Knights of Hope – Chapter 6 – Safe Zone


“Do you mind taking him to your place” Eli asked as he helped Braylin get Trebor to his feet. “I don’t think he should be alone right now.”

“What about Lia and Geoffrey? Aren’t they still at his place” he asked putting an arm around Trebor’s waist to keep him falling over. “What did you give him” he asked in concern.

“A mild sedative” Eli said “I think he’s just opting out. Which is why he shouldn’t be alone. Unfortunately if he went to his place Lia would pester him with a million questions.” Pointing at him he asked “do you think he’s in any condition for that?”

“Well…no” he glanced at the man leaning into him all but unconscious. “You don’t think it’ll freak him out waking up in my house” he asked. “He’s been through enough trauma don’t you think?”


Nodding Eli said “I guess he could stay with me and Lana but with Russell staying with us we really don’t have the room. Plus there’s Lia. She’s family so she’ll be over there pestering him with questions too. She means well but she hasn’t figured out when to stop.” He gave Braylin an appraising look “you seem like you genuinely care about him. He seems to trust you. I think he’ll be okay with you if he freaks out on you.”

“Is that likely to happen” he asked his brow rising in concern.

“He might. There are things in his past that might come up because of what happened today. It might explain why he’s giving us a fair impression of a wet noodle right now. I think given time he’ll tell you about it himself. Just give him some space and don’t pressure him too much. Right now he just needs to know he’s safe. Do you think you can do that?”



Twenty minutes later Braylin found himself helping Trebor from his car. His light blue eyes appeared to be more alert. Without thinking Braylin said “your zipper’s down.” Instantly he regretted the thoughtless words as tears filled Trebor’s eyes and his bottom lip and chin began to quiver. A silent fury build inside him like lava inside a volcano building up pressure to erupt.

“I didn’t want him to” Trebor sobbed “I….I tried to stop him.”

“It’s okay” he soothed keeping a tight lid on his growing anger. “He didn’t get a chance to do anything. You pushed him away.”

“I…I did” he questioned lifting his head up seeking reassurance. “You’re not just saying that because you think it’ll make me feel better?”

“I promise you pushed him away” he said firmly “if you don’t believe me you can ask Eli.”

Nodding he let the matter drop asking instead “how did you know I was in trouble?”

“We followed you” tapping his phone he explained “Eli downloaded a tracking app onto your phone.” At Trebor’s bewildered expression he added “I was worried about you. I know you wanted to deal with this yourself. You did well but that guy wasn’t playing fair. I wanted to be available if it all went bad.”

Nodding he asked “how did you get the Hospital Director down there?”


“That was Eli’s idea. He thought that given enough rope Doctor Creepy would hang himself.” He grinned remembering that he had indeed hung himself.

“Why” Trebor asked “you hardly know me.”

“Doesn’t matter” he gently caressed Trebor’s cheek “I care about you. I couldn’t just sit by and let you be hurt.”

“Thank you” he leaned into the hand resting on his cheek. “I thought I could handle it. I thought I was misreading things. That he couldn’t really be doing what it felt like he was doing.”

“It’s over now. He can’t hurt you” Braylin soothed wrapping an arm around him holding him tight. “Will you be okay? Do you want me to call anyone for you?”

“No I’ll be okay” he sighed nuzzling his face into Braylin’s chest “I’m so tired.”

“You can sleep once we get inside” Braylin said attempting to move towards the entrance but finding it difficult with Trebor hanging like a limpet around his neck. “Come on honey you’ve got to do your part and walk.”

“Carry me” he requested.


“You can walk” he said thankful that they had finally made it to the elevator. “You can do it. Just one foot in front of another.”

The doors whooshed open. Trebor squealed backpedaling “no I want to use the stairs.”

“Then you have to walk” Braylin said firmly.

“No carry me” he pouted.

“Not up five flights of stairs” he thought a moment “if you get in the elevator I’ll carry you down the hallway to the apartment.” Even then Trebor hung back needing Braylin to practically carry him into the elevator. “You’ll be okay. Just hold my hand.”

Nodding in a jerking head motion Trebor squeezed Braylin’s hand in a vice like grip when the elevator jerked a little as it started upwards. They stopped on the second floor to allow a dark-haired man on. Trebor gasped in shock causing Braylin to look down at him as the sound of Trebor’s labored breathing filled the elevator.

“Is your friend alright” the man asked.

“He will be” Braylin said focusing all his attention on the man in his arms.

“I…can’t…breathe” he gasped eyes round as saucers.

Leaning forward resting his forehead on Trebor’s he said “I want you to concentrate on my face. Not the floor. Not anyone else. Just me. I’m right here. Nothing’s going to happen to you while I’m here.”

“Okay” he said gazing into Braylin’s eyes “I’m okay.”

Once the elevator stopped at their floor Braylin whisked Trebor into his arms at the amusement of the other man they share the elevator with. He felt Trebor move in his arms burying his face in his shoulder. A steady boiling fury rose inside him. How he wished he could go back and beat the shit out of Doctor Creepy.


Unlocking the door proved daunting when Trebor refused to be put down acting more like a toddler than an aspiring heart surgeon. He hurried across the apartment to lay his precious burden on his bed. “I’m going to help you get more comfortable” he said before he started removing the lab coat Trebor was still wearing from the hospital. He removed his shoes and socks next before he reached for the buttons on Trebor’s shirt. Noticing how agitated he was becoming he stopped not wanting to make any moves that would upset him anymore than he already was.

Taking two pills from a bottle Eli had given him he dumped a couple of little white pills into his palm. “Take these” he said holding his hand out.

“What are they” Trebor looked at them suspiciously.

“Eli said they’d help you sleep” he explained “remember you said you were tired.”

“Okay” he agreed taking the pills.



Stripping down to his pants Braylin went into the living room to review the plays he needed to learn for his next game. He’d skipped practice that day to be available to be at the hospital. He didn’t know exactly what was happening to him. He never let anyone come between him and the game before. In such a short time Trebor had become his everything. Rubbing a hand over his mouth his brow creasing in worry. With an irritated sigh he turned the TV off. There was no point watching the plays if his mind was on the man in the other room.

Laying back closing his eyes he meant to only rest his eyes for a few minutes. The next thing he knew he was being jolted from his sleep by blood curdling screams coming from his bedroom. Heart hammering in his chest he stumbled to the door expecting to find a bloodbath when he opened the door. He found Trebor tossing and turning on the king sized bed moaning in his sleep rising in pitch and he steeled himself for another gut wrenching scream. The sheets were twisted around his sweat covered body making his skin gleam in the light.


Moving closer Braylin could hear the mumbled pleas mixed with inarticulate groans. “Baby its okay. You’re safe” he reached a hand out to smooth the messy hair. The sweat drenched hair reminded him of how his head felt when he removed his hockey helmet after a game.

“No please” Trebor moaned swatting Braylin’s hand away.

“It’s me” Braylin soothed “you’re safe. No one is going to hurt you here.” He didn’t know what he was supposed to do or say. He was in foreign territory and found himself just repeating that he was safe in the hopes that maybe it would calm him.

A few minutes later Trebor opened his eyes. “Bray? Where am I?”

Smiling up at him from where he was resting his head on the mattress he said “in my apartment. In my room.” He held his breath expecting another melt down.


Sitting up Trebor took several long moments to absorb where he was and why. “Was I screaming? My throat feels like I was screaming.” Looking down at Braylin he asked “did I wake you up?” He pulled his knees into his chest giving the impression of being apprehensive.

“Kind of” he moved to sit on the edge of the bed careful to not do anything that might startle Trebor. “I fell asleep on the couch. It’s been a long day. You must be hungry” he said “it’s been hours since we had breakfast.”

“More Chinese” he asked hopefully.

“If that’s what you want” he said standing up and stretching. “I’ll place the order.”

Following Braylin into the living room he asked “mind if I take a shower while we wait?”


“Sure help yourself to anything you need” he said going back into his room and emerging with a bundle of clothes he handed to Trebor. “You might want something to put on afterwards.”

“What? No sitting around naked on the furniture” he said giving Braylin a cheeky grin.

“You must be feeling better” he said relieved. “I thought with the nightmare that…” he shrugged.

“I wasn’t dreaming about that asshole” Trebor’s voice was harsh and unforgiving. “I’m still shaky over what happened but that’s not what I was dreaming about.”

“Do you want to talk about it” he asked wondering if this had something to do with what Eli had alluded to earlier.

“After I have my shower. I’m all gross” he took the offered clothes and shuffled towards the bathroom.

Staring after him Braylin hadn’t expected him to take him up on the offer to talk. He expected him to brush him off with something along the lines of it being just a nightmare produced from the days events.



Their food was delivered as Trebor emerge from the bathroom from his shower. Braylin raised his brows when he was just wearing the sweats but not the t-shirt. The sight of his damp bare chest was enough to awaken his more base desires.

“I took longer than I thought” he said joining Braylin on the couch “I’m starving.”

“When aren’t you starving” he teased.

They ate in silence for several minutes before Trebor said “I was kidnapped when I was two almost three.”

Braylin looked from his meal “I’m sorry” he mumbled around his mouthful of food.

“It was my Aunt. She was my dad’s half sister and for some reason she hated him and my mother. Maybe it was because she couldn’t have children of her own. I don’t know. My parents didn’t like to talk about it much. The memories I have are all vague and come to me in the form of nightmares when I’m stressed out.” He took a deep breath to steady himself. “I do remember wanting mommy and daddy and not understanding why they weren’t there.”


Braylin felt his throat close losing his appetite. Pushing the half eaten food away he stared at Trebor. He didn’t have the words to express how he felt. Moving closer on the couch he reached for Trebor’s hand. Moving of his own accord Trebor leaned into Braylin resting his head on his shoulder.

“Is that what you were dreaming about? Being kidnapped” he asked pressing his lips to the top of his head.

Shivering he pressed closer to Braylin “yeah. She didn’t like me much. Always yelling and screaming me.” Shifting he lifted his face up enough to look into Braylin’s eyes “she threw me away like you would garbage.”

Braylin shivered squeezing him tight. “She can’t hurt you anymore” he said thinking she was in a prison where she couldn’t hurt anyone.


“That’s just it. She’s still out there somewhere” he laid his head back on Braylin’s shoulder “she knew my great-uncle was close to finding her. She decided to get rid of me before she was caught.” Inhaling deeply “I have vague memories of being locked in a room all by myself. From what I’ve been told she lost interest in making me her son when she found out how difficult having a baby really was. My grandpa said when he found me I was nothing but skin and bones and my diaper was rank. I guess she didn’t like to change diapers either.”

“Do you remember that” he asked horrified that anyone could do anything like that to someone so young.

“Not really” he shrugged “I did some research and read all the stories that were written about my rescue and the state of I was in. Then my grandpa filled in the gaps.” Taking another deep breath “the thing that bothers me the most was the way she left me. She could have just left me in that filthy stinking room I was in. But she….” he blinked as tears ran down his cheeks “she threw me away. Put me inside a trash can and put the lid on so I was trapped in the dark.”

Pulling him onto his lap Braylin peppered his face with soft tender kisses. He could taste the salty from his tears. It all made sense now. The reaction to being trapped inside an elevator, being enclosed. Claustrophobia. “I wish there was something i could do for you.”

“Just hold me” Trebor said “I don’t need anything else.”



The next morning they woke up still in each other’s arm on the couch. Trebor resting on top of Braylin using him as a pillow. Opening his eyes he found Braylin watching him. A smile slowly spread across his face “morning” he mumbled “guess we fell asleep.”

“Opted out” he agreed “I think this is the first time we’ve slept together without having sex first.”

“Must be why I feel so rested” he stretched moving to get up.

“Not so fast I was thinking we could have morning sex instead” he rolled Trebor onto the couch beneath him kissing him deeply slowly moving his hands across his body. He went slowly making sure Trebor was okay with this pace.

“I could wake up to this every morning” Braylin said when their needs had been met and they were cuddling in the afterglow.

“Until you got tired of me” Trebor said lightly.


“Never. Morning sex is a bonus to having you to wake up to” he asserted determined that Trebor never feel like he was disposable again. He may not always know what to say to express himself but it was that feeling of being cheap that hurt the most from everything that happened recently and the desire to get Doctor Creepy in a room by himself was strong.

Giving him a serious look Trebor said “you don’t have to treat me with kid gloves. I’m not fragile. I know I have issues…”

“Like what” he asked curious.

“Well….that” waved towards the congealing food inside the Chinese takeout boxes. “I’m dying to clean that mess up. It’s driving me crazy.”

“I’m not stopping you” Braylin teased. He pulled Trebor down on top of him when he moved to get up and clean up. “I was joking. I want to lay here and cuddle.”

“I’ll cuddle better when that mess is cleaned up” he protested “besides I thought you had hockey practice this morning.”


“Shit” he cried jumping to his feet “what time is it?”

“Almost seven” he said pulling on a pair of sweatpants.

“Good” sighing in relief “I still have time. I don’t have to be at the rink until eight.” He smiled watching Trebor move around his home cleaning. It was all so domestic. “Want to come watch me play?”

“I don’t know anything about hockey” he said surprised by the invite.

“Haven’t you ever played hockey” he asked in a state of shock.

“I grew up on an island. I never even saw snow until I went to university” Trebor said “the first game I watched was the one you had your face smashed into the boards.”


“For someone who doesn’t know hockey you’ve picked up on some of the terms already” he said impressed “I’ll turn you into a die-hard fan yet.”

“What if I don’t like hockey” he challenged.

“That’s impossible everyone who’s anyone likes hockey” Braylin asserted.

“I guess you could teach me everything I need to know” he said “I have to admit I didn’t know what was going on. Most of the time I had no idea what was going on.”

“Weren’t you paying attention” he demanded.

“I was” he asserted “but I kept being distracted by a certain player in a McGavin jersey.”


“Is that so” he smirked placing his hands on Trebor’s hips. “I was that distracting.”

“No” he shook his head “I just have a thing for jersey’s with the name McGavin on them.”

“You don’t have to make up excuses. I know I’m irresistible.” He pressed his lips to Trebor’s while his hands slipped between his sweats to cup his cheeks forcing the sweats downward.

Gently pushing him away before things could get too heated Trebor said “you’re going to be late.”

“It’ll be worth it” he moved to pull Trebor close so they could resume what they started.

Pushing him away a second time saying “but I was looking forward to seeing you play. I’ll make it worth your while tonight.

Chapter 5 – Confrontation / Chapter 7 – Hockey Practice

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    • The more Trebor opens up the more he trusts Braylin. It’s hard for him to trust people and with everything that’s going on right now and combined with his past Trebor needs someone in his life to trust.

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