Trebor – “The Santa hat is supposed to go on your head; you know that, right?”


Trebor groaned as he approached the stairwell leading up to his apartment. He gave the elevator an almost longing glance as he contemplated taking it instead of the stairs. Heaving a sigh he dragged himself up the stairs, one step at a time. It just wasn’t worth giving himself an anxiety attack by using the elevator. Not when he was this exhausted. He wouldn’t be able to handle it.

He paused outside his apartment door. He could hear music emanating from inside. Pressing his ear against the wood door he could make out the words to “All I Want for Christmas”. His lips twitched in amusement as he realized it was Braylin belting out the words. Fishing out his phone he prepared to capture it on video as he opened the door.

Braylin had is back to him as he moved to the music. “Do that move again” Trebor snickered “my followers will love it….”

“What the hell” he yelped jumping several inches in the air. “The fuck they will” he turned ready to charge his boyfriend to get the incriminating video deleted.

“What is that” Trebor asked barely getting the words out as giggles threatened to engulf him.

“It’s my Santa suit” he twirled around “you like?”

“Oh yeah” he nodded “but I think your wearing it wrong.”

“What do you mean” he looked down frowning. “I don’t see any thing wrong with it.”

“The Santa hat is supposed to go on your head” Trebor pointed “you know that, right?” 

“That’s not the hat” he smirked “I saved the hat for you to wear.”

“You’re out of your mind” Trebor shook his head at him “what’s for supper?” His stomach growling loudly.

“I thought you were picking something up after work” Braylin said turning the music down.

“Shit I forgot” he mumbled running a hand through his hair.

“Wear the hat and I’ll order something” Braylin suggested.

Putting the Santa hat over his messy hair he announced “okay I’m wearing it.”

“Take everything else off and I’ll order Chinese” he smirked watching him intently.

“I knew there was a catch” he mumbled as he kicked off his shoes.