Knights of Hope – Chapter 2 – Date Night


Trebor checked the time as soon as he got home. 4:05. He had enough time for a short nap before needing to get ready for his date. A thrill went through him as he anticipated the evening igniting every nerve ending in his body.

Pulling his shirt over his head he tossed it into the hamper as he entered his room before flopping on his bed. Closing his eyes images from the first night he and Braylin had been together came to mind. Would tonight end the same way? Part of him hope it would. Another part hoped there was more between them than just animal attraction.

The phone buzzing inside his pants pocket roused him from his dreams. Moaning in protest he reached around to pull the annoying device from his back pocket. “What” he mumbled voice thick with sleep.


“Is that anyway to greet your mother” the voice in his ear demanded.

“Oh..hi mom” he sat up rubbing his eyes.

“Did I wake you” she asked her tone conveying concern. “You’re not working doubles again are you?”

“No mom” rolling his eyes. He managed to snap his mouth shut before he added not tonight. What his mother didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.

“You work too much” she said “how do you expect to meet anyone if you’re always working?”

“I don’t work all the time” he protested “Last night I went to a hockey game…” As soon as the words came out he regretted it. It was one thing to be pestered about his lack of a love life than to be asked when he was going to settle down and have a family.

“Anything we need to know” she asked “Do you need me to run a background check on him?”


“Mom” he cried “stop.” Closing his eyes he started counting to ten. “I don’t need a background check done. I went to the game alone.”

“Oh” her disappointment was almost palpable in the room.

Feeling like the worst son ever he said “mom it’ll happen one day. Just not today. I’m busy with my career. Aren’t you always telling me things happen when they’re supposed to?”

“I did” she agreed. “I worry that you’re not open to the possibilities around you because of what happened…”

“Mom don’t” he pleaded. He knew all he had to do was tell her he was going on a date to ease her mind but… “I’ve go to go” he said instead wanting to end the call. He wasn’t ready yet to introduce the idea of him being in a relationship. He wanted to see where things went first. For all he knew this was more about lust then love.

“Oh don’t let me hold you up” she said “I love you.”

“Love you too” he said before disconnecting the call. He didn’t miss the sadness in her voice. She meant well but sometimes he felt pressured to live up to her expectations and what was worse he was sure she didn’t even know she was doing it.


A soft knock on his apartment door had him rushing to answer it. Throwing the door open he came face to face with Braylin. “Shit your early” he blurted almost angrily.

“Nice to see you too” Bray smirked eyes moving across Trebor’s bare chest. “As much as I like your outfit it’s a little risque for where we’re going.”

“Sorry I fell asleep. Then my mom called” he ran a hand through his dirty hair “I need a shower.”

“Is that an invitation” the pink haired male moved in close running his fingers along Trebor’s spine.

Groaning Trebor pushed him away “you wish.” Turning he said “make yourself at home. Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”



“You clean up good” Braylin winked at his date.

“Thanks …. I think” he looked over the sea of people ahead of them. “We’re never going to get in. I’m sorry I made us late.”

“Don’t worry about it” Braylin said taking his hand “it won’t be as long as you think.”

Frowning Trebor shook his head “it’s going to take all night.”

“We could have a drink in the bar” he suggested without thinking.

Recoiling at his words Trebor tugged his hand free. “I don’t drink. I didn’t think you did either.”


“I don’t” he assured him “I don’t know why I even suggested it.”

“You used to drink” Trebor asked.

Nodding scratching his head. “I did. I won’t lie. I had a big problem with it. It’s hard not to get caught up in the all the partying in my line of work.” He gave Trebor a piercing hopeful look that he might understand where he was coming from. “Is the fact I used to drink going to be a problem? With us I mean.”

Trebor shook his head letting his fingers trail up to his companion’s cheek and gently lifting his chin. “I don’t see why it should. We all have things in our past we regret.”

There was something about the way he said it that had Braylin thinking he understood more than he wanted to admit. Something in his eyes that hinted he might be hiding something. He was about to ask when their name was called. Clearing his throat he took Trebor’s hand “looks like we get to eat after all tonight.”


Once they were seated their waiter asked “may I interest you in our collection of fine wines?”

Trebor shook his head an almost frightened look in his eyes. Patting his hand where it lay on the table Bray said “no thank you. Please bring us your best sparkling water.”

The waiter’s eyes regarded them in wonder then settled on Braylin’s face as recognition brightened the man’s eyes. “Two sparkling waters coming up” he repeated as he turned to fill the order.

Trebor silently regarded Bray from across the table. “Does it ever bother you that complete strangers recognize you?”


“Not really” he shrugged “it comes with the territory.”

Nodding he glanced down at the hand covering his. “I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to” he looked up meeting Braylin’s gaze “that is if we go out again.”

“As if there’s any doubt” he scoffed.

“Well….” Trebor chuckled shaking his head “let’s get through tonight first before we talk about the next. For all I know you’ll get bored with me.”

Lifting Trebor’s hand he brought it to his lips. Pausing he smiled over the top of it “I’m rather fond of my sexy doctor.” He pressed his lips to the smooth skin of Trebor’s hand.


“You’re just saying that” Trebor protested tugging his hand free. As soon as it was free if felt cold and empty and he longed for Braylin to hold it again. His hand tingled where Bray’s lips came into contact with it. “You just want someone to play doctor with later” his eyes sparkled in the dim lighting of the restaurant. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

“Is that an option” Bray asked attempting to keep his growing excitement at bay.

Blushing beneath the man’s intense lustful gaze Trebor lowered his eyes to observe the intricate design of the expensive dinner plate set in front of him. “We shall see” he said primly looking up in time to see the hockey player’s desire erupt in his eyes like a supernova.

Moaning Bray growled “you tease. You’ve no idea what you’re doing to me.” Pausing he considered his last few words “on second thought you know damn well what you’re doing.” Taking hold of Trebor’s hand he stood saying “dance with me.”


He let Bray lead him to the dance floor. His body tensed as Braylin pulled him close grinding against him letting him know exactly what he had done to him. The man’s obvious excitement sent a thrill through Trebor that he hadn’t experienced before. Leaning in close Bray whispered “if we were alone I’d take you right here right now.”

His skin prickled with anticipation. No one had ever gotten that kind of reaction from him before. Trebor let his lips graze across the man’s cheek stopping to nip at Bray’s earlobe before saying “where’s the fun in that? I might have let you take me right here right now.” Stepping back he turned to walk back to their table.

Standing transfixed staring after Trebor he ached to take the man in his arms and make good on his words. Groaning softly he followed after him aching in all the right places. He couldn’t wait to leave the restaurant so that the real fun could begin.



Trebor jerked awake. Something wasn’t right the first thought running through his mind. He wasn’t wearing any clothes. He always wore something to bed. Plus he wasn’t alone. The rustling of the blankets and the hand resting on his thigh made him all to aware of that fact.

The hand moved downward as soft lips kissed a trail up his arm. “Didn’t you get enough last night” he asked as his body responded to the man’s touch.

“Did you” came the soft reply before he resumed kissing along his body.

Rolling onto his back with a contented sigh he closed his eyes. “I could get used to waking up to this.” The man’s teeth nipping into him had him pushing the pink haired male away “what do you call that?”

“Love bite” he grinned leaning up on an arm to gaze down at Trebor.

Rubbing the side of his neck “felt more like a ravenous vampire than a love bite.”

“How would you know” he teased “have you been with many vampires?”


“Only you” he tossed the blankets aside to swing his legs over the edge of the bed to sit up.

“Don’t you want me to finish what I started” he asked pushing his bottom lip out reaching for Trebor’s shoulder.

Glancing at the time Trebor shook his head despite his own growing desire. Looking over his shoulder he said “only of you can do it in the shower. I have to be at work in an hour.”

Rolling out of bed Braylin held his hand out to Trebor. “I thought you’d never ask. Come on” he waggled his fingers meant to hurry Trebor up “we don’t have all day.”

Grinning Trebor took his hand “you’re insatiable. You know that?”

“Yes well” he pulled Trebor flush with his body “there could be worse things.”



Hours later Trebor was wishing he’d had a more restful night. The emergency room had been busier than usual with accident victims, smoke inhalation cases from a fire in a senior citizen home. He may have needed the sleep but he knew he’d do it all again if given a chance.

“Heads up” Eli shouted sticking his head into the breakroom. “We’ve got a multiple car pile up coming in.”

“What’s up with people today” Trebor complained tossing his coffee in the nearby trash can.

“At this rate you won’t be going home to lover boy anytime soon” Eli chuckled at the frazzled cross look Trebor gave him. “Hey it’s not my fault you’ve got bite marks on the back of your neck.”

“Shit” he mumbled a hand going to the back of his neck “I’d forgotten about that.”


“Don’t worry about it” Eli shrugged “I doubt I would have notice if it weren’t for your cousin pointing it out to me.”

“You can tell Lana I’ll get even with her one day” Trebor warned.

“From the looks of it you got lucky last night” Eli grinned winking at him.

“That’s beside the point” Trebor grumbled as they worked to get the exam room ready for casualties. “She had no right to give my contact information out to anyone. For all she knew he could have been a stalker or something.”

“I still say Nurse Betty did you a favor” Eli ducked to avoid the roll of gauze Trebor tossed at his head.


“What if someone did that to you” he demanded.

“Depends if it had a happy ending or not” he gave Trebor a serious appraisal from head to toe. “From where I stand you had several happy endings last night and possibly this morning too.”

“Stop” Trebor shook his head “I know you won’t side with me against Lana; especially now that you’re sleeping together.”

“Damn right” he grinned “why would I want to jeopardize my relationship for you?”
As the first victims were carried in Trebor said “remind me later to thank her.”


“You do that and she’ll invite you and him over for supper for a game night or something” he teased flashing him a grin. “Are you ready for the mundaneness of being in a relationship?”

“No one said anything about a relationship” he objected “it was only one date.”

“Yet you’ve already sampled the goods” Eli gave him a stern look like he was mystified by his friends behavior.

“That’s why they’re called one night stands” Trebor pointed out.

“They’re not one night stands if you keep having them with the same guy. That’s called a relationship” Eli stated before they were both inundated with injured people who needed all of their attention.

Chapter 1 – Hockey with Heart / Chapter 3 – Uncomfortable Situation

6 thoughts on “Knights of Hope – Chapter 2 – Date Night

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  2. I know Trebor is scared if getting into the relationship for his own reasons, but he and Braylin have a chemistry that’s through the roof. Serious goals right there.
    Good job, Lana. If your cousin is too in his own head to get his own love life set up, someone needs to help him!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Trebor does have his reasons to hold back. We’ll learn more about that later. OMG their chemistry is off the charts. They literally cannot help themselves when they’re together. I think you’re going to really like Lana. While Trebor would object to his mom meddling into his love life he’ll accept it from his cousin. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  4. Eli is too funny lol I agree with Violincat…the chemistry between these men is top tier. Does Trebor have a problem with drinking because of Gene or is that too far back? It seems like this branch of the family is a little more want of drinking and I’m wondering if there’s a connection.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like Eli and Trebor’s dynamic together. Of course it doesn’t compare to the chemistry between Trebor and Braylin. They’re fun to write. In regards to Trebor’s problem with drinking it goes beyond Gene’s problems with it. There is something in his past that will come out later that is the real reason why he has a problem with drinking. Plus there’s his sister. So it might be in the genetic makeup to be more inclined to have an addictive personality. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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