Ian – “Please tell me you didn’t”


Ian sat alone in his hospital room after his parents left. He couldn’t believe…no he didn’t want to believe. His fingers traced the scars on his face. Scratched at the bandages around his head. So much had changed. So much time had passed. Looking down at his wasted body and the legs that may never walk again he felt tears blur his vision. Blinking he looked up as a woman walked hesitantly into the room. Choking back the tears he stared coldly across the room refusing to acknowledge her presence.

“Ian please tell me you didn’t,” she pleaded walking around the wheel chair. Dropping to her knees she wrapped her arms around his legs “please I’ll do anything just tell me you didn’t….”

“What did you expect Celia?” Ian’s  voice was harsh vibrating from the effort to hold back his anger. “You gave our daughter to that man…”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking straight. I couldn’t handle it on my own.” She dropped her head into his lap crying “I needed you and you weren’t there.” Her tone made her words an accusation.

“This isn’t my fault Celia. She was a scared, confused little girl that now believes we didn’t want her.” He tried to push her from his lap but lacked the strength to do so “How do you think it made me feel when John’s lawyers came waltzing into my room telling me he was getting custody of our daughter. I couldn’t believe you would do this to me, to us, to her, to our family.”

“Ian please I made a mistake,” she cried “I’ll do anything to make it up to you. Just don’t give up on me….”

“Sometimes we don’t get what we want….”