Aimee Vera – A Memory That Makes Them Feel Angry


“I saw him” Aimee mumbled after the kids left for school.

Gene set the dishes on the counter with a loud clatter “have you forgotten what he did to us? To me?”

She could see he was fighting to keep his anger under control. She paused the game she had started “I’m sorry I” she licked her lips suddenly nervous. She wrung her hands together as she brought her gaze up to meet his.

“You’re sorry” he scoffed. It was one of the few times in their years of being together his anger was directed at her.

“I didn’t know what else to do” she cried taking the steps to bring to his side “he came to the house. The kids were upstairs playing.”

“He came to the house?” Gene repeated his voice a low grumble “why the hell did he come here? How did he know where to find us?”

“I don’t know” Aimee cried “maybe my father told him. I wouldn’t tell him. You know I wouldn’t.” She jumped when Gene’s fist crashed down on the counter rattling the dishes.

Looking up his face contrite “I’m not angry at you” he said moving around the counter “I’m angry at the situation. I want you to be safe. My family to be safe. That guy knowing where we live doesn’t feel safe. I thought he was still in prison.”

She shook her head allowing him to draw her close. Leaning into him she let herself relax in his arms “he’s out on parole.”

Gene muttered an expletive he seldom used “I’ll inform our security team. I don’t want that guy showing up at our home unannounced again. I’ll get a restraining order against him if I have to.” He squeezed her tight “I’ll protect you. Whatever the cost.”

That was one of the few times Aimee had seen Gene lose his temper. Not that she could blame him. She was just as angry as he was at Wallace’s early release. Even now all these years later her anger of the injustice of it all tightened her chest making her pulse race. All she could hope for was that Wallace was long gone with the passage of time.