his head kept counting down telling him to hurry up. He hated being late.

Closing his eyes to the mess he was making he hurried to his room to throw some clothes on. His meticulous mind screaming at him to retrace his steps. Wipe down the shower before water spots had a chance to dry. To pick up the discarded clothing. With an effort he forced himself to ignore it all and walk out the door.



All the way to the stadium he had the nagging feeling he’d left something on. Mentally he retraced his footsteps reviewing everything he’d done before leaving. So distracted he didn’t hear the girl at the ticket counter. Blushing under her silent glare he mumbled “one please.” Not knowing what to expect he found himself sitting next to the boards close to the ice. Anxiously he watched for a glimpse of Braylin on the ice. His heart beating fast as he read a jersey with McGavin on the back. Squashing the desire to wave wildly at him, he sat eyes fixed on that one hockey player like he was a one man show.

During the game Trebor followed Braylin across the ice. Holding his breath whenever he fell hoping he wouldn’t reinjure his shoulder. So focused on Braylin he didn’t notice the nearby grumbles of those sitting around him. So engrossed in the game he hadn’t realized the home team, Braylin’s team, was losing. He didn’t have a clue how or why the crowd was so disgruntled and chalked it up to his complete lack of knowledge or interest in the game until now. He sat musing over all the questions he had while the zamboni machine went back and forth over the ice. That too he had no idea why that was required. His lack of knowledge was staggering.

The second half of the game he attempted to pay more attention to the game but his eyes kept seeking out his hockey player. It was like he held some kind of spell over him. The crowd erupted in loud angry boos when the opposing team forced a home team player into the boards. Blood smeared the barrier in front of Trebor’s face. Awestruck he realized the squashed bleeding player was Braylin.


The man’s blue eyes met his. Despite the blood trickling down his nose and mouth he smiled at him. There was an expression in the man’s eyes that made Trebor feel special, singled out. Everything stilled around him. The noise of the crowd went silent. He moved as if on air to press his hands to the barrier, staring into Braylin’s battered face. Nothing mattered but maintaining that eye contact. The spell broke with the blaring of a whistle that had paramedics rushing across the ice to inspect the injuries.

The rest of the game was a haze. Losing interest in a game he didn’t understand and his eyes no longer had anything to focus on since his hockey player had been replaced on the ice. He decided to leave before he gave into the urge to go busting into the locker room to make sure Braylin was alright.

As the final buzzer sounded Trebor was exiting the stadium. He didn’t need to know the score to know the home team lost. He didn’t want to get caught up in an angry mob ready to fight. The ER was going to be hopping tonight and if he hadn’t just come off a double shift he might have been tempted to go in to help.



The following day as Trebor was leaving the hospital he almost walked into someone coming in with a surplus of flowers. Stepping back Trebor gave him the right of way. “If you’re here to visit a patient you’ll need to go around to the admin desk. This is the ER.”.

“I’m definitely here to see someone but it’s not a patient.” The flowers shifted the top of a messy head of pink hair and a pair of blue eyes peered over the top.

“If you tell me who you’re here to see I might be able to tell them you’re here” Trebor offered not recognizing the man behind the flowers.

“No need. I’ve already found him.” The flowers lowered revealing Braylin’s face. “These are for you” he announced shoving them towards Trebor.

“What” he asked standing weakly frozen in place.


“Aren’t you going to take them” Bray asked “I picked each of them just for you.”

“Did not” he retorted attempting to push the flowers back towards the pink haired male.

“I most certainly did” he insisted “it took me all day to pick this many. You have no idea the trouble I went through to get them or the amount of thorns I endured.”

“I’m busy” Trebor said stepping away feeling on display for every curious onlooker.

“You’re not” Bray grinned “I checked.”


“Are you stalking me or something” Trebor demanded pretending to be mad but failing as a smile tugged at his lips. No one had ever taken so much trouble to get his attention before. Well maybe once a long time ago…

“Nurse Betty or Bethany or something like that. Whatever. She sounded real cute on the phone.” Bray explained grinning at the scowl Trebor was directing at him. “She said you were done at 3:00.” Making a show of looking at the clock he said “it’s now almost 3:30.” Holding the flowers out again “these are for you.”

Taking them this time Trebor let the scent wash over him filling his nasal passages. “Thank you” he said almost breathlessly.

Shrugging Bray said “each one was picked just for you. I named them after each memorable thing we did our first night together.”

“Liar” Trebor hissed turning towards the exit hoping to leave before Bray could elaborate further.


“I did” he said a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “This one” he pointed towards a pink rose “is named pinky after the way you blushed standing in front of me in the nude.”

Yelping Trebor’s eyes darted around the full ER hoping in vain that no one had heard him. “Not here” he hissed.”

“Why” he challenged “afraid of what you’re co-workers might think?”

“Of course not. It’s just…” he hid his overheated face in the flowers.

“It’s just what” Braylin demanded pressing for answers.


“It’s not appropriate” he said looking up eyes snapping. “There’s a place for that kind of talk and behavior.”

“Oh” Bray winked “like the bedroom while we’re having wild passionate sex.” His voice was loud causing two passing EMT’s to glance in their direction and snicker.

“You’re impossible” Trebor grumbled walking in the direction of his car.

“Hey don’t go away mad” Braylin called jogging up to him. “I haven’t had a chance to ask you what I came for.”

Fumbling for his key fob Trebro handed him the flowers to hold. “I’ve got things to do” he said knowing that the things he referred to was reading the latest medical journal and watching a little TV before falling asleep.


“Like what? Watching TV” he asked. “I’ve got a better proposition for you than that.”

“No” he snapped opening the car door.

“You haven’t even heard what it is yet.” Bray protested setting the flowers on top of the car.

“I’m not going home with you” Trebor said with as much force and conviction he could muster.

“As nice as that would be” he grinned eyes skimming across Trebor’s body .“That’s not what I had in mind. Maybe later depending upon how the night goes. I’m not ruling it out.”


Curiosity winning over his better judgement Trebor asked “what were you going to suggest?”

“Go out with me” Bray enthused “dinner, a movie. I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”

“Well” Trebor let his eyes wander as he drummed his fingers on top of the car. His eyes settled on the hockey players package that he knew was impressive if he remembered right. “Maybe not too much of a gentleman” he mumbled to himself.

Laughing Braylin leaned on the car “so that’s a yes then?”

Nodding Trebor tensed when Bray pressed his lips to his before he melted into him. Whimpering a little when he pulled away. “I’ll pick you up at 6:00” Bray said turning and walking away.


“Wait” Trebor called from the car. “You don’t have my number or address.”

“That’s okay Nurse Betty or Bethany already gave me your address” he said. “She also gave me your number too. Is there something I should know about you and her?”

“Ugh no she’s like forty” Trebor protested gagging pretending he knew who this Nurse Betty really was.

“Just checking” Bray waved “I’ll see you at six.”

Chapter 2 – Date Night

7 thoughts on “Knights of Hope – Chapter 1 – Hockey With Heart

  1. Nurse Betty! Wonder who she is…is she important? Lol Braylin is VERY forward, one of my fav tropes lol Let’s see how long Trebor can keep him at arm’s length. Considering he said yes to a date, probably not very long.

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    • You’ll find out who Nurse Betty is soon! I think you’ll like her lol
      Braylin just knows what he likes and he won’t stop until he gets it. Considering that the first time they met Trebor wound up in Braylin’s bed he’s already at a disadvantage. Wonder how their date will end? Thanks for reading and commenting!

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