Trebor – “Can I call him out on it?”


This is a flashback to the charity event when Trebor and Braylin first met.

“Jerk” Braylin mumbled beneath his breath as the older man walked away.

Trebor turned to face him. “Who? Me?” his eyes twinkled so Braylin knew he wasn’t concerned the words had been directed at him.

“No” he nodded his chin towards the tall dark haired man standing alone staring in their direction. “Him. He’s the jerk.”

“Oh” Trebor murmured “that’s Doctor Brackett. He’s been called worse.”

“By you” he asked hopefully.

Shaking his head Trebor swallowed his drink “he’s my boss.”

“Well I don’t like him” Braylin said taking Trebor’s empty glass. “Refill” he asked indicating the cup.

“I’ll take more punch” he gave him a sheepish grin. “Its the only nonalcoholic drink here besides water.”

As soon as Braylin walked away Doctor Brackett walked up to him. Leaning in close putting a hand on Trebor’s shoulder he said “you should try a real man’s drink.” Letting his hand drop to his waist he continued “there’s a private room just down the hall we could….”

Reaching for the drink Braylin was holding out to him Trebor moved to the hockey player’s side. “Thank you” he said sipping his drink.

Doctor Brackett grunted as he stalked away. “Was that guy bothering you” he asked.

Shaking his head  Trebor mumbled the first thing that came to mind. “It was just something about a patient as the hospital.”

“Uh huh” Braylin didn’t look as if he believed him. “He’s a jerk and he was doing more than just discussing a patient.” Giving Trebor a thoughtful look he asked “can I call him out on it?”

Instead of responding Trebor grabbed his hand and led him towards the dance floor.