Verity Myles – “Okay, and how much money did you spend on that thing?”


“What is that thing?” she demanded moving from the window towards the front door.

Garrett followed her with his eyes as he said “that thing is a boat.”

“No that thing is a piece of junk” she corrected coming to stand in front of him hands on hips.

“It floats” Garrett said with the slightest quirk of his lips “therefore it’s a boat.”

“It floats” she struggled to get the words out “a log floats but it doesn’t make it a boat.”

“I’ll fix it,” he said “wait and see it’ll be good as new in no time.”

“You’ll fix it” she repeated shaking her head “you can’t even change the oil on the car but you’re going to fix that hunk of junk decorating our yard.”

He sighed tossing aside the owner’s manual he was reading. “I thought it’d be a project dad, grandpa and I could work on together,” he looked up at her “you know how depressed grandpa’s been since the heart attack.”

“I know” she walked over to him snuggling into his arms “just tell me one thing ok?  How much money did you spend on that thing?

Chuckling a little as he pulled her close “not much but ….” he kissed her nose “it’s going to cost a bundle to fix it up.”

Looking up Verity smiled her eyes twinkling “It’ll be worth it if it makes grandpa smile again.”