Verity – How could you forget your son’s birthday?


Garrett glared across the table at Verity. He dropped the fork with a loud clatter spraying food everywhere. Pushing away from the table “I can’t believe this,” he muttered turning his back to her.

“What?” What did I do that was so horrible?” she demanded following him with her eyes. He stopped in front of the empty crib. Shoulders hunched, tense under his clothes.

Garrett ran a hand along the crib railing. Breathing deep rapid gulps “it’s Trober’s birthday” he sniffed as if he were crying.

Verity’s eyes darted to the nearby calendar. Had she really lost track of the days? Was it really Trober’s birthday? Her heart sank as the calendar told her the dreaded truth. “I’m sorry,” she cried crossing the room towards him. Touching his hand that rested on the crib she repeated “I’m sorry.”

Staring at her hand resting on his Garrett squeezed the railing until his knuckles turned white. “How could you forget your own son’s birthday?” he demanded raising red rimmed eyes to her “the least you could have done was acknowledge that today should have been special.”

What could she say? What could she do? She had forgotten all about it in her quest to find him. All it seemed she had accomplished was further alienate her husband. He had been alone all day with his fears and heartache while she had made a nuisance of herself at the police station demanding updates on how the investigation was going into her son’s kidnapping. Why did she constantly chase the wrong things? She could see all so clearly now. She should have stayed at home comforting her husband. After all the hours they had spent planning this day for her to forget was unforgivable. “I’m sorry” she cried in the growing gulf between them.