Knights of Hope – Chapter 3 – Uncomfortable Situation


Tossing his soiled scrubs into the hamper he hoped the hospital laundry service would be able to remove the blood stains. Leaning against the cool ceramic wall of the locker room Trebor took several deep breaths letting the cold seep into his tired body.

“You better get a move on” Eli said prodding him in the side as he walked past on his way to his locker. Doctor Bracket is looking for willing volunteers to work a double tonight.”

“Not tonight” Trebor moaned forcing himself to move. “I’ve already worked overtime.” He moved like a slug towards his locker where his street clothes were stored.


The locker room door opened allowing an older man in his late thirties early forties into the room. “I need a couple of volunteers” his eyes locked onto Eli a moment before moving to Trebor.

“No can do” Eli declined shaking his head. “Trebor and I have important family matters to attend to.”

The man’s eyebrows rose skyward disappearing into his longish hair on his forehead. “Is that so” he pondered letting his gaze bore into Trebor before dipping and lingering on his bare chest and torso.

“Yyyyeah” Trebor said dismissing the fleeting thought his superior was checking him out. “One of the victims in the multi car pile up was our cousin” he explained. “We need to make phone calls home to inform the family.”


“I’m sure Eli here can take care of all that” Doctor Bracket said stepping close resting a hand on Trebor’s shoulder “I could make it worth your while if you stay.”

Stepping back to break the unwanted contact Trebor fell over the nearby bench. His feet flew out from beneath him. He landed on his back with a loud jarring thud. He lay staring up at the concerned faces while stars floated in front of him as he fought to draw air into his lungs. Struggling to his feet still gasping for breath mumbling “I’m fine” he assured Eli before he could ask if he were okay. Composing himself he addressed the Director “I can’t work a double tonight. Sorry.”

Disappointment tinged with anger flashed in the man’s eyes before nodding and backing towards the exit. Stopping by the door he gave Trebor a lingering leer.before leaving and slamming the door behind him.


“Wow” Eli said releasing a breath he’d been holding “that guy has it bad for you. Did you see the way he was looking at you?”

“You’re kidding right” Trebor protested shrugging into his shirt deciding to wait until he got home to shower.

“Didn’t you see the way he was undressing you with his eyes” groaning he shook his head at his friend. “You cannot be that oblivious.”

“I’m telling you you’re wrong” Trebor insisted finger combing his hair. “The man is married. He has kids a few years younger than us. Why would he be interested in me?”

“So you did notice” Eli grinned earning himself an exasperated glare. Ignoring him he said “you’re a hot young stud. Why wouldn’t he want to tap that?”

“Whatever” Trebor rolled his eyes as he fled the locker room and the jeers his best friend would taunt him with.


Walking past the nurses’ station he was well aware of Doctor Brackett’s eyes upon him. It gave him an unsettled feeling in the pit of his stomach. It wasn’t the same thrill of fluttering butterflies he got when he caught Braylin watching him the night of the Charity event. With Braylin he felt desired almost like a cherished piece of art. With Doctor Brackett he felt somehow dirty, like a cheap trick to be tossed like yesterday’s trash.

Waiting by the door for Eli wasn’t the best idea he had that night. He should have waited in the locker room. At least there he wouldn’t have been alone or under the watchful eyes of Dr Brackett. “Finally” he jumped from the wall where he’d been leaning when Eli joined him.


“Couldn’t help it” he said holding his phone up. “Russell called to see if Elaine had made it in alright. I had no choice but to tell him what happened.”

“How did he take it” Trebor asked thankful that Eli had gotten the call and not him.

“Terrible” he sighed “he was in tears before I finished telling him. This is one of the things I hate about being a doctor.” Squeezing his eyes shut he inhaled deeply. “He and Lia are catching the earliest flight they can from Sunlit Tides. They should be here sometime tomorrow.” Glancing over his shoulder where their Director was watching. “I hate to do this to you buddy but I need you to cover for me tomorrow night.”


“You owe me big time” Trebor said walking towards the exit.

Laughing softly Eli said “that guy gives me the creeps.”

“You” Trebor asked incredulously “what about me?”

“Yeah well” he shrugged “you’re the one who says he doesn’t want in your pants.”

“Ugh” he walked towards his car knowing Eli would follow “he doesn’t.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about” Eli flashed him a grin.

“Stop” Trebor warned “or you’ll have to walk home.”

“Alright I’ll behave” he said “but it’s not gonna change the fact Doctor Creepy wants you bad.”


254In between rounds the next day Trebor stopped to check on his cousin. The sound of the machines in the semi dark room was reassuring. He knew that most people would find it eerie but it meant life. The patient was still fighting. Holding on. It was good. Automatically he checked the chart smiling as he perceived the small improvements in her condition.

Glancing up when the door opened behind him he grinned at the visitors. “She’s doing better” he announced. “Not out of the woods yet but definitely better. He could see the relief flood into the visitors faces at his words. “Russell how are you holding up” he asked.

“I’m functioning” he mumbled staring at the still young woman.

“We’re doing everything possible for her” Trebor assured him.

His only response was a weak nod as the young man shuffled forward his face etched with pain. Lana stood beside him silently rubbing his back a steady presence offering support. Wishing he knew the right words to offer him instead of the cold clinical terms his medical training gave him.

“How’s it going with Doctor Creepy” Eli asked irrelevantly using the nickname he adopted for their superior.


“Haven’t seen him” he shrugged attempting a nonchalance he didn’t feel.

“You could get him on harassment charges” Lia said coming forward. “Someone in his position shouldn’t be propositioning his underlings.”

“Eli you blabbermouth” he cried glaring at his friend “you weren’t supposed to tell anyone.” Crossing his arms he felt heat rise to his cheeks “it’s embarrassing enough as it is without everyone knowing.”

“Hey I was only trying to help” he held his hands up in surrender. “It’s not my fault the guy wants you.”

“Does not” Trebor snapped.

“It’s okay” Lia said “victims always deny it’s happening. Its normal.” Patting his arm she continued “we’ll have plenty of time to discuss this later.” She turned taking her boyfriends arm and guiding him to Elaine’s bedside.


Trebor grabbed Eli’s arm before he could join the others “what did she mean that we’d have plenty of time to discuss it later?”

Eli looked around the room before meeting Trebor’s gaze “ you know how she is.”

“So” he asked nodding towards her “she’s a law student. That doesn’t answer my question.”

“We didn’t know Geoffrey was coming” he explained “we don’t have room for all of them.”

“What does that have to do with me” Trebor asked “I don’t have any room for them either.”

“You would if you gave up your bed and slept on the couch” Eli said biting his bottom lip.

“Sleep on the couch in my own home” he demanded like he thought his friend had lost his mind. “You could have at least asked. I could have company or something.”


“Like who” Eli challenged with a smirk “lover boy?”

Crossing his arms in front of him Trebor said “well yeah.”

“Thought you said it was just a one nightstand” Eli his grin becoming wider.

“You’re the one who said it’s not a one nightstand if it’s with the same guy” Trebor pointed out.

“So they can stay” Eli asked changing the subject.

“Yeah they can stay” he assented walking towards the door. “You know where the key is.” He walked out almost colliding with Doctor Brackett.


“Hasn’t your shift started” he demanded his voice harsh bordering on angry.

“I still have ten minutes” he said “I wanted to check on my cousin before going down to the ER.”

“We don’t pay you to stand around visiting” his eyes narrowed “your work performance has been sub par lately. Come to my office at the end of the shift and we can discuss how you can improve before disciplinary actions need to be taken.”

Trebor could feel his insides trembling as he watched the older man walk away. The man who held his future in his hands. If he lost his residency no one else would have him. His career and dream of becoming a heart surgeon would be over.

Jumping when a hand came down on his shoulder “geez don’t do that” he cried putting a hand to his rapidly beating heart.

Looking after the man who made their daily lives miserable Eli said “you might want to talk to Lia about Doctor Creepy before this gets any worse.”

“Yeah” he swallowed hard “I’ll think about it. I’ve got to go.”



“Are you going to tell us what happened between you and Doctor Creepy” Lia demanded eyes bright with more than casual interest.

Shrugging he said “I can handle it.”

“Don’t be all stoic” she said “let us help you. It’s not like we live in the stone ages and you have to put up with this shit.”


A soft knock on the door interrupted what was about to turn into a lengthy lecture. With ill disguised relief Trebor moved to answer the door. “Give it a rest” he pleaded opening the door. A shiver of lust and desire went through him as he recognized his visitor.

“Surprise” Braylin grinned over a large bouquet of flowers.

“I could get used to this” he blushed taking the flowers from Braylin their fingers brushing against each others increasing his desire. “Thank you” he murmured stepping aside to let Braylin enter his apartment. “I have company” pointing he made introductions “this is my cousin Geoffrey and his girlfriend Lia.” Waving a hand to the pink haired male standing beside him “this is Braylin. I’m sure Eli has already told you all about him.”


Grinning Lia had a look of a cat about to pounce on its prey “maybe you can talk some sense into your boyfriend…”

“He’s not my …” he paused shaking his head he decided it wasn’t worth getting into a debate.

Putting an arm around him Braylin pulled him to his side. “I’ve always found Trebor to be pretty sensible.”

“That may be but he’s making a huge mistake” Lia said preparing to launch into her spiel once again.

“Don’t listen to her” Trebor said nudging Braylin towards the door. “We’ll be here all night once she gets going.”


“Could be interesting” Braylin teased a sparkle in his eyes as he regarded the young woman in front of him.

“Trust me you’ll want to hear this” Lia insinuated hands on hips.

“Geoffrey can’t you do something” Trebor asked.

“I would if I thought it would do any good” he shrugged “in this instance I agree with her.”

“What’s going on” Braylin asked looking from one face to the next all amusement draining from his eyes.

“Nothing you need to worry about” Trebor insisted. Grabbing Braylin’s arm he moved towards the door “we better be going or we’ll be late.


Braylin let Trebor hurry him from the apartment. “Where exactly are we going? The last time I checked we didn’t have any plans.”

“I don’t care” Trebor admitted “as long as it isn’t here.”

“We could go back to my place” he offered “order in some Chinese. Watch a little Netflix. See where the night takes us.”

“Sounds perfect” Trebor sighed getting into the elevator.

Moving to stand next to Trebor sensing that something was wrong and wanting to help.

“Is someone giving you a hard time” he asked guessing.

Grunting Trebor shrugged “I don’t want to talk about it.”


“Is it work” he pressed hoping he might stumble upon the problem and be able to help.

“I can handle it” he growled stepping out of the elevator as soon as the door slid open. “I’ll follow you” he said hoping to avoid anymore probing questions.

“If your afraid I’ll pressure you for answers I promise I won’t” Braylin said. “If you need someone to talk to I’m your guy. No pressure though.”

Stopping Trebor considered his words. “I just want a stress free evening. Free from someone telling me what I should do. I just need a chance to think.”

“Okay” he nodded closing the gap between them. Once he was within touching distance he brushed his lips over Trebor’s forehead. “I know a sure fire way of making you forget all of your problems.”

“Really” he asked perking up.



“I can work all kinds of magic with my hands” he nuzzled the side of Trebor’s neck nibbling on his ear. “Trust me. You won’t remember your name by the time I’m done with you.”

“Sounds wonderful” he sighed returning the kiss as Braylin’s lips pressed into his. His stomach took that moment to growl “food first. I’m starving.”

“Well…” he gave him a mischievous grin “maybe we can start with desert while we wait for our food to be delivered.”

“You’re insatiable” Trebor chuckled leaning into him taking comfort in the man’s warmth.

“So I’ve been told” he said letting his fingers wander beneath Trebor’s belt “but you’ll find there’s more to me then hot passionate sex.”

“Not tonight” Trebor said pulling away before Braylins searching fingers found their destination. “Tonight all I need and want is the hot passionate sex.”

“After we eat” he grinned taking Trebor’s hand and walking towards his waiting car.

Chapter 2 – Date Night / Chapter 4 – Opening Up

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    • He’s being stubborn. He doesn’t like being pressured and Lia is all about pressure. Maybe once he’s alone with Braylin he’ll open up. The doctor is creepy and has ulterior motives as you’ll see. You are absolutely right! Trebor shouldn’t be alone with that guy even if he is his boss. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. Pingback: Knights of Hope – Chapter 4 – | Not So Ordinary Life Extras

    • Trebor isn’t using his head. He wants to pretend that uneasy feeling he gets whenever he’s around Doctor Creepy is all in his head. That it’s not as bad as everyone keeps telling him it is. Fear of losing what he’s worked so hard to achieve is holding him back but he’s not at the point where he’s willing to acknowledge that either. Trebor can be stubborn and the more people tell him to do something the more likely he is to stick his toes in and refuse. He should listen to Lia I 100% agree!!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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