Hannah Bennett


18)   Who do they look up to the most/are the closest to in their family?

Hannah was raised as an only child. She does have older half siblings that were raised by her grandparents. But she’s not very close to them. She loves both her parents immensely. She can’t choose between them. Eddie is the one she shares all of her secrets with. The one she can tell anything too. Her crushes, her heartbreaks. There’s nothing she wouldn’t feel free to tell him. Rory is the one she goes to when she has a problem. She knows that no matter what he can fix it and if he can’t he’ll keep trying until he can. Rory is her rock.

21)   Best Friend(s)?

Her best friend is Charity Hollis. They met at a resort owned by Charity’s parents when they were a couple years old and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

She has other close friends she couldn’t imagine her life without. Ryan Milton her cousin, Vincent Rake, Divia Marx, Teasha and Zach Ferris. They grew up together and all are close to the same age.


14. How do they react to/deal with betrayal? She takes it very seriously. She would confront the person she thought had betrayed her trust. Afterwards she’d have a mini break down. She’d have to go someplace where she could be alone. Think. Her favorite place would be someplace by the water. She finds the sound of moving water soothing when she’s upset.

16. What are they like when they’ve gotten too little sleep? She’s grumpy….like a bear being roused from hibernation too soon. She will be unreasonable and emotional maybe a little whiny. So approach her with caution if she hasn’t had enough sleep.

57. What D&D alignment are they? Lawful Good.  She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice.

84. What are some physical features that they find attractive on people?  The first thing she notices about someone are their eyes. Then their well toned chest and abs. Hmm Donovan should go shirtless…..lol


Hannah’s mood board I did for her on Tumblr