Glitter – Chapter 19 – The Plan


“Your dad saw us kissing” Aaron asked sitting next to Raven on the floor in his bedroom.

“Don’t laugh” Raven said hiding his face between his hands and knees. “It was embarrassing. I had to endure the sex talk all over again.”

“Worried about becoming grandparents I bet” he chuckled despite Raven’s protests.

“Don’t you start” he cried “once was enough.”

“Well” he caused considering his words “it is something to be concerned with. You know … if we were …. To um.” He licked his lips looking at his hands.

“If we were to what” Raven asked watching the older boy.

“You know” he glanced up meeting Raven’s eyes then looked down just as quickly “made out, had sex.”

“Have you ever done it” Rave asked in a way that sounded like he was holding his breath.

“Have you” Aaron asked instead of answering the question.

Shaking his head from side to side Raven sighed. “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.”


“There’s a first time for everything” Aaron said leaving forward brushing his lips across Raven’s. Using his weight he pressed Raven down onto the floor pinning him beneath him. “We’ll go slow” he murmured running his hands down Raven’s chest and back up again. “Do you want to continue” he asked in a husky voice.

Nodding Raven couldn’t hide his excitement from the older boy even if he wanted to. “I want you to be my first” he whispered watching as Aaron’s eyes smoldered with desire.

“Let’s get on the bed” he suggested “it’ll be more comfortable.” Shifting his weight he allowed Raven to slide out from beneath him and sat on the edge of the bed. Taking Raven’s hands he guided him to sit on his lap. Kissing the boy again he ran his hands down his torso stopping when he reached the bottom of his shirt. With a swift tug he pulled it loose from his pants and up and over his head. His breath caught in his throat as he gazed upon the boy. “Perfect” he whispered pressing his lips to his neck where is pulse beat rapidly. His fingers sliding lightly down the boys back following his spine causing Raven to make small whimper like noises.

Raven arched his back as Aaron’s mouth traveled down his neck and chest leaving a trail of super-heated sensitive skin in its wake. His brain was overloading after one sensation after another invaded his body. He was sure his heart was going to beat right out of his chest. Rocking back and forth on Aaron’s lap only their jeans separating them as the passions grew.



“Aaron can I borrow…” Riley opened the door leading into his brother’s room. His eyes round with shock when he took in what was happening. “Oh shit” he gasped.

“Get out” Aaron shouted at him throwing a pillow at his disappearing figure.

Raven snatched up his shirt with trembling hands. Shoving his head and arms into it he ran from the room as if a horde of angry bees were after him.

“Raven don’t go” even as the words came out he knew it was no use. Groaning he go up and charged across the hall to his brother’s room. “What the hell” he growled “have you ever heard of knocking?”

Riley gulped facing his brother. He’d never seen him that intimate with anyone before. “I’m sorry. I don’t know” he gulped “mom said Raven wasn’t allowed up here.”

Blowing air through his nose Aaron rolled his eyes. “What mom doesn’t know won’t kill her.”


“How much is it worth” Riley asked with a smirk.

“How much is what worth” Aaron asked slightly confused.

“How much are you willing to pay for me to keep my mouth shut” Riley asked “mom would love to know what you and Raven were doing in your room.”

“You wouldn’t” Aaron took a menacing step forward. The reminder of what his brother had interrupted more than he could bear.

“I would” Riley confirmed keeping his place despite the desire to take a step backwards. He’d always found his older brother to be somewhat intimidating. Crossing his arms he continued “there’s only one thing that’ll keep my mouth shut.”

Aaron regarded him with interest “I’m listening.”


“I need to use your car” he said keeping his eyes focused on his brother’s face.

“No way in hell” he growled.

Shrugging nonchalantly he said “you won’t be needing it for at least a month once mom finds out about Raven….”

“Fine” he agreed holding his keys out “take it.”

Snatching them from his brothers fingers Riley moved towards the door. “Thanks bro. I appreciate it.”

“Yeah yeah” Aaron grumbled “just be sure to get it back without any scratches and a full tank of gas.”

“Sure sure” Riley assured him as he ran down the stairs. He needed to be gone before his mom got home. Glancing at the time he had twenty minutes to spare.



Driving up to Wills house Riley came to a stop. Letting the engine idle while he waited for Will to join him. Ten minutes later Will opened the passenger side door and got in. “I didn’t think your brother would let you take his car to the main island.”

Putting the car into gear Riley said “he doesn’t exactly know.”

“Then how….”

“I caught him and Riley….in his room.” At Wills confused look he elaborated. “Raven’s shirt was off and they were kissing….”

“Oh” Will’s eyes were round “I didn’t know they were that serious.”

“Neither did I” Riley chuckled “it did come in handy though. He probably would have said no otherwise.”

They fell silent as Riley made his way to the pier to wait his turn to drive onto the ferry.

“Ever been to the main island” he asked.

“Nope” he shook his head “but um I know someone who has. She’ll be here at 10:00.”


Giving his friend a sideways glance Riley asked “who?”

“Temperance” Will said turning to look at his friend. “Don’t say anything.”

“You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone” Riley complained.

“I know but” he looked out his window. “I had to do something. She was crying…

“And you like her” Riley hit the steering wheel.

“She’s bringing snacks” Will added as if that would make Riley like her.

“That’s an added bonus” he grumbled not unwilling yet to accept the change in plans yet.

“She’s also Unity’s best friend” Will dangled that out to his friend knowing how much Riley liked her. “She could be your in with her.”

Riley drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. “Fine. She can come.”


At 10:00 Temperance walked up to Will who was standing outside next to the pier sign. He took her bag as he led the way to Riley’s car.

Getting into the car Riley nodded at her. “I’m glad your on time. It gives us more time to hide the two of you.”

Shaking her head she eyed the open trunk with undisguised disgust. “You don’t expect me to get in there, do you? With him?” She pointed towards Will.

“How else did you think I was going to sneak you on the ferry” Riley stomped his feet his frustration beginning to take over.

“I don’t know” she sighed deflecting as the fight drained from her. Turning to Will “keep your hands off me.”

Raising his hands Will backed up “don’t worry I wouldn’t even think of it.”

“Alright then” she peered into the depths of the trunk. Backing up she motioned towards Will. “You first.”


He cast a dubious look inside the trunk then at his friend silently asking if it was really necessary.

“Get in” Riley urged “we don’t have all night.”

“Alright” he mumbled crawling inside glad that Aaron drove an older car that gave them a little more room.

Crawling in after him Temperance warned “remember what you said. Keep your hands to yourself.”

“Don’t worry I will” he promised “if I wanted to cop a feel it wouldn’t be while trapped inside a smelly old trunk. Dude what is that smell?”

“Probably Aaron’s gym bag” Riley said “I’m hoping the smell will keep the inspectors from looking too closely. He draped a blanket over the pair and moved things around inside the trunk to look normal. Closing the trunk he rapped his knuckles on the top “keep quiet in there the inspector is coming.”



Erika looked up from the book she was reading. Frowning as she saw her oldest son coming down the stairs. “I thought you were out” she said.

Shrugging Aaron slumped into a chair. “Raven had to go home early” he mumbled avoiding her eyes as he started to flip through the channels on the TV.

Picking up her book she read a line or two before putting it down again. “Where’s your brother?”

“Don’t know” he shrugged eyes on the screen.

Glancing at the time she said asked “did he go over to Will’s?”

“Sounded like he had a date or something” he said “he borrowed my car.”

“And you let him” she sounded dubious.

Shrugging Aaron smirked “anything to help my lil bro out. He has no game so he needs all the help he can get.”

Nodding Erika let the comment slide. After a couple of minutes she asked “did he say when he’d be home?”

“Who knows” Aaron grumbled “I’m not his keeper.”



“Who could be calling so late” Talia moaned reaching for her phone lying on the side table next to the bed. “Hello” she moaned into it.

The tired half asleep voice reminded Erika how late it was. “I’m sorry for calling so late but is Riley there?”

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes Talia sat up instantly alert. “Will said he was going over there. Something about a school project….”

“Riley hasn’t been here all evening” Erika said clenching the phone in her hand. “He borrowed Aaron’s car….” Images of the two boys on the side of the road, hurt shot through her mind.

Getting up Talia walked to her son’s room. Knocking softy before opening it. “Maybe they went on a double date and lost track of time.” She was grasping at straws she knew. She’d rather think that than any of the hundred other things running through her mind.

“The only girl Riley has shown any interest in is that girl with leukemia” Erika mused.

“Maybe they went to see her” Talia suggested.

“I’ll call the hospital” Erika said disconnecting the call.



Staring at her phone Talia decided to call Temperance’s parents on the off chance he was over there. “Hello Mrs Bennett. I apologize for calling so late.”

Hannah listened in silence for several minutes. “No Temperance hasn’t gone out.”

Turning to her husband “go check her room. See if she knows anything about Will.”

When he returned to the room the look of dismay he was wearing wall all the answer Hannah needed. “Temperance is gone too.”

“Erika is calling the hospital to see if they’re visiting that sick girl” Talia said attempting to keep calm.

Hannah closed her eyes. She could hear the anxiety in the other woman’s voice. “Unity is in the hospital on the main island. If they went to visit her they would have needed to go by ferry.”

“I’m calling the police Donovan said “if those kids are up to something we’ll find them.” Hannah relayed that to Talia who said she’d call Riley’s mother to let her know.


Once Donovan was done talking to the police Hannah leaned into him. “What could they be thinking?”

“They’re not” he mumbled kissing the top of her head.

Sniffling Hannah took a deep breath. “I’ll call Charity just in case they slip past the police and actually make it to the hospital.”

“Good idea” he squeezed her tight before releasing her. “That’ll be the cops” he said at the sound of someone knocking. “Don’t worry sweetheart we’ll find them.”

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