Robbie – “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

“Miranda what are you doing out here?” Robbie asked coming into the garden and stopping short of touching her. He longed to pull her into his arms but he wasn’t sure if she wanted him to do that. It broke his heart to see her standing there so silent, so broken. “Miranda please tell me what you want me to do?”

Sniffing she shook her head “I don’t know,” she sighed without looking at him. “It’s just so much pressure…”

Looking away across the meadow towards the hills Robbie nodded “if you want me to go I…” his throat closed around his words crushing him. He stood there a moment waiting, hoping she’d stop him but her silence was deafening.

She heard him take a step away, then another. Each step confirming what she feared. This was it. It was over. If only her mom would accept him. If only she had the courage to stand up to her. “Robbie…”

His hand on the gate he stopped at the sound of her voice. Without turning around he sighed waiting for her to continue. She had to decide. Him or her mothers approval. Could she really be happy married to someone like him? He was the toad to her fairy tale. The toad that would never be the prince. His skin would never be anything other than green. His eyes would never be anything than the strange alien eyes of his heritage. If she couldn’t accept that she could never accept him. Could she overcome her mother’s biases that looks were everything?

“Please don’t go” she cried moving towards him “I … I love you.”

Turning he took the few steps to pull her into his arms “what about your mother?” he asked.

“I love you. That won’t ever change not even when my mother rolls her eyes and calls me crazy or tells me I’m throwing my future away.” Throwing her arms around him she kissed his neck “especially then. She can’t take our love away. Not ever.”