Zachariah Ferris – Christmas Decorations


Whistling to himself Zach sorted through the boxes his Dad’s sent him from. He smiled with child like glee as he found box after box of all their old Christmas decorations. He wanted this holiday to be special even though he knew he’d be home for Christmas he wanted his dorm to reflect the same season cheer his home always did this time of year.

It was a surprise for the rest of the dorm. They had all discussed decorating but no one had the funds to go out and buy all the decorations they needed. He couldn’t wait for the shocked looked of surprise on his friends faces. He carefully placed each item remembering past holidays with his parents and siblings. He especially hoped Teasha would like what he did.

He opened the last item laughing at what his Dad’s had sent, mistletoe. No doubt that was Ramsey’s idea he doubted Bruce would have dared preferring to think of them as kids instead of adults. He stood back surveying his hard work unaware that someone watching him. Someone who couldn’t wait to get him under the mistletoe.