Trebor – “How many elves on the shelf is too many?”


Groaning softly Trebor opened his eyes then let them fall shut again. He felt like he’d been run over by a truck. Dishes clattered in the kitchen catching his attention. “Bray…”

“Hey” he grinned “you’re finally awake.”

Sitting up he rubbing his eyes. “I don’t feel awake” he complained. Sniffing “are you cooking?”

“Me? Cook” he chuckled “do you want the place to burn down?”

“Well….something smells good” he got up stretching “I’m starving.”

“You’re always starving” Braylin pointed out “which is why I ordered in.”

Walking into the kitchen he found the table set for two. Empty Chinese containers littered the kitchen counter top. Automatically he moved to dispose of them. His hand brushed against something soft and “what the ….” he jerked his hand away “what is that?”

“That’s an elf on the shelf” Braylin explained. “My dad’s always had them out around Christmas time. My brother and I liked to hide them around the house.” Shrugging he continued “it was fun.”

“It looks like its watching me” Trebor said turning its face towards the wall. “I hope that’s the only one”  he prompted.

“Well” he shrugged “there may be one or two others around.”

“You didn’t” he gasped appalled imagining all the different places Braylin could have hidden those things around the apartment while he slept.

“How many elves on the shelf is too many” he asked evasively hurt that Trebor didn’t seem to be enjoying the game as much as he had hoped.

“It’s not so much the quantity as it’s where I’m going to find them” Trebor admitted wondering where and when he’d encounter the next one.

“Well” Braylin winked pinning him against the refrigerator. “I’m here to protect you from any rogue elves. All you have to do is holler.”

“Why is that not as comforting as it sounds” he wondered aloud allowing Braylin to lead him to the table.

“Come on it’ll be fun” he said “it’s something we can do when we have kids.”

Trebor made a mental note to ask Braylin’s parents the next time they called if this really was something they did at Christmas time. “We’ll see” he said remaining unconvinced.