Ian – “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”


“It’s getting late we should be heading home,” Ian suggested taking Celia’s hand in his.

A small sigh escaped as she looked up into the night sky “do you think that if we wished upon every star in the sky that we would get the one wish we want?”

Grunting he turned towards her “I wish it were that easy” he watched as a million different emotions flitted across her beautiful face. If he had the power to grant any wish he knew what it’d be without reservation or regret.

Celia looked up at him and just as quickly away “I’m sorry” she murmured “this entire mess is my fault. If I hadn’t….”

“Honey how many times do I have to tell you it’s not your fault?” he asked his voice harsher than he intended it to be as he watched his wife flinch at his words. “I’m sorry but I can’t stand to hear you blame yourself for something that was completely out of your control.”

She looked down sighing sadly lost in her unhappy thoughts. “Do you ever wonder what our lives would have been like if I hadn’t gotten pregnant so young?” she asked still looking at her feet.

Tilting her chin up Ian shook his head “do you remember how my dad reacted when we told him? Remember what he said ‘you got her pregnant? What were you thinking?’ Ian chuckled “I remember the scowl he gave me when I said that I wasn’t thinking obviously.”

She smiled at the memory “he said it was obvious we were thinking with the wrong brain. I thought for sure you’re parents would hate me forever…”

“They never hated you Celia just some of your decisions….”

“I wish I could go back and change things.”

Pulling her close Ian murmured against her hair “honey I don’t want to change the past. That’s done and gone. What I want to change is the future and bring this nightmare to an end.”