Milo Rake – Shopping

After spending all weekend shopping and wrapping presents Jillian frowned at the tree. “I think we may have gone over board.”

“It’s the baby’s first Christmas,” Milo said coming up behind his wife and nuzzling her neck.

“He or she isn’t even born yet,” Jillian shook her head at him laughing as he put his arms around her feeling her growing stomach.

“I’m just excited” Milo said “after years of trying for another baby we’re going to meet whoever it is in a few short months.”

“When is Vince coming home from Ryan’s?” Jillian asked stacking more presents around the tree “definitely went overboard this year.”

“He’ll be home in about an hour,” Milo told her helping her stuff as many presents as he could around the tree. “You may be right. I sure hope Vince has been a good boy because Santa isn’t returning all this stuff.”

“Of course he’s been good” Jillian laughed up at him “he takes after his dad.”

“Well in that case we’re in trouble,” Milo said “I was never a good little boy.”