Justice – That’s not mistletoe, that’s basil.


Jingle bells was playing softly over the lobby speakers of the resort. Jenna surveyed the expanse she had left to decorate versus the decorations she had left. Hands on hips she pondered how she could get the most bang for her buck without having to start over.

“Do you know what this place needs” a familiar voice spoke behind her.

Closing her eyes like she was praying for patience, she wondered what outrageous thing he was going to ask for now. Justice had been popping in and out of the lobby to offer his unsolicited opinion all morning. She was at the end of her rope. “Not now” she snapped without turning to look at him.

“You haven’t even heard my idea” he said sounding somewhat hurt at her refusal to listen to him.

“Alright” she tossed the garland she was holding aside. “Tell me your idea” she requested in an aggrieved tone.

“No” he pouted “not if you don’t want to hear it.”

Covering her eyes, her head bowed forward she shook it back and forth in dismay. “Great now you’re going to make me beg you to hear your fantastic idea.”

“Not if you feel that way about it” he huffed.

She could hear it in his voice that his feelings had been hurt. He was home for the holidays and things weren’t going well with his little sister. Swallowing her annoyance she turned “no I want to hear it.”

“Great” he said his eyes sad even though his smile was bright. “You’ve got to kiss me now.”

She clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. He stood there holding some greenery of his head. Lips puckered in expectation.

“Well” his patience coming to an end “aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“No” she giggled unable to contain it any more.

“You have to” he said frowning.

Laughing harder she managed to get the words out “that’s not mistletoe, that’s basil.”