Teasha – Carols


Teasha leaned over towards her friend whispering in her ear “you’ll sing better if you look up and smile.”

Nodding Divia continued to stare at her feet arms wrapped tight around herself.

“What’s wrong?” Teasha asked “it was your idea to go caroling.”

“I know but….” she tugged on the short skirt “did you have to choose such a revealing outfit to wear?”

Teasha gave her childhood friend a confused look “revealing? What do you mean?”

“It’s so short,” she tugged on the hemline again as if she could stretch it “my dad wouldn’t approve.”

“Who cares?” Teasha asked “you’re an adult and can wear whatever you want.”

“I know,” Divia’s cheeks blushed crimson as she continued to tug on the skirt “I’m not … it’s not …. me.”

“Do you want to change?” Teasha asked sighing.

Shaking her head Divia gave her a desperate look but took a deep breath saying “no I want to sing.”

“That’s my girl” Teasha gave her a big grin as she took her hand and lead her off in the direction of their next destination.