Jasmine – “Do you need me to get anything from the store?”

After a long hard day at work Ari was about to plop down on the couch, close his eyes and rest. He doubted he’d get any rest not with his son’s playing nearby. The sound of their jabbering and the distant music drifting in from the kitchen lulled Ari into a light slumber.

“Honey,” Jasmine called from the kitchen. “Honey” she called again coming into the living room to find him fast asleep with the boys crawling on top of him. “Boys leave daddy alone,” she shooed them away by putting their favorite movie into the blue ray to keep them entertained.

Turning back to her sleeping husband she sighed. He looked so peaceful she hated to disturb him. “Honey,” she repeated.

Ari groaned fighting to wake up. His eyelids lifted as he blinked up at his wife. “What?” he asked groggy with sleep.

“Honey I need to go to the store, did you need me to get you anything?” she asked frowning down at him.

“No,” he rubbed his eyes sitting up.

“Are you sure?” she asked coming closer.

“Yeah” he stood up as she leaned in to kiss his cheek “why?”

“Well,” picking at his plaid shirt “where did you get this thing?”

Shrugging “dunno know maybe it was in that bag of stuff your dad was going to throw away.”

“Why are you wearing it?” she asked her face screwing up into a look of disgust.

“Why not?” he asked “it’s not like I have to look nice for work.”

“But I want you to like nice,” Jasmine smiled up at him “how about you and I go shopping this weekend and leave the boys with my parents?”

“I hate shopping,” Ari protested with a groan.

“But you’ll be with me,” Jasmine batted her light blue eyes up at him “please for me?”

“Fine,” Ari agreed pulling her into his arms “you know I can’t say no to you.”