Glitter – Chapter 24 – A Family Affair


Douglas sat in the passenger seat drumming his fingers lightly on the arm rest. Kyle was inside the bank having decided to run an errand before starting their date. Looking up when Kyle slid into the car he asked “where to now?”

Starting the car Kyle merged into traffic. “How do you feel about a quiet evening in?”

“Sounds okay” he turned to look out the passenger window silently wondering if that decision was a product of the guys bank balance. “Netflix and chill” he asked.

“The chill part sounds good” he grinned “I don’t have Netflix.”

“We could go to my house but Sandi is having Rex over” Douglas said. “I think she was looking forward to some alone time.”

“We could rent a movie from Redbox” Kyle suggested as he drove. “I have to go to Walmart anyway to pick up a pizza.”

Snorting at Kyle’s idea of a romantic date. He’d been on worse dates but he was trying to give the guy some credit. At least he had taken off his trademark jacket. “I see we’re eating gourmet tonight” he teased.


Kyle’s hands jerked on the steering wheel. “Did you want something else? I could splurge for Chinese or something.”

“No” Douglas stammered “pizza’s okay I guess.” He heard the faint humph beside him “if you’re short on cash I don’t mind buying supper.”

Kyle’s jaw ticked as his knuckles went white around the steering wheel “no, I’m good.”

Douglas gave him a sideways glance but decided not to pursue it. They’d only been dating for a few weeks. He didn’t want to pry or make him feel bad. “I’ll pick out the movie while you get the pizza” he suggested.

Nodding he turned into the parking lot “no chick flicks.”

“I thought you wanted to chill” Douglas retorted “how are we gonna get in the mood watching a horror film?”

Rolling his eyes Kyle got out of the car. “I don’t need to watch a chick flick to get in the mood.” He walked around the car to take the blonde’s hand.


“What kind of movie do you want then” Douglas asked refusing to be mollified.

“How about a slasher movie” he suggested winking at him. “Something to make you jump into my arms squealing.”

“You like it when I squeal” he asked blushing slightly when his eyes met Kyle’s.

“I do” he whispered leaning in close “if we weren’t walking into Walmart I’d make you squeal right now.”

“Don’t you dare” he jumped recognizing the wicked glimmer in the man’s eyes. “People are watching.”

“Let them watch” he grinned pulling Douglas closer “we see other’s kissing in public. What’s wrong with us doing a little kissing?”

Relaxing in the man’s arms Douglas returned his grin. “Nothing at all” he said leaning into him their lips brushing against the other’s. Pulling back eyes bright “nothing at all” he repeated.


“Still want to watch that movie” Kyle asked willing to skip right to the chill part.

“Yes” he said primly “you’re not getting out of date night that easily.”

“I don’t want out” he protested “just to skip to the fun part.” Leaning forward to press another kiss on the blonde.

“Ugh” Douglas groaned pushing him away. “Sorry but you’ve got to work a little harder than that before I bend over.”

“Oh you’ll bend over alright” Kyle smirked.

“That’s not what I meant you perv” Douglas said walking ahead of him and into the store.

Shrugging Kyle followed. He watched as Douglas went to the Redbox to select a movie. His back was ramrod straight a sure sign of how irritated he was at the situation. Shaking is head Kyle whistled softly knowing how the night would end. They’d wake up in the morning, their arms and legs entwined. Douglas’s hair free from it’s bun would be wild and free on the pillows. Just the way he liked it.



Sandi stretched out on the couch holding her hand out to her boyfriend. Grinning Rex obliged her by taking it. “What no movie” he asked between kisses.

Pulling back smiling at him “do you really want to spoil the mood by watching a movie?”

Grinning “put like that” he leaned forward pressing her into the couch cushion “no I don’t.”

“Good” she pulled him down on top of her wrapping her legs around him.

Once their passions were sated Rex sat beside her on the couch. “I can’t believe we did that” he shook head slightly in disbelief.

“What can’t you believe” she sounded slightly offended. “I know I’m not the most imaginative or adventurous lover but I didn’t think I was a prude either.”

“Ohh no not that” he chuckled a little. “I meant anyone could have walked in on us while we were you know” he waved his hand to encompass what they’d just enjoyed.

“OH you don’t have to worry about Douglas” she giggled “he’s out with Kyle tonight. I don’t expect him back until late if at all.”

“Here I was worried for nothing” he sighed sitting back putting an arm around her shoulders.


“Not worried enough to affect your performance” she ran a finger across his collarbone and down his chest.

“The possibility of getting caught always heightens the pleasure” he smirked.

“Uh huh” she smirked “just admit it. You were caught up in the moment and didn’t even think about who might walk in on us.”

Fire burned a path across his cheeks. “Alright I admit it. I didn’t care who might have caught us.”

“Good” she giggled satisfied she’d gotten him to admit it. Picking up the remote she asked “what do you want to watch?”

“Anything” he shrugged “you pick.”

“You never like what I pick” she protested handing him the remote.

“But you like what I pick even less” he pushed the remote back to her.

“True but I’ve got to get dinner ready” she said getting up and heading into the kitchen.


“Can I help” he asked following her.

“I thought you wanted to watch a movie” she said gathering everything she needed.

“I do” he said “but it’s more fun with you.”

“Well…in that case peel these potatoes for me” she said handing him the peeler.

Stepping up to the counter he began the task. “Maybe one day we could invite Grant over for dinner.”

“Oh” she asked looking up “what about his girlfriend….January?”

Groaning he asked “do we have too?”

“No we don’t have to” she rolled her eyes at him. “It might help you get to know her better.”

“I was afraid you’d say that” he frowned. “There’s just something about her I don’t like.”


“Well your brother does” she pointed out. “The least you can do is try to like her.”

Setting the peeler down he glared at her. “Fine” he grumbled picking it up again and going at the potatoes with vengeance. “I’ll try.”

“Good I’ve invited them to dinner” she informed as she turned towards the sink..

“Dinner” he asked “not tonight.”

Turning to face him she nodded. “Of course tonight.”

Running a hand through his hair “so that whole thing was just to get me in a good mood. It was a set up.”

“Not completely” she said moving towards him “that was a bonus.”

“Doesn’t make me feel any better” he whined. “I was looking forward to an evening just the two of us. We either have your friends over or Douglas and Kyle.”

“I’m sorry baby” she apologized “I didn’t think. When I saw January in the store earlier I just asked if she wanted to come over for supper. I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.”



“Grant” January called “we’re going to be late.”

“So what” he asked coming out of the bathroom a towel wrapped around his waist. “It’s just my brother and Sandi.”

“I know but” she grinned walking up to him. His skin damp from the shower. Her fingers lightly traveling down his chest coming to rest on the knotted towel around his waist. Biting her bottom lip she looked up at him through her eye eyelashes. “We might have time for a little fun before we go.”

“Oh we better have more time for more than just a little fun” he teased as her fingers freed the towel from around his waist. The cool air made his skin prickle as it hit his bare skin. “This might take a while.”

Puckering her lips she gave him a seductive look “we’ll be late.”


“We’re already late” he bent his head pulling her close.

An hour later they walked up to Sandi’s house. Knocking on the door Grant prepared an elaborate apology. However when Sandi greeted them instead of his brother he was rendered speechless.

“Sorry we’re late” January said stepping inside. “We lost track of time. You know how it is.” She winked at the girl running her hands possessively up Grant’s arm.

“Err” Sandi wasn’t sure how to respond to the not so veiled reference to their love lie. “We tried to wait for you but everything was getting cold…”

“Don’t worry about it” Grant assured her “we’re not that hungry anyway.” He grunted when January’s elbow connected with his ribs. “What” he glared at her rubbing his side.


“Don’t be rude” she hissed “we’ll be delighted to have whatever leftovers you have.”

“Are you sure” she asked “I could make something else.”

“Would you” January grinned “that would be so nice of you.”

“Honey I don’t think we should impose” Grant attempted to protest.

“She said it wasn’t a problem” January insisted “you know how much I dislike eating reheated food.”


“Sandi don’t go to any trouble” Grant smiled at his brother’s girlfriend. “It’s our fault we’re late.”

“But she said it wasn’t any trouble” January insisted smiling at the girl “isn’t that right?”

Nodding Sandi had the expression of someone being caught between a rock and hard place. “I did say that….”

Rex came up behind her “honey you’ve already cooked a fantastic meal. They shouldn’t expect you to cook another for them. They didn’t even have common courtesy to tell us they were going to be late.”

“We said we were sorry” January said putting on a hurt wounded expression. “What more do you want from us?”


Large tears rolled down her cheeks. “Come on let’s go” Grant said taking her by the arm. “We’ll get something at the resort on our way home.”

Sandi gave Rex a pleading look as if telling him to do something. Shaking his head he said “they can stay. They’re welcome to anything we have in the house but they shouldn’t expect you to cook for them.”

“Let’s go” Grant said his tone angry.

“Alright” she sniffed “I really am sorry.”

Walking away from the house Grant grumbled “I don’t know what’s gotten into Rex lately. It’s like I can’t do anything right.”



Before January could respond her phone rang. Frowning at the display she demanded “what do you want?”

“Hey sis” a deep voice grumbled “is that anyway to greet your brother?”

“I think so when that brothers a jerk.” She followed Grant to the car. “What do you want” she repeated.

“What makes you think I want anything” he asked. “I could just be calling to see how you’re doing.”

“Not likely” she shook her hair back “I don’t have time for this.”

“Alright” he sighed “I may have gotten myself into a little bit of trouble.”

“What kind of trouble” she asked as they stopped outside the resort.


“I can’t talk over the phone” he said in a hushed tone as if he were afraid of being overheard.

“Meet me at the house in a couple of hours” she suggested. “Grant and I are on a date.”

“A couple of hours might be too late” he said almost pleading.

“What did you do” she repeated.

“Please just come” he entreated her. “I screwed up. I could go to jail.”

“OMG” she mouthed staring wide eyed at Grant. “Fine I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Turning to Grant “we have to go home.”

The tone she used said more than her words. He knew better than to ask questions when she was like this. He ignored his growling stomach and got back into the car and drove off towards home.

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